The Youngest Parents in the World – When Children Have Children

The Youngest Parents in the World

Studying the topic of the earliest pregnancies in medical history, we come across the egregious cases of violation of the children’s rights rater than poor sexual education. This article is dedicated to the world’s youngest mothers, who have mainly suffered from the actions of the adults. This is where the morality and education suffer: in the attitude of the adult person to the basics of childhood. Though most of the young mothers have sexually developed much earlier, than the peers – they were children. And the earliest pregnancies surprisingly age long before adolescence.

The contemporary reality, though there are issues of sexual liberation and cracked morals, can hardly be blamed because first known cases of early pregnancy took place long before the “sexual revolution” and “overall elimination of prejudice”.

Lina Vanessa Medina – The youngest mother in History

Lina Vanessa Medina – the youngest mother in historyA Peruvian Lina Medina gave birth to a baby boy at the age of five in 1939. At present, she is still considered the youngest mother all over the world and registered in Guinness World Records.

The pregnancy of world’s youngest mother progressed almost unnoticeably and impalpable and only the growing belly indicated her condition. It was found out only in her 7th month that she is pregnant. The delivery passed successfully by means of caesarean section, the newborn son was healthy, his height and weight normal: 18.8 inches and 6 pounds.

Her second child was born 33 years later in 1972.

Interesting fact: the girl’s mother noticed that her daughter is physically developing too fast almost immediately after Lina was born. Her pubic hair began growing at 3 months after birth, and at the age of 8 months her first menstruation period began. When Lina was four, her breasts started developing and that year she was impregnated. The doctors confirmed it, saying that the youngest mother’s ovaries at that time had already been as those of an adult woman. This phenomenon is called early sexual maturity and it is mostly rare in occurrence among children younger than 5.

Who was the father of the world’s youngest mother’s baby is still a mystery. The fact of sexual abuse was confirmed, but we won’t have ever found out who did it to a little girl. Lina Medina has never given any interviews, not then or ever.

Liza Gryshchenko

The six-year-old Liza Gryshchenko is the youngest mother from Kharkov, the Ukraine. The fact of early pregnancy was confirmed in 1934. The six-year-old girl had almost become one of the youngest mothers in the world, but her baby died in childbirth. The birth was natural, what turned out to be an arduous trial for the little girl. The father of the conceived child had been Lisa’s own 70 years old grandfather.

World’s youngest mothers: 8-11 years

1957: a Peruvian Hilda Trujillo gave birth to a daughter at the age of 9. The father of her child is her cousin, who raped her.

1759: Anna Mummenthaler from Switzerland gave birth to a baby girl at the age of 8. The baby was stillborn. The father of the child was one of her relatives.

1884: the youngest mother in history became eight-year-old Mum-Zi from Nigeria, giving birth to a daughter. Her daughter, Zi, also gave birth at the age of 8 years 8 months, thus making Mum-Zi a 17-year-old grandmother.

1936: the youngest mother from Colombia Griseldina Acuña gave birth when she was 8 years old to a healthy boy whose weight totaled 5.1 pounds. The boy’s father was a “friend” of the family. It’s interesting that the Colombian’s sexual maturing had also started very early: her first menstruations began at the age of 3.

2001: Wanwisa Janmuk from Thailand gave birth to a baby girl at the age of nine. The father of the child is her 27-year-old husband. Strange though it may seem, but a husband! The girl got married at the age of 8, and at the age of 9 she became the youngest Asian mother.

2009: 11-year-old Kordeza Zhelyazkova from Bulgaria gave birth to a daughter, whose father was Kordeza’s 19-year-old husband. The pregnancy was taking its normal course; the birth was natural and fast.

2005: the youngest mother in Russia became Valentina Isaeva, giving birth at the age of 11 to a girl. The father was her 17-year-old friend. The baby was born healthy, its height and weight were normal (20 inches and 6.4 pounds). C-section was performed.

There are more than a hundred of early pregnancy cases, confirmed since the middle of XVIII century (1759). And there are even more unidentified young mothers, who had to endure delivery under special circumstances at such early age!

Anyway, in recent years the cases of early pregnancy occur more and more often. The youngest mothers become girls aged 10-12 years, almost always from ignorance or under compulsion. Take care of your children!

World’s youngest father – a 13-year-old teenager from Great Britain!The youngest father in the world – a 13-year-old boy from Britain

“The youngest father in the world – a 13-year-old from Britain!” this news spread through all British papers and caused heated public response in spring of 2009. Not only ordinary British people, but also medical staff was shocked because it had been considered normal that at this age reproductive function of a boy is still continuing its development, and such an early fatherhood was thought hardly possible.

A bit of medicine

It is related to the function of hypothalamus that produces a hormone responsible for the production of spermatozoa – gonadoliberin (GnRH). The development of this function usually begins at the age of 11, and ends approximately by 13.

But Alfie Patten, who became the youngest father in the world, turned thirteen only when little Maisie had already been born. It means that when the conception happened he was only 12.

Now few people are surprised that teenagers today begin their sexual life very early – it really depends on a person. But it’s hard to get used to the kids who are not even close to adulthood and have already become parents.

The youngest parents

Alfie Patten doesn’t even look his 13 years. You wouldn’t give him 10 – his height is 4 feet, he has narrow shoulders, small hands and delicate features. Definitely still a child, he seems to be a brother of the newborn baby he holds in his arms.

Chantelle Steadman, the young 15-year-old mother, on the contrary, looks older – you may give her 18.

The young parents’ story has been widely covered in the UK and foreign press, and the government announced that the youngest family in the world would be provided with all the necessary support.

