When Does Nausea Start in Pregnancy? Is There Certain Time?

when does nausea start in pregnancy. nausea

Nausea and toxicosis in pregnancy are the body’s reactions to the onset of development of the fetal egg in the uterus. Formation of the placenta begins immediately after conception. Approximately on the sixteenth week the placenta is already formed. During these 16 weeks, the placenta is still unable to fully protect the female body from the metabolic products that are released by the baby. Thus, some intoxication of the body occurs, due to the penetration of these products into the mother’s blood. Such intoxication can manifest in future mothers in different ways. Nausea is one of them. So, when does nausea start in pregnancy?

Nausea During Pregnancy

Nausea during pregnancy is not uncommon. Sometimes due to nausea a woman can recognize pregnancy in the early stages. Since the very beginning of pregnancy a future mother can feel nausea, weakness and attacks of vomiting.

But, fortunately, not all women experience these unpleasant sensations. Many women during pregnancy don’t face nausea and don’t even know the answer to the question – when does nausea start in pregnancy.

The symptoms of nausea include:

  • loss of appetite,
  • increased salivation,
  • fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness,
  • change of taste preferences,
  • aversion to certain smells,
  • vomiting, heartburn.

when does nausea start in pregnancy. nausea

If a woman experiences all these signs or some of them, it means that she is susceptible to nausea and toxicosis.

When Does Nausea Start in Pregnancy?

Nausea can take place at different stages of pregnancy but it is more common at the beginning and closer to the end of pregnancy.

Nausea at the beginning of pregnancy

The first signs of nausea in some women can appear already after 3-4 weeks, when pregnancy can be even not yet confirmed. But the feedback of those who went through this unpleasant phenomenon during pregnancy, indicate that in most cases, nausea starts on average from 7-8 weeks. So, when does nauseas tart in pregnancy? In general, nausea occurs in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Its manifestations are: vomiting, weakness of the body, mental state of oppression, severe salivation, drowsiness, irritability. Often it is accompanied by weight loss.

Most of all, this symptoms are expressed in the first trimester. As a result, it poisons the joy of the first weeks of pregnancy.

when does nausea start in pregnancy. Woman Sitting On Bed And Feeling Unwell

Many women notice that nausea occurs at a certain time, usually in the morning. But there may be evening and round-the-clock nausea. How long will it last?

By the 13-14 weeks nausea usually subsides, as the level of hormones by this time is reduced. But some women suffer from nausea until the very birth.

Still, if nausea at the beginning of pregnancy does not acquire a severe form, then it is not dangerous for the health of a woman and the fetus. But, if a woman feels weakness and exhaustion, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Late Nausea

It begins after the 20th week of pregnancy, carries a great danger for the health of the mother and her baby. The symptoms are the following: the development of dropsy, the development of nephropathy (the appearance of a large amount of protein in the urine), headaches, high blood pressure, visual impairment, unconsciousness, convulsions, weight gain more than half a kilogram daily, vomiting up to twenty times per day.

How Long Does Nausea Last?

After 3 months, the placenta completes its formation and begins to fully cope with its duties. As a result, the products of metabolism do not poison the mother’s blood. This organ plays important hormone-forming, respiratory, endocrine and trophic functions. Their violation can also lead to nausea.

when does nausea start in pregnancy. pregnancy morning sickness

During the first three months of pregnancy, function of the glands of internal secretion is established. The hormonal background calms down. If this process comes into physiological norm, nausea disappears. If any of the hormones do not stop at the correct rate, nausea can keep on bothering a future mom.

After the formation of the placenta, the mother’s T-lymphocytes cease to treat the fetus as an enemy. In the course of pregnancy, immunosuppression occurs. After childbirth, it ends, and immunity returns to its normal state.

Why Does Nausea and Toxicosis Appear?

Obstetricians and gynecologists explain this fact by the individuality of the organism, the presence of chronic diseases, hormonal alteration, stress and numerous external factors. But the specific cause was not yet revealed.

