5 Causes of White Discharge Early Pregnancy: Is It a Reason to Worry?

white discharge early pregnancy

The organism of a woman who is carrying a baby works in a completely different rhythm. Features of the course of natural physiological processes affect all organs and systems, including the reproductive one. For example, the genital glands of a pregnant woman synthesize a certain amount of natural secret (whites) as before. But due to the internal reforms, their nature and intensity often change. Future mothers have a lot of questions about this. Sometimes white discharge early pregnancy, indeed, is a sign of trouble. Let’s discuss the specific features of white secretion in the early stages of pregnancy.

Causes of White Discharge Early Pregnancy

There are various reasons for vaginal discharge during pregnancy:

 The first of them is the onset of pregnancy itself

This is explained by the formation of a mucous plug on the cervix. It protects the fetus inside the womb. Therefore, the vaginal discharge becomes somewhat more abundant than before.

That’s why it should not cause concern. This is the norm during pregnancy. The color of such discharge should be milky white, the form – mucous, without a pronounced odor. These secretions do not cause itching, irritation of the skin of the genital organs, and with proper adherence to hygienic rules, are almost invisible.

The same secretions usually intensify in the prenatal period. They become especially visible in the morning. During this period, white discharge is a signal symptom of approaching birth. There is also no need to worry, if, of course, the woman does not feel pain.

white discharge early pregnancy. positive pregnancy urine test

In the case when white discharge does not stop for several hours in a row – it is necessary to call an ambulance and go to the hospital.

 Infectious Disease

The second cause of white discharge early pregnancy can be an infectious disease. In this case a number of symptoms will appear: general weakness and malaise of the whole organism of the future mother, reduced resistance to various inflammations, and so on. Such discharge will change in color, get an unpleasant sharp smell. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.


Another cause of white discharge may be thrush or candidiasis, a disease that is most common in pregnant women. With thrush, the discharge becomes cheesy, abundant, get the smell of brewer’s yeast. What’s more, other pathogenic flora can develop against the background of thrush. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a doctor as soon as possible, even though there are usually no strong premises for concern. The thrush in our time is easily treated. If you take the course on time, then pregnancy and childbirth will be absolutely healthy.


Sometimes, white and abundant discharge during pregnancy appears on days when menstruation should start. These discharges, as a rule, do not cause any unpleasant sensations and worries. But, in case when they are accompanied by pains in the lower abdomen – do not postpone a visit to the gynecologist.

white discharge early pregnancy. lower abdominal pain

5 Miscarriage

Such discharge can serve as a sign of a miscarriage or a missed miscarriage.

When there is discharge during pregnancy with different shades, it is important to immediately consult a doctor. Do not risk the life and development of the fetus. Such discharges can indicate the presence of infections in the body, which, in turn, can negatively affect the development of the child.

White Discharge Early Pregnancy without Odor

Such discharges, as a rule, appear at the very beginning of pregnancy. They do not cause unpleasant sensations. They are considered to be the norm. The cause for their appearance is the mucous plug formed after conception. These discharges are a normal reaction of the body to the pregnancy that has occurred. They are odorless, have a whitish color or are transparent, with no visible lumps or flakes.

It is important to observe all the rules of hygiene, and to use underwear from natural fabrics. If possible, avoid sanitary pads with artificial flavors or extracts.

Thick White Discharge during Pregnancy

Such discharge can appear during pregnancy because of the large amount of progesterone produced by the yellow body. The discharge has the appearance of mucous clots of transparent or white color. These excretions are also not accompanied by any symptoms or unpleasant sensations.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, this type of discharge should also not cause concern for a pregnant woman.

In the second trimester, when the amount of progesterone decreases, but the amount of estrogen increases, the discharge can also be abundant, transparent or white. They do not belong to pathologies. You need to worry only if these secretions have an unpleasant bright smell and change color (become yellow or green), cause itching or burning of the mucous genitalia.

white discharge early pregnancy. woman holding lower abdomen

In this case, it is important to immediately consult a doctor and begin treatment in order to avoid serious illness.

