Yellow Discharge During Pregnancy: Possible Causes

yellow discharge during pregnancy

After a successful conception and happy news about the upcoming motherhood, the woman will naturally experience considerable changes inside of her body. From now on all her bodily strength will be aimed at keeping the baby healthy, and all the organs and systems will be affected by pregnancy. The hormonal reorganization is commonplace – during the first months of pregnancy, the female body accumulates the hormone progesterone. It helps to keep the unborn baby safe, protects the fetus from various threats, and ensures normal fetal development. It’s progesterone that is responsible for the changes concerning discharge during pregnancy: the excreta acquire definite viscidity and increase in amount.

The topic of discharge during pregnancy is burning, and that’s understandable. The nature of the excreta can point to different health problems during pregnancy and become an “alarm signal” of sorts. Yellow discharge during pregnancy can be such a sign – it is not common for future mothers and sometimes even dangerous. Why? Because yellow discharge during pregnancy usually indicates the development of an infection or an acute inflammatory process which is most often a result of an infection as well.

Yellow discharge while pregnant: accompanying symptoms

As a rule, if yellow discharge during pregnancy is a result of some infection, then, besides changing in color, there are also unpleasant scent and discomfort in the genital area, such as itching or burning. The reason for dark yellow discharge during pregnancy can be gonococci, staphs, colon bacilli. In this case, the dark yellow vaginal discharge is pus and has a distinct, foul smell.yellow discharge in early pregnancy

By the way, yellow discharge during pregnancy is characteristic of a very dangerous for a future mom disease – gonorrhea. The main symptoms of this illness are changes in the color and consistency of the discharge, unpleasant odor, itching and burning in the genital area, painful urination. Gonorrhea makes vaginal discharge bubbling, its color yellow with a tint of green. By similar symptoms, you can recognize trichomoniasis.

Bright yellow discharge during pregnancy isn’t normal either. It can be a symptom of ovarian or tubal inflammation or vaginal bacterial infection.

Why do I have yellow discharge during pregnancy?

The future mother could catch an infection long before pregnancy; though during pregnancy her body sharply reacts to any irritant (an infection can get into the body even from unwashed hands). Sometimes the woman had been a carrier of an infection, but it just didn’t reveal itself or was treated with antibiotics with no success. As you already know, during pregnancy the female body becomes fragile and sensitive. Against this background, the infection comes to life. That’s why medical experts approve pregnancy planning – doing necessary tests and examinations before trying to conceive helps to eliminate possible infections.

But don’t immediately panic if you’ve noticed yellow discharge during pregnancy. Only a doctor will be able to find the exact cause of your condition after a proper examination. There were cases when the discharge was a reaction to uncomfortable underwear and improper hygiene products. You’ll stop feeling disturbing symptoms after you get rid of the irritant.yellow discharge during pregnancy - an upset future mom

And even if yellow discharge during pregnancy is a sign of an infection, you’ll be able to get necessary treatment. Fortunately, contemporary medicine has a whole armory of drugs which can be used during pregnancy and don’t do any harm to the fetus. Don’t wait – you need to treat a detected infection as soon as possible, especially if you’re still in your early pregnancy terms because the odds of a miscarriage are high at the time.

Anyway, if you have yellow discharge during pregnancy the right decision will be to consult your healthcare provider. Medical tests will show if there is a reason for concern and an infection that requires treatment.

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