Nausea during pregnancy is often explained by doctors by two reasons:

First of all, the hormonal background changes. The fertilized egg enters the uterus, where the implantation of the fetal egg occurs. Because of the embryo, chorionic gonadotropin, a glycoprotein, is thrown into the woman’s blood. In addition, the level of hormones of progesterone and estrogen increases in the body of a pregnant woman. By week 10, the level of HCG in the blood reaches its maximum.

when does nausea start in pregnancy. pregnancy blood test

It is the presence of this hormone in the blood and urine of a woman that confirms the fact of pregnancy. Naturally, the body reacts to a sudden release of hormones. At the same time, you can never get a certain answer to the question – when does nausea start in pregnancy, since the course of pregnancy in each case is a strictly individual process.

Secondly, the emotional state of a woman is a frequent reason for nausea. Especially if the pregnancy is unplanned or the pregnant woman has a fear for her future destiny and health. In families where the pregnancy is long-awaited, a woman is often afraid of further safety of the fetus. The experience of unsuccessful pregnancies increases the feeling of fear.

Increased excitability, stress, anxiety, a sense of fear causes the growth of “stress hormones”. As a result, the body reacts to hormonal changes again. Therefore, when nausea begins during pregnancy, it is better to calm down and set yourself up for a successful pregnancy and childbirth. Thus, your well-being will surely improve.

Effect of the Hereditary Factor

The hereditary factor in many respects determines when nausea begins, and whether it begins at all. If the mother wasn’t suffering from nausea when she was pregnant with her daughter, then the likelihood that her daughter will not feel signs of nausea is also very high.

when does nausea start in pregnancy. nausea

Gynecologists claim that there is no single answer to the question – when does nausea start in pregnancy? As well as there is no unequivocal connection with the hereditary factor.

Much more often doctors note the connection of nausea with the problems of the gastrointestinal tract, the way of life and nutrition of a future mother.

How to Deal with Nausea?

When nausea during pregnancy takes place (whether it’s the first trimester or the middle of the 3rd), women hope that it’s temporary. Nobody wants to believe that this is a real problem. Meanwhile, severe vomiting occurs, appetite disappears, the expectant mother can neither stand up nor walk, because dizziness begins.

To prevent this, you just need to know how to make life easier in this state. There are several ways to reduce nausea on your own, without involving medical staff and medications.

  • Some women mistakenly believe that if they eat less, nausea will not bother them. All the way around: this state is most clearly manifested precisely on an empty stomach. Nausea and weakness take place and then lead to a decline in strength.
  • If the problem manifests itself in the morning, it is recommended to have breakfast right in bed without getting up, and then lie down for another half hour.
  • If you suffer from nausea and heartburn, most likely, the matter was complicated by problems with digestion. In this case, you just need to take a more careful and serious approach to nutrition during pregnancy. Do not starve. Eat often but in small quantity. Exclude any smoked, sharp, fried foods. This will solve the problem of nausea and stomachache at the same time.
  • It is also necessary to follow the temperature regime of the products. It is better to exclude too cold or too hot food from your diet.
  • Do not take pills for nausea during pregnancy, unless they are recommended by your doctor.
  • Don’t lean too sharply, don’t do convulsive movements. In the last weeks of pregnancy this can provoke not only nausea, but also vomiting, and it, in turn, can lead to a tonus of the uterus. The result is delivery before the term.

when does nausea start in pregnancy. pregnant young woman

Additional Tips

  • You need to be able to hear and feel your own body. It will not advise you anything bad.
  • One of the most correct ways, how to deal with nausea, is fresh air. It is necessary to walk more, especially – before going to bed, in the evenings. Also, it is important to thoroughly ventilate the apartment.
  • It is better to take any meds after eating, and not before, if nausea is painful. If this is contrary to the instructions for the medication, you need to consult a doctor who is monitoring your pregnancy.
  • Perfect means for reducing nausea are salty (but only slightly) and acidic foods (tea with lemon, apples, dried fruits, ginger, pomegranate, pickles). However, if nausea and diarrhea are observed simultaneously exclude the last product from your diet.
  • Alcohol and smoking not only exert the greatest harm on the development of the fetus, but also increase nausea. That’s why it makes sense to give up these bad habits.
  • If nausea is severe, you should immediately consult the doctor (especially if there are nausea and fever at the same time). In severe conditions, treatment in the hospital may be prescribed. This helps avoiding further complications and maintains the health of the mother and the child.

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