Why Both Mother and Child Should Have A Skincare Routine

Why Both Mother and Child Should Have A Skincare Routine. mom and her baby

When you have a new baby, the last thing you want to think about is a complicated skincare routine. Heck, you might barely have time to have a shower or grab something to eat and drink, let alone spending time messing about with various moisturizers and toners and cleansers, and the thought of introducing a skincare regime to a newborn baby – well, it just sounds like complete and utter madness, right?


A simple skincare routine for both you and your baby doesn’t have to be complicated time-consuming or expensive and can be extremely beneficial for both of you. We are talking about something that may help you feel good and can be part of the bonding process between you and your baby.

Skincare for Mom

While your skin might not be quite as delicate as your newborns, you should still treat it with the same care and respect. Remember, your skin is an organ, protecting everything inside of your body and it deserves to be taken care of.
However, when you’re surviving on next to no sleep, and have a baby in your arms almost permanently, the last thing you want is to be spending hours on skincare. Adverts and glossy magazines will try and sell you all sorts of fantastic (and expensive!) products, but in reality, you don’t need most, if any, of them. We are going to have a quick look at a few simple things that you can do that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes a day.

Why Both Mother and Child Should Have A Skincare Routine. woman-applying-moisturizer

  • Use a gentle cleanser to remove all the dirt and grime and baby puke that you’re probably covered in.
  • Keep hydrated – on both the inside and outside. It’s important to drink plenty of water anyway, but even more so when you have the demands of a baby, and especially if you are breastfeeding.
  • Keep the outside hydrated with a good quality moisturizer.
  • Protect your skin with SPF. We all know the more severe risks of sun damage, but remember it dries out skin and can lead to premature aging.
  • Look for products that use only natural ingredients, such as those from Amaira Skincare AUS, 

    Remember, spikes in hormones in the post-partum period can leave your skin more sensitive than usual, so if you notice any redness, bumps or itchy rashes, try switching to sensitive skin-friendly products. If it is gentle enough for your baby, it is kind enough for you.

Skincare for Baby

Newborn babies have incredibly delicate skin. For nine months, they have been inside you, protected from all the harsh elements of the outside world, and are covered in a layer of vernix. The purpose of this white, waxy, almost cheese-like substance is to protect babies skin from the water in the womb. It is advised to leave this on their skin as long as possible. Once you do decide to start bathing your baby, just plain, warm water is needed to begin with, followed by a mild, fragrance-free moisturizer to keep their skin soft and supple. There is no need for fancy bathtime products at this point. If you do decide to use soaps or washes, make sure they are ones that are specially formulated for babies and use sparingly, as they can dry out skin.

Why Both Mother and Child Should Have A Skincare Routine. baby bath

Some babies do need more though, especially if they have eczema, dribble or diaper rash. It is always worth having a word with your child’s doctor if it is severe, as they may need something medicated to treat it, but for most babies, if you look out for the following points, they should be fine:

  • Check it is dye free and fragrance-free – Babies smell wonderful in their own skin, so don’t need anything added to their skin care products. Chances are if it is brightly colored (as many children’s bath products are) or smells strong, it is full of chemicals, and that’s not good for your precious baby’s skin.
  • Remember that the term hypoallergenic can be misleading – they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction but are not necessarily kinder to the skin than other products
  • Look for products that are phthalate and paraben-free. Those chemicals are potentially harmful to babies.
  • Baby oil should only be used as a massage oil rather than a moisturizer, as it is not absorbed by newborn skin particularly well.
  • Think about your laundry detergents – you may want to switch to something non-bio and fragrance-free. The same goes for dryer sheets if you use them.

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