Why Trees Are Great for Kids

Why Trees Are Great for Kids. landscape

If you have a garden and are looking for ways to make it a better place for your kids to play, it is well worth considering buying a tree or two. As you will see, when you read on, trees are great for kids.

Planting trees in your garden is no longer difficult or expensive to do. Online retailers like The Tree Center sell hundreds of different varieties, which make it easy to buy the right ones for your garden. Plus, the fact that they distribute across the country means that they buy in bulk. This has helped to drive the average cost of a tree down to affordable levels. Here is why we recommend you to consider planting a tree or two in your garden.

Helps Your Children to Breathe Cleaner Air

Trees absorb greenhouse gasses and generate oxygen. This means that, generally speaking, the air in the immediate vicinity of a tree is of good quality. So, if you plant a few and your children play near them they will benefit from breathing this cleaner air.

Nurtures an Appreciation of Nature in Your Child

When you plant a tree, you create a home for all kinds of wildlife. They are havens for many types of insect, birds and some mammals. This provides your children with the chance to get closer to the natural world, by investigating the creatures that are living in your trees. If you have a tree full of birds it is really easy to get your children interested in pursuing a safe hobby like bird watching.

Why Trees Are Great for Kids. a girl outdoors

Provides Them With a Nice Place to Play or Work

Children love playing around trees. Provided you plant the right type, once it is mature enough, you can set up a swing using one of the stronger branches. Or, better still build your kids a tree house. It is great for them to have somewhere to get away from everyone and play.

When they are older, they will appreciate it even more. They will enjoy their treehouse even more. Plus, a bench under a tree is a great spot for reading or doing your homework.

Trees Encourage Active Play

If you are comfortable doing so, you can also allow your children to climb your trees. It provides great exercise that stretches the muscles and improves dexterity.

Why Trees Are Great for Kids. playing kids

Allows Your Children to Spend More Time Outdoors

In the warmer months the shade a tree provides has the potential to enable your child to safely play outside for longer. Studies show that the temperature under a shady tree is usually several degrees lower in the summer. In the winter, it is always a few degrees warmer. So, even if the weather is inclement, having a tree in the garden opens up the possibility for your kids to continue to play out.

Find Out About the Other Benefits of Planting Trees

There are many other reasons for you to plant a tree or two in your yard. For example, did you know that the right tree can add thousands to the value of your home? You can find out more about these additional benefits by reading what your local environment authority has to say.

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