Wine While Pregnant: Can Pregnant Women Drink Wine?

wine while pregnant

Among the forbidden during pregnancy drinks, alcohol is the first. But doctors still disagree on the point of drinking wine while pregnant. Some of them claim that wine is a poison. Others tend to consider that in small doses wine is beneficial for the health.

The data received after a few experiments speak in favor of wine because it helps young women to get pregnant. British scientists have proved that wine positively affects the development of the fetus in the womb. And future mothers also divided themselves into two camps.

Can you drink wine while pregnant?

If an expectant mother sees alcohol as a substance causing irreparable damage to the fetal development she definitely shouldn’t drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy. If she isn’t that nervous about the issue, a sip of wine while pregnant can do her good. During pregnancy, you’d better give preference to the expensive high-quality dry red wines or the communion wine. A spoonful of this kind of wine while pregnant will raise the future mother’s hemoglobin level. Some women admit that drinking wine during pregnancy helps to increase their appetite and to cope with toxicosis.expectant mother holding a glass of homemade wine

But remember: if you have a strong desire to drink wine while pregnant you should take only one sip, no more.

The scientists in England observed the kids whose mothers had indulged their desire to have a little wine during pregnancy. These kids were ahead of their peers in development (sociability, learning of figures, letters, and colors). At the same time, these scientists think that a pregnant woman can drink no more than six glasses of wine per week.

If pregnant women had been drinking too much wine while pregnant their children were born with a number of defects. All the doctors agree on the point of the prohibition of drinking any alcohol before the 17th week of pregnancy.

A glass of wine during pregnancy: is it such a bad idea?

Will a glass of wine while pregnant harm a future mother? It’s a complicated question. The abovementioned studies conducted by the British scientists don’t convince everyone. We can’t be 100% sure about the positive or negative effect of this drink on the baby’s development.

The medical practice is indicative of the negative influence alcohol can have on the fetus both at the beginning of the pregnancy term and in the last stages of pregnancy. A glass of wine is not a small dosage. When you decide how much wine while pregnant is safe for the baby you should understand everything about the proportions and the frequency of alcohol consumption.choosing wine while pregnant

By “a portion of alcohol” we mean the volume which contains no more than 10 ml of ethanol. Any bottle of wine usually has a label identifying the percentage of alcohol. Wine most often contains 12%. So, a glass of it includes more than one portion of alcohol (1.52).

According to health professionals, pregnant women are allowed to drink no more than 1-2 portions of alcohol during or after a meal. The frequency of consumption should be 1-2 times a week. Take into consideration that it’s easy to increase the acceptable dose at home, and stuff at the restaurants and other such places pour wines into glasses so big they can contain even three standard portions.

Drinking wine in early pregnancy

Alcohol contains toxins which get through the placenta without obstruction and affect the fetal development. Spirits can have a negative influence on the development of the baby’s brain and other internal organs. Inborn face abnormalities, movement coordination problems, and learning difficulties are among the results of the detrimental effect of drinking while pregnant.

The baby’s internal organs are especially fragile during the early stages of pregnancy. Alcohol can seep into the organs and tissues of the fetus, leading to the fetal alcohol syndrome. There is a high risk of such consequences if the mother has been regularly drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy planning, the conception, and pregnancy itself. As a result, the kids are suffering from physical and intellectual disabilities, neurological problems, and concentration during early pregnancy

Obstetricians recommend that pregnant women drink wine after the 17th week. And even then a future mother may have a sip only if she can’t control herself at all.

Dry wine

Not only alcohol can negatively affect the fetus but also its degradation products processed by the mother’s organism. Alcohol causes spasms in the blood vessels of the cord or the placenta. This results in the lack of oxygen and nutrients.

A pregnant woman can crave wine when her body is lacking B-group vitamins. In this case, she should choose red wine. White wine while pregnant isn’t the best option. But remember: red wine is leading to the dilation of the blood vessels which can cause dizziness and overall weakness.

Every person has their individual characteristic, that’s why, in the case of an overpowering desire to drink, it’s better to choose a high-quality product.pregnant woman choosing wine

Red wine during pregnancy

Red wine is a remedy for anemia, that’s a well-known fact. A high-quality red wine is good for blood formation in the organism; it contains valuable trace elements and B- and P-group vitamins which considerably reduce the risk of thrombosis.

After the 17th week, you may drink any red wine while pregnant on two conditions:

  1. The wine is high-quality, without sugar, quinine, coloring agents, various synthetic additives, etc.
  2. One portion is no more than 100 ml.

If the pregnant woman suffers from anemia she can increase her hemoglobin level with the help of red wine. It contains a lot of calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, cuprum, selenium, and bioactive compounds. But it’s possible to increase the level of hemoglobin by consuming non-alcoholic products. Doctors recommend such products as liver, beef, parsley, buckwheat, bananas, rosehip, and pomegranate juice.

Dry red wine while pregnant

The consumption of dry red wine while pregnant is not only possible but also beneficial. It’s especially true for the future moms who have increased hemoglobin, no appetite, and violent morning sickness. Researchers say that dry red wine is good for your heart and helps to deal with insomnia. A spoonful of dry red wine in your ration is acceptable.

Homemade wine for the pregnant

The wine prepared at home is a remedy as far as there is a small dose of alcohol in it. But pregnant women shouldn’t indulge their habit too often and drink this wine during the full nine months of pregnancy. Such an attitude is dangerous because can lead to the baby having various defects and malformations. Alcohol often becomes the reason for miscarriages.refusing to drink wine while pregnant

Alcohol also affects the DNA and the cellular structure of the fetus, causing congenital malformations.

Non-alcoholic wine and pregnancy

A good alternative to the wine that contains spirits is non-alcoholic wine. There is no more than 0.5% alcohol in it.

The non-alcoholic wine undergoes the standard manufacturing stages but experts eliminate ethanol from it before pouring the beverage into bottles. The beverage keeps all the vitamins, trace elements, organic acids, and enzymes. Non-alcoholic wine while pregnant is considered beneficial for the health.

Doctors prescribe non-alcoholic wine during pregnancy if:

  • A woman suffers from the digestive tract diseases because of the low acidity;
  • A future mother is diagnosed with liver cirrhosis;
  • A pregnant woman has chronic fatigue;
  • There are hypertension problems.

Non-alcoholic wine can increase the appetite and help to digest the proteins from meat. At the same time, it contains two to three times fewer calories.

There are also a few reasons why you should still be careful about drinking non-alcoholic wine while pregnant:

  • It can include toxins and chemicals which have a negative influence on the mother and her baby;
  • There is a possibility of an allergic reaction to some of the components;
  • Its maturation period is far less than that of the wine containing alcohol;
  • Such wine is quite expensive, and it’s hard to find a real quality product – there are a lot of cheap imitations.woman chooses quality wine while pregnant

Can pregnant women drink wine or not? It’s up to a future mother to decide. But before making a decision make sure to take into consideration your doctor’s recommendations and the individual characteristics of your organism.

If you’re afraid because alcohol can harm your baby you’d better not take chances. Don’t drink wine during the whole 9 months of pregnancy.








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