Why Can’t I Get Pregnant? Methods of Fertilization

Why can't I get pregnant

You’ve heard a lot of those sad “I can’t conceive” stories but you’ve never thought you’d become the main character in one of them? Every month you’re waiting for the second line on a pregnancy test but then your period comes on schedule.

“What’s the reason for my problems? Why can’t I get pregnant?” In this article we’ll try to find the answers and share a few nuances which should make your dream come true.

Why am I not getting pregnant? The most common reasons

In recent years the question “why can’t I get pregnant?” is asked more and more frequently. Unfortunately, the infertility statistics has significantly grown.

What’s caused this? It’s hard to tell. Everything can be a possible reason: ecological problems, unhealthy diet, stress. What’s the difference if the outcome is always the same?

However, when there is a problem there should also be ways to solve it. And in order to find a correct coping method, you need to know the reason why you can’t conceive.

Why can’t I get pregnant? There can be a number of causes why you are not getting pregnant. But first of all, we should point out that only a medical expert can confirm the diagnosis “infertility”. Sometimes the woman is perfectly fertile, she’s just under the influence of other factors interfering with her ability to conceive:

  • Psychological aspect. It’s a known phenomenon that female psyche is a delicate thing. Women are emotional beings, prone to mood swings and constantly worrying about their future. And when it comes to pregnancy planning, of course, they want to be completely in control! If they’ve had no success trying to get pregnant for the first time they start panicking: “Why can’t I get pregnant? Maybe I’m not able to conceive?” As a result, a woman is fixating on the imagined problem. But in fact, she can’t get pregnant not because of some health problem but because of stress.
  • Stressful circumstances. As we have already mentioned, stress can interrupt the correct functioning of our body. So, unpleasant situations at work or in the family can’t do you any good.
  • You’re trying to conceive on wrong days. Another reason why you can’t get pregnant can be having sex on “wrong” days. The Internet provides us with a lot of information about the best time to get pregnant and how to calculate your fertile days. In short, the best time to conceive is a week before and during the ovulation.
  • Age. The older a woman is the more difficult it is for her to get pregnant. After the age of 35, the female reproductive system starts shutting down.
  • Weight. Sometimes a woman gains or loses a few pounds – and that’s it. Eat more healthily; maybe it’s the reason why you can’t get pregnant.

why can't I get pregnant - sad middle-aged woman

But, of course, there still can be a major health problem which is why a woman can’t have children. Here are the pathologies which cause infertility and may be the answer to the question “Why can’t I get pregnant?”:

  • Obstruction of the Fallopian tubes. The fertilized egg cell passes through the Fallopian tubes to implant in the uterus. But when it can’t go through the tube it usually perishes or implants in the wrong place which leads to an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Ovarian function disorders. Any damage to the ovaries can end in infertility. For example, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).
  • Anovulatory cycle. A woman can’t get pregnant because the ovulation doesn’t happen during her menstrual cycle.
  • Endometriosis. It’s quite a widespread disease: the endometrium is expanding so that it’s beyond the uterine walls. It’s usually caused by hormonal disturbances or reproductive organs’ inflammation.
  • Various uterine pathologies. For example, hypoplasia, malformations (such as the internal partition of the uterus), uterine fibroids, etc. Sometimes a girl is born with these problems, sometimes they are acquired disorders.
  • Compromised endocrine system. Hormones affect the reproductive system function. Disorders can induce anovulation.

Besides the aforementioned factors, you and your partner can be incompatible, or your partner may be suffering from health problems both of you have no idea about. The problem of male infertility is widely discussed, so if you have these “why can’t I get pregnant” doubts it doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with you.

Modern reproductive technology

A lot of couples unsuccessfully trying to conceive want to know how they could possibly get pregnant. First of all, you should consult an expert. A professional will find out the reasons for your health condition and will test both you and your partner for infertility. It’s the easiest way to get the answer to the question “Why can’t I get pregnant?”

Besides being tested for infertility, you and your partner will be thoroughly examined in order to treat any illnesses that can affect your ability to conceive. The treatment of pathology may include medications or surgery.

If no treatment can solve the problem causing your inability to have kids the medical science offers in vitro fertilization (IVF). Thousands of childless couples have become happy parents due to this method. And there is no shame in it: on the contrary, people who have overcome such an obstacle should be proud of themselves.

why can't I get pregnant - IVF

So, modern reproductive technologies offer the following means of fertilization:

  • IVF. It’s one of the most frequently used methods. Health professionals advise it to those who will never be able to conceive naturally. For example, it’s recommended to the women without Fallopian tubes.
  • IUI – intrauterine insemination with a husband’s sperm.
  • Intrauterine insemination with a donor’s sperm.
  • GIFT – gamete intrafallopian transfer. An egg and sperm are placed inside of the Fallopian tube.
  • ZIFT – zygote intrafallopian transfer. The eggs are fertilized in the lab and then zygotes are inserted into the tube.
  • ICSI – intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection. The experts select a single spermatozoon and inject it into an egg.

Why can’t I get pregnant? Common advice for TTC

A situation when both partners are healthy but for some reason are unable to conceive has become a common occurrence. The tests haven’t shown any problems, the partners are perfectly compatible – there is seemingly no reason for infertility, but a couple is trying without any success. “But if there’s nothing wrong with me why can’t I get pregnant?” – poor women wonder.

When the doctors can’t determine the cause they speak about “unexplained infertility”. There are a lot of recommendations for such cases, and we’ve decided to quote a few:

  • Love yourself and avoid stressful situations as much as possible. Nervousness hasn’t made anyone happy so far. So, instead of wondering “Why can’t I get pregnant?” concentrate on living your life as happily as possible.
  • Give up your bad habits. Alcohol, nicotine, drugs – substance abuse is harmful to your reproductive system, it affects the quality of sperm and eggs.
  • Follow a healthy diet. Make an eating schedule. It’s also wise to consult a dietician.
  • Keep your weight balanced. There is a body mass index for every person, and it should be within normal limits. This goes for both men and women – the excess or the lack of body weight may cause problems with sperm or menstrual cycle.
  • Try to avoid taking antibiotics or antihistamines.

Why can't I get pregnant - success

The most important thing is to live your life to the full! Try to be more positive and don’t push yourself too hard. If you’re still struggling with a question “Why can’t I get pregnant?” the answer is simple: believe that pregnancy will certainly happen. Try every method of conception available and have faith in success. One day an adorable little one will become a part of your family. Miracles happen, but you must believe in them!

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