What’s Trending? Pastel Colored Flower Girl Dresses

What's Trending? Pastel Colored Flower Girl Dresses. flower-girl-walking-down-aisle

For those of you who are opting to have a cute flower girl at your wedding ceremony then you may be looking through all the different colors and designs available. If you haven’t already noticed, there are so many different types out there, it’s almost impossible to decide – they’re all great! But, you must make a decision before the big day comes around, and the sooner you know what you’re buying for the little beauty in your life, the better. It will relieve unnecessary stress and allow you to move on, thinking about other wedding clothing pieces; maybe even your own bridal dress!

We love keeping up with trends here at JJ’s House, and who better to introduce what’s trending right now than our very own designer, Jessica? No one! She knows everything there is to know about trends and clothing so we couldn’t wait to hear what she thinks about this new and upcoming revolution in the flower girl industry. However, before we get into the trend, we need to give you a little bit of background.

History Behind the Flower Girl

Flower girls have been a historical and critical part of traditional ceremonies for centuries. Rewind to these times, when marriages where more for political reasons over love (we’re so glad times have changed!), flower girls would place sheaves of wheat or herbs down the aisle which symbolized the blessings of fertility and prosperity for the couple. However, this has since been replaced by flowers or flower petals.

What's Trending? Pastel Colored Flower Girl Dresses. flower girl

The Traditional Flower Girl Dress

The flower girl has always worn lighter colors than the bridesmaids, and typically they wear white or ivory. This is to symbolize a reflection of the bride and her purity.

Often the flower girl is the bride’s daughter or someone in her family which always makes the symbolism even more real. The dress is sometimes also designed to align with the bride that is a beautiful touch. Many brides take precious pictures with the flower girl too which makes us smile a lot! The traditional flower girl dress may be ivory, but as we discussed above briefly, the trends are leaning more towards pastel colors. Even though white flower girl dresses are fashionable, sometimes it’s good to try something new, especially when it looks beautiful.

What's Trending? Pastel Colored Flower Girl Dresses. flower girls

Pastel Colored Trends

Pastel colors have been storming the wedding world for a long time, most brides choose to put their bridesmaids in pastels now (unless it’s a winter wedding where darker colors are preferred). The trends might not be for everyone, but little girls can look even cuter in a baby pink or blue color. We would recommend you correlate the color of flower girl dress with the bridesmaids. For example, if they’re wearing darker pink dresses, then a lighter pink flower girl dress color would look great. This is similar for most colors.

It’s personal preference whether you choose to put your flower girl in a traditional white dress or keep up with the trends in another color such as green, pink, or yellow (which is one of our favorites!) But we would really recommend it to anyone who isn’t sure about what color to choose.

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