When Do You Start Showing in Pregnancy?

when do you start showing in pregnancy

Naturally, future mothers have a lot of questions about the prospects of their new state. Especially concerned are those who are pregnant for the first time. Sometimes, after meeting other expectant moms being at the same pregnancy stage, the woman asks herself: “Why does she have a big belly, and mine still hasn’t grown? Maybe, something is not right?” So, let’s find out the answers!

When do you start showing in pregnancy? What does the size of your pregnant belly depend on? You’re welcome to learn more from our post!

When do you start showing when pregnant?

Rounding of the belly during the course of pregnancy is an individual question. Some of the future mothers even start to show in the third month, but the appearance of the small belly is usually caused by overeating. Other pregnant women don’t show (even a little!) until the baby’s movements start. Sometimes the pregnant belly begins to swell after the 7th month of pregnancy. And in some cases people around don’t notice at all that the woman is pregnant – it just seems that the future mom gained excess weight, and her belly doesn’t show disproportionately.when do you start showing in pregnancy - future mom in a park

Most often, pregnant women with wide hips start to show in the 4th-5th month of their first pregnancy, and during the second pregnancy their belly starts growing sooner.

If the expectant mother has well-developed abs and has been exercising a lot before pregnancy, her belly will be less noticeable. The same is true for plump women.

To the question “when do you start showing in pregnancy?” gynecologists usually say that the physiological process of the uterus increasing in size begins during the 16th week, and after the 20th week the belly is large enough for others to spot.

If the woman has doubts about her baby’s normal development because her belly doesn’t want to grow, she can consult a doctor who will dispel her worries.

The size of the fetus during important pregnancy stages

A lot of expectant mothers want to know how big their babies are during different stages of pregnancy. At week 12 the length of the fetus is 2.8 in., its weight – 0.7-0.9 oz. By the 16th week, the fetus reaches 4.7 inches in length, and its body mass is 3.5 oz.

The 20-weeks-old fetus becomes 10.2 inches long and weighs about 10.5 oz. By the 28th week of pregnancy, its length is 13.8 in., weight – 2.6 lb.when do you start showing in pregnancy - pregnancy stages

At week 32 the length of the future baby reaches 16.5 in., and their weight is about 3.7 lb.

By the 36th week of pregnancy, the figures increase to 18.9 in. and 5.5 lb. The weight of a mature baby by the time of the delivery is usually 5.7-11 lb.

When do women pregnant with twins start showing?

When a woman is pregnant with twins, the situation is completely different. The time when the future mom starts showing comes much sooner, and that’s understandable. During a multiple pregnancy, the belly begins to swell in the first trimester. The uterus starts growing four weeks earlier. And, of course, the future mother gains more weight. But don’t worry about the too large belly if the ultrasound hasn’t shown twins. Every pregnancy is unique. Maybe, your belly is too big because your pregnancy term has been calculated wrong. It happens quite often. And a month’s difference is a considerably increased size.when do you start showing in pregnancy - baby movements

What factors affect the size of your belly during pregnancy?

Why some women start showing by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, and others don’t show when pregnant at all? It depends on a number of factors:

  • Ask your mother when she started showing in pregnancy. Your belly is likely to start swelling in the same term.
  • Anatomical features. Physique, height, weight have a great influence on the time you start showing during pregnancy. Tiny, petite women start to show sooner than plump women, though the fetal development is the same.
  • The number of pregnancies before this one. During the second or third pregnancy the abdominal muscles are already stretched, so the belly becomes noticeable earlier.
  • Overall weight gain. Maybe, your belly becomes rounded because you’re eating too much.
  • The rate of growth and development of the baby. If the baby is big, you’ll start showing sooner.
  • The type of presentation. If the baby lies closer to your vertebra, your belly will be smaller, and if the baby is closer to the front wall of the uterus, the belly will be more noticeable.

when do you start showing in pregnancy - a pregnant bellyYou don’t need to worry about the size of your belly and compare yourself to other pregnant women. “When do you start showing in pregnancy?” – the question isn’t as important as you may think. Your health, following your doctor’s recommendations, and positive way of thinking – that’s what important.

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