Why You Need to Check Product Reviews Before Purchasing Online

why you need to check product reviews before purchasing online. five star rating

Growing families must recalculate their budget from scratch. When a new baby is born, mothers and fathers have new expenses that they might find difficult to sustain. Aside from diapers, baby clothing and other such mandatory items, parents still have so many products to buy. Mothers usually lack the time to thoroughly research a product they plan to buy for their child’s wellbeing. Instead, they end up relying on recommendations from friends or neighbors. When did you last purchased something based on product reviews?

As the internet becomes richer in possibilities and information, so do product reviews. There’s so much attention around them that the number of clients who rely on them is constantly growing. However, what is there to lose if you don’t turn to product reviews? They make a solution which you might not have considered but can spare you of refunds, returns or time spent waiting for products to be fixed. This article outlines the traits and downsides of product reviews and why you should take the time to check them out before making a purchase from any online store.

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How Many Types of Product Reviews are There?

  • Specialized reviews: Comprised by review websites, they focus on comparisons. Such websites usually include both individual and thorough reviews as well as product charts. According to Best 10 Anything, the most reliable reviews should outline that they are made within the current year by stating it in the title. They are also grouped in categories to increase user friendliness. They research into product from the best manufacturers and compare based on information from everywhere, including professional users. If you’re looking for a solution for your entire home, check out more product reviews of this kind!
  • Customer reviews: They include opinions and feedback from customers who purchased a product and just unboxed it or used it a few times or more. You can find reviews made after one use or an entire year of utilizing a product. Some websites require a feedback once the customers receive the product or provide them with incentives if they share a public opinion. Such product reviews are entirely subjective and reflect the raw thoughts of customers.

What Makes Product Reviews So Helpful

Product reviews usually include more information regarding the items a manufacturer sells, aside from specs. You can check out ingredient lists and other features which are not specified.

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It may be shocking to see that you can find out more about a product’s price from the review, instead of specs. What more can this section provide you with? Reviews can show you additional pricing information such as:

  • Possibilities to later find the product on sales, when customer notice regular campaigns from the seller.
  • Other online shops which sell the products for better prices.
  • Discounts which may come for reviews readers.


Manufacturers usually state the packaging that the products come in. Yet, how about reading a review to find out even more information on your product?

  • Some products come in premium packaging and you may find out more about how long-lasting boxes are.
  • Surprisingly, some boxes don’t really fit the product itself and you can avoid transportation risks.
  • Packaging may alter, and you see if it’s reliable or you should find alternative ways to pick up the product.

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Product Resistance

If you’re going through a financial crisis, but really need a product for your family, then you may look for long-lasting products which you only need to purchase once every few years. Even if a product looks premium, you might notice that it doesn’t last as long as you need it to. So, what more can you find out from product reviews?

  • Specialized reviews usually include opinions and details from customer opinions. You might see mentions of product life span if it’s visibly higher or lower than stated.
  • Some products may have spare parts that easily alter, and you need to change.
  • There are features which increase resistance that might not work or work very well.

Manufacturer Info

Many online stores have security features that force manufacturers to prove their authorization to sell a product. However, you may run into fake products or unlicensed manufacturers. Reviews clear this aspect out.

  • Product reviews usually compare products from the same manufacturer and you can discover how well your desired item works.
  • You can see how old the product is or if it’s due for any change due to announcements from the manufacturer.
  • If you’re environmental or health-conscious, you can see more of the manufacturer’s specifics.

Changes into Products

Do you know those rare situations when you purchase a product and seem to receive another? Meanwhile, manufacturers may have changed the label of packaging of an item and you’ve failed to see the announcement. Reviews usually update you with product info.

  • You can see when product edition changes occur.
  • Some updates may include compatibility with other products.
  • Label or ingredient changes in products which may change your usage.

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The Downside of Product Reviews

There have been rumors or even articles about fake product reviews which seemed to take over the internet, a few years ago. Online shops paid customers and offered them incentives to stimulate product feedback. However, some began to comprise fake reviews about unbought, untested products.

The FDA initiated a campaign to improve product reviews and even accelerate them to aid other customers. Online stores also added a customer verification system, which forces reviewers to prove they’ve actually bought a product before discussing about it.

Other studies have shown that customers’ preferences may change due to product reviews within certain niches. Reviews have an impact on customers and they work as well as word of mouth or friends’ recommendations.

There’s also an easy way to discover how many advantages product reviews have – consider their absence. They provide products with legitimacy, reliability and cover some of the major purchase risks that might occur. Possible transportation issues or any other changes that might occur are there. Customers who’ve bought the items rate them and discussed impressive and disappointing aspects. An hour spent reading product reviews might save you more time and money when you purchase something you need or want.

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