White Liquid Discharge during Pregnancy

Discharges of white, liquid consistency during pregnancy can be both pathological and normal. The reasons for these can be hormonal changes or infectious diseases. In the first case, these discharges should not bother.

If the discharge is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms (a feeling of itching or burning), you need to see a doctor and go through the diagnostic procedures. To identify the causative disease of this type of discharge, blood, urine tests, and smears are usually prescribed. After that, treatment is appointed taking into account the peculiarities of the condition of the woman.

Possible causative diseases include: bacterial vaginosis, chronic trichomoniasis, and other sexual infections.

White Discharge Early Pregnancy as a Sign of a Disease

Unfortunately, not always discharge of white color during pregnancy can be left without attention. There are a number of diseases that make themselves felt with the help of white discharge. All of them necessarily require timely medical intervention.

So, if there is white curdled discharge during pregnancy, then, most likely, it is a case of thrush or candidiasis. The cause of this disease is the fungus, which is constantly present in the microflora of the vagina. However, against the background of pregnancy and a decrease in immunity it can begin to multiply actively.

Under the supervision of a doctor and with properly prescribed treatment thrush passes in 2-3 days. The consequences of self-medication can be much less pleasant. Keep in mind that many drugs for candidiasis are contraindicated in pregnancy.

Greenish or white-yellow discharge during pregnancy with an unpleasant odor often indicates the presence of an infectious disease. Only the doctor can tell you what exactly you are facing after taking a smear and doing the analysis. Accordingly, only a physician can prescribe the treatment.

white discharge early pregnancy. woman holding sanitary pad

White watery discharge during pregnancy with admixture of blood may indicate that the woman has cervical erosion or cervical canal inflammation, cervicitis. Both these diseases can seriously complicate pregnancy and childbirth.

However, the reason can be quite prosaic. Some daily pads, especially those containing a variety of extracts and supplements, can cause an allergic reaction, which manifests itself as white discharge. In this case, it is enough simply to change the pads: to choose the simplest ones, without any cosmetic means.

How to Deal with the Problem?

In any case, the main thing for a pregnant woman is the ability to remain calm, make balanced and correct decisions. It’s clear that abundant white discharge early pregnancy, like any other, inevitably causes stress.

First of all, it is necessary to assess the situation. If you cannot understand yourself how dangerous these or those discharges are, then consult a doctor to make a smear. Do not sit and wait that everything will pass itself. You risk starting a serious illness, and may also infect your husband. In the end, you’ll have to be treated together.

It is equally dangerous to engage in self-medication. Remember that all those diseases, the signs of which can be white discharge, not only cause you discomfort, but also threaten the health of your child. In addition, timely untreated infection can cause a huge number of all sorts of consequences that will complicate your life, sexual relations, and the bearing of second and subsequent children.

white discharge early pregnancy. woman on the bed

It is very important to treat all of your illnesses before the onset of labor. Before delivery the fetus is protected from the impact of the environment by the mucous plug in the cervix of the uterus. Before giving birth, the plug departs, and the child immediately becomes exposed to all infections. Moreover, in the process of childbirth the baby will pass through the cervix and vagina of a woman, and if she has untreated infections, there is a great risk that the baby will get infected.

Treatment of White Discharge Early Pregnancy

White discharges during pregnancy that do not cause worries and are not accompanied by painful or other unpleasant symptoms are usually not treated. Mostly, they relate to the natural process of pregnancy and body restructuring.

Treatment of another type of white discharge will directly depend on the established cause. If the reason is bacterial infections, doctors usually prescribe drugs that inhibit the pathogenic flora and contribute to the restoration of normal balance.

As a rule, pregnant women in this case are prescribed immunostimulating drugs, dietary balanced meals and frequent walks in fresh air.

The thrush (candidiasis) is treated with topical preparations (suppositories, ointments, gels).

The main thing is not to ignore the discharge during pregnancy, and to consult a doctor in a timely manner. Then you can avoid the most dangerous and unpleasant consequences.

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