Why Yoga Is Recommended in Pregnant Period

yoga in pregnant period

During pregnancy, many women wonder if it is safe to continue exercising or even some question whether they should try to stay active or perform exercises to help them get better, thus avoiding certain discomfort and getting benefits for mom and baby. Yoga is one of the most suitable exercises to perform during pregnancy. That is why this time we will talk about the benefits and what to avoid when practicing yoga in pregnant period.

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

There are several reasons why yoga is one of the most recommended exercises for pregnant women and is that besides being a low-impact physical activity, several studies prove that it offers multiple benefits for both mother and baby. One study states that yoga is the best exercise for pregnancy, since it is more effective than walking or performing exercises of prenatal classes, and it can be performed safely in women who suffer from depression.

In fact, it is proven that yoga can help reduce depressive symptoms during pregnancy, especially when accompanying the exercises of postures with meditation and deep relaxation, which makes it ideal for those suffering from depression or anxiety. Another benefit of practicing yoga during pregnancy is that it helps reduce stress and increases immune function, according to a study in which pregnant women practiced it from week 16 to week 36, attending classes of 70 minutes twice per week.yoga in pregnant period - pregnant woman on a rug

In addition, yoga not only helps during pregnancy but also prepares you for delivery, as another study found that it helps reduce pain during childbirth and could even help reduce the likelihood of having a cesarean section. You need also to wear high-quality yoga outfit you can buy from some reputable yoga stores such as Ana Heart.

Other benefits of yoga during pregnancy are:

  • Reduces back pain by improving body posture.
  • It helps to sleep better since it is a relaxing activity that reduces the sensation of fatigue and stress.
  • You form an even stronger connection with your baby by focusing on your breathing and thus becoming more aware of your body.

You have to know the different yoga classes that exist and take into account what exercise to do according to the trimester of pregnancy to get the most out of the benefits of yoga.

The first trimester of pregnancy

Meditation and breathing exercises are important in the first trimester. They can be combined with some gentle exercises to prevent nausea, such as the posture of the mill or the squatting posture.

The second trimester of pregnancy

During the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby begins to grow and the yoga exercises can be geared towards uniting the mother with her child. Postures such as cat or triangle are recommended.yoga in pregnant period - a group of future moms practicing

The third trimester of pregnancy

In the third trimester, pregnant women can work with postures that help them rest their body. There are also yoga exercises that will help you prepare for the birth of the baby.

What to avoid

Although yoga is one of the best exercises to practice during pregnancy, as with any physical activity, there are certain things you should avoid to practice it safely. Among them are the following:

  • Avoid yoga types that require a lot of effort like ashtanga, especially if you have never practiced yoga. The best thing for pregnancy is hatha yoga or prenatal yoga, which offers safe postures, adapted for pregnancy.
  • Avoid yoga classes that are practiced at high temperatures, such as Bikram yoga. Actually, you should avoid practicing any type of physical activity if it is very hot or you do not have adequate ventilation.

We hope this post can inspire you to do Yoga during your pregnancy.

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