Why Is It Better to Teach Children Reading At an Early Age?

Why Is It Better to Teach Children Reading At an Early Age?

Is it time to start teaching your little one how to read? According to statistics, most children learn how to read by the age of six and seven. However, research has shown that developing cognitive skills at an early age is likely to influence success later on in life. Yes, teaching young children how to read can determine their academic future and is accompanied with several benefits.

Reading is important because it serves as the heart of formal education. In fact, developing reading and comprehension skills early can have neurological and linguistic advantages. Some children are more at risk of having reading difficulties than others. Often, kids with disabilities are likely to encounter reading challenges. Therefore, giving them a head start by teaching them to read before starting preschool can be really helpful.

Four Benefits of Teaching Young Children to Read


Of course, reading at an early age of birth will help your child’s brain develop. Did you know that in the first few years after birth, it’s easy for a child to pick up new concepts because they learn at a much faster pace? A healthy baby has more than a 150 billion active neurons and brain cells. These brain cells are capable of sprouting thousands of branches and synapses connections which role is to store information. Regularly reading to young children strengthens and reinforces these brain cells. As a result, early experiences that the child receives have a profound effect on the functioning and development of they’re the brain.

Why Is It Better to Teach Children Reading At an Early Age? mother reading a book the baby in bed before going to sleep


Children who are able to read independently at a very young age often have advanced linguistic skills. Such skills display itself in the form of rich vocabulary, good grammar, and oral communication abilities. While toddlers can’t articulate phonics on their own, when they are taught to read young they’re able to develop the ability to decode and read words. Also, when brain activity is stimulated, toddlers are able to easily pick up on the rules of grammar as they learn how to speak and form sentences.


Reading can open all kinds of doors for the young mind. Toddlers who begin reading so early on are more likely to excel in their academic efforts in the future. In many cases, you can expect young readers to have higher grades in different subjects. In addition, research has revealed that literacy development can make for strong oral language skills since they’ll have an expansive vocabulary and greater knowledge.

Why Is It Better to Teach Children Reading At an Early Age? a dad reading a book with the daughter


Being able to read fluently can instill confidence in children especially when they are taught as toddlers. In fact, reading will spark a curiosity about the world, feed the imagination and creativity. Young readers are able to develop problem-solving skills early on that can be applied to other sectors of their life.

How To Teach Children to Read

Of course, teaching a toddler how to read is not an easy task. It’s important to only begin teaching your young child how to read when you feel that they are mentally ready and you’ll want to have realistic expectations. There are several teaching strategies you can employ to get the process started.

Read Aloud to Your Child

Often, the teaching process begins in infancy. Yes, reading books aloud to your baby within days of being welcomed home can be beneficial. This is a great way to bond with your baby while instilling a love of books. A love for books is an early indicator of reading success.

Why Is It Better to Teach Children Reading At an Early Age? mother reading a book to her kids

Ask Comprehensions Questions

When reading to toddlers, it’s essential to interact with them by asking to follow up questions. This is effective at helping them develop comprehension skills. While fluency is important if your child can’t understand on comprehend the words that they’re reading this defeats the purpose.

Sound out words

When should you start sounding out words? Whether you’re singing, reading or talking sounding out words brings attention to letters. Did you know the first part of the word is referred to as the onset and the last part is called the rime? Remember, that learning the name of a letter isn’t more important than learning how to sound it out.

Word Families

Word families consist of groups of words that rhyme. Teaching children word patterns helps them recognize patterns within the reading. For example, the word “map” and “cap” can be considered a word family since they have the same rhyme and only one word is changing.  They will be able to easily recognize words that have the same ring to them.

Why Is It Better to Teach Children Reading At an Early Age? father and his daughter reading a book

Types of Books to Read

What types of books should you be reading to your child?  Well, lullaby books are good to ready during infancy especially throughout the first year of birth. Song, rhyming and storyboard books can be read to your children 1-3 years of age.

Incorporate Words In Natural Settings

Perhaps one of the best ways to teach a toddler to read is to identify letters that they see in the environment. This can include sounding out letters that you see on a fast food sign, clothes, and magazines. As inquisitive beings, children are curious about the things around them. While flashcards and DVDs can be instrumental, teaching them words from the things they see in natural settings will have a profound effect. Practical application of the words they learn to pronounce produces lasting results.

Introduce A Custom Kid’s Book

What better way to inculcate a love for reading in your child by purchasing a custom kid’s book. You can make your little one the star in the storyline with a personalized book. You can take your child’s favorite book or a bestselling read and put your little one right alongside the characters they love.  Typically, these books are made by artists who professionally edit their photos onto the character.

A custom kid’s book is great for teaching your little one how to read because it can be exciting for them to see they face and hear their name in throughout the book. You can select from a variety of books with different storylines to customize. By implementing a custom kid’s book your reading sessions will never be dull.

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