What Type of Mattress Is the Best for Kids?

What type of mattress is the best for kids. sleeping baby

Taking care of the child’s health is the main task of parents. Unfortunately, many of them think that it is enough to feed and play, and this is all that they need, and they forget that sleep is one of the most important factors that ensure the healthy development of the child. Some parents are sure that the children’s body is able to sleep anywhere and therefore do not pay the necessary attention to the place where their children sleep. In addition, that is a big mistake because the children’s body needs more support than an adult.

According Healthy Children Organization children spend 9-10 hours in a dream and an incorrect position of the body at this time can cause the wrong development of internal organs, the spine.

The mattress for a newborn

The smallest babies need support for the spine because newborns spend a lot of time in the crib and parents should choose the best mattress type for kids.  However, it is worth noting that some types of mattresses can be useless, it is:

  • Orthopedic mattress for a newborn.
  • Spring mattress.

The fact is that the weight of the child is still small to put pressure on the mattress or vice versa, the structure of the ideal mattress must help the child to align the spin.  It is not used to sleep on a hard mattress for a too small child. A mattress should support the back of the baby, so the basic condition for a proper purchase is its optimal stiffness.

Hardness is usually thin mattresses, which are made of quality materials, have a filler from a coconut coir (a well-ventilated material), or fill with tumnah. What a filler is better for the baby mattress? Of course, it is better for children to buy a coconut mattress, because this material “breathes”, it is not susceptible to decay, Besides, it is environmentally friendly and durable. Тumnah splits with time and the baby has an incorrect posture and does not sleep well.

What type of mattress is the best for kids. baby on the mattress

The mattress for an elder kid

When a child turns 3 years old, parents usually move him to a spacious bed. It is important that this bed or sofa have a hard surface and protective sidewalls. This is the basis for the protection of the baby, but it is also worth replacing the mattress at this age.

Buy a larger mattress for children, as well as one that has a softer foundation, because, on an excessively hard surface, the child may have trouble falling asleep and sleeping as a whole. Let’s see which are the best mattress type for kids.

Spring mattress is a comfortable mattress for both adults and children. However, for kids, usually, such a surface provides an opportunity to frolic on it like a trampoline. As a result, the springs break, and this is not at all beneficial to the child, and such a mattress is hardly useful. If you buy, it is better to choose a block of independent springs

Each of them will be adjusted to the deflection of a specific area of the body of the baby and thus not harm the spine. It is worth paying attention to the size of each spring – they should be as small as possible for the child.

Cons of spring mattresses:

  • They collect static electricity;
  • Inside, particles of dust accumulate and are poorly ventilated;
  • After the breakdown of the spring, they are harmful to the health of the baby.

Experienced manufacturers supply the inside of the mattress with springs interlayers of latex or coir with natural latex. Such a product will be the best choice for a child, because it is breathable if only you are confident in the manufacturer, and the right mattress you bought, does not produce extraneous smells.

What type of mattress is the best for kids. mattress

The springless option is the mattress that is great for kids. It performs even better effect of orthopedic character; the main thing is to choose the right one for your children. First of all, pay attention to the contents of the filler. The chemical composition of artificial latex is a dangerous mixture and for children, this mattress does not fit. Of course, there are people who still use the wadding mattresses for children, passed on from generation to generation … But they are full of bacteria, and the inner filler has long crumpled over the years. How can you use it for the baby? Throw it away!

It is worth recalling again, about the material like coconut fiber. There are also two-sided mattresses on sale, on the one hand, they have a coir, and on the other latex. That is why it is worth choosing the tested quality and firms with certified products.  Choice of latex mattress or from coconut chips (with latex) it is up to you. The main thing is to pay attention to the average stiffness and reputation of the company.

How to determine the stiffness of the mattress and the naturalness of the filler?

If you choose a spring mattress for your child, pay attention to the number of springs, in the best products the quantity reaches 5000 pieces per square meter. This predetermines the rigidity because it is more difficult to place flexible material layers between the springs. Nevertheless, at the same time, the weight of the product increases, if it does not scare you, you can easily buy a mattress for a child.

What type of mattress is the best for kids. baby mattress

The filler for a children’s mattress, as we found out, can be natural, which is very rare and artificial, which is very much in the market nowadays. A natural mattress is the most suitable mattress type for kids. It does not produce a smell of rubber, it is flexible, and it is comfortable to sleep on because this mattress repeats the location of the child’s body. There is still a material called “Foam with a memory effect”, but the reviews about using it for children are controversial. Containing foam materials remember the shape of the body, but, unfortunately, are harmful to the child’s body.

Characteristics of a good mattress for children

The best mattress type for kids must meet certain criteria, which save your baby’s health:

  • Stiffness is an important basis for maintaining the fragile body and spine of the newborn;
  • Ventilability of internal material, ecological compatibility;
  • The size should be ideally matched for the crib – no more nor less;
  • A removable cover made of natural fabrics should be removed to wash and see the contents of the filler;
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer and carefully study the documentation for the goods that you buy for your child because your baby deserves the best.

The basis of the foundation in the child’s body is the posture, what it will be, depends on the parents first. In a wrong posture, there are many accompanying problems and a curvature of a backbone and it is the least of all evils. These are also problems with vision and nervousness and problems with blood circulation of the most important organs and systems. If your baby cannot fall asleep, follow this tips.

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