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  1. 1

    Ya lets support them, you might as well post it all over your news “Hey If you want to start having sex at 10 it is ok, if you get pregnant we will support you.” No need to have a child hood of your own and grow up to be a responsible adult. Sometimes i really think these countries are filled with nothing but Idiots. The child should of been taken away and the 15 year old girl here in the states would of been prosecuted for child molestation as this young girl should of been. Britian you suck, what is it ok for teenagers to rape little kids? Because that is the message you are sending out!

    • 2

      You realize most of them were raped and not consenting children? Or that they live in a culture where they marry young

    • 3

      You do realise that there are people younger than 12 that gave birth in the states and nothing happened the youngest in britiAn is 13 and 15 and they are being helped out

    • 5

      You’re an idiot. No 15 year old child would be prosecuted for having sex with a 12 or 13 year old. Not in USA go look up laws. Statutory rape is 16 and under if you’re 18 and they’re 16 or under you’re fucked. It’s a tragic situation in any case and USA does the same thing basically. Hands out free health insurance for pregnant women, immediately. WIC and plenty of programs to help struggling families no matter what their age is. Why would you take the baby away from the mom just because she’s young? Boy your thought process is terrible. I hope you decided not to reproduce yourself.

    • 8

      No. Your wrong. The state giving support is fine. They need to educate the community about the responsibility it will carry on the long run by not having protection. Parents and single parents also getting more involve in their children lives. How can you stop every child or teenager from having sex.

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    These kids shouldn’t be having sex until there older. But if the mother was young and raped, that’s different, she was forced. I’m not against them I just don’t think they should be trying this stuff.

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  6. 16

    I’m 21 and it’s hard enough to be a mother I can’t imagine what it’s like at that age to raise a child

    • 17

      Man, I’m 23 and struggle to take proper care of myself lmao. I honestly can’t imagine myself being the creator of a whole other person.

      Also, F**K PEDOPHILES!!!! Just because the 11 year old and 19 year old are “married” doesn’t make intercourse and breaking of the child’s virginity right, it’s f***ing rape. This age difference alone would be the equivalent of me impregnating my little sister. F**K THAT S**T

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  8. 19

    Wah! These kids should be supported. If unless the young mum was a rape case let young people be taught tht sex is for adult.

  9. 21

    Its really amazing I got to know I am a adult at the age 19, and at 35 i married my age 17 and now I am 45, my kids age 10 & 5….

  10. 24

    It’s hard to imagine how hormones can affect a child’s behaviour and completely change their lives. I know a girl who got pregnant at 13 and she looked and acted as if she were at least 18. Now she’s 16 and she recently gave birth to another child.

    • 25

      I’m 13, I don’t care what anyone says, having sex before even 18 is totally jacked. It’s disgusted to imaging my peers or girlfriend getting pregnant, I would never do that. And niether should anybody else.

  11. 26

    Even thus people say African girls give birth at early ages due to lack of sex education but to my surprise, even more than that is happening in the west

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    • 28

      I have white friends and they have been pregnet alot, I have never been pregnet they get alot of abortions in black household abortion is not an option , we take the shame

    • 30

      It is never true that African girls give birth at early age. We have sex education right from the basic classes. We build responsible married homes. We do control our birth even though many still cherish having upto 4 & 3 kids. Our pride is still on especially in Nigeria.

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      There is a God Linda and he had nothing to do with their behavior anymore than their parents did.Children do things in secret while parents arent home or wherever they might find themselves alone together with the opposite sex.God has laid out the human moral standards as far as sex is concerned, it is a natural act that will happen regardless of Gods moral standards.I myself was caught at 9 yrs old with a family friends daughter that was 7, we were trying to have sex in my bedroom when my mom caught us.Why were we doing it, how did we even know what we were doing? It was a natural act that we had both walked in or saw our parents having sex.She got punished for it I did not because my Father said we didnt do anything wrong and we didnt know what we were doing.He was partly right because I didnt know what I was doing but somehow I knew it wasnt right and thats why we were hiding in my room with the door locked.Anyways, I personally do think that my older brothers and their friends has alot to do with what I did.They were always talking about sex around me and making it seem like you werent a real man until you have sex.At 9yrs old I actually was dealing with peer pressure.But please Linda dont blame God for these things, he is responsible for so much good its just not fair to blame God. 🙂

      • 33

        Amen! God created humans the way we were created so that we humans would stick around. Men and women were created to reproduce. Evolution is a process. Education is key here. Beautiful comment. Thank you.

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    Yes, these young mothers are very young. However, it is different if they were raped or the sexual act was on purpose and not forced. Im fumbling over my words, so let me put it simpler. It should be your own choice when it comes to sex, are you 13? 16? 21? 27? 33? 40? or older? My thoughts are that if you are 12 or younger sex should not happen, but, if you want to be a teenager when you have sex? do you want it to just happen? do you want to wait until marriage? I feel, that if you are old enough to make a decision on what classes you take at school or what job you should apply for, you are old enough for sex. But, Again it is different for everyone. Some people aren’t fully developed at 13, 14, 15 +, and some are. My point is: It is your choice. With these child mothers, for most of them it wasn’t a choice, but, what us, as humans need to do is accept it, and move forward.

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    I kida have mixed feelings about that like if it true love go for it idc it doesent affect my life but yet again it’s at a young age and it’s just risky cause they don’t know how to parent and never even finished their childhood.

    • 39

      My thing is medically giving birth so young can literally kill the mother. Thank God for modern shit like c sections..

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    This is possible from the study of spermatogenesis and oogenesis which shows that sexual maturation in both male and female does not have a fixed point or time, but depends on certain chemical and hormonal readiness in the body of an individual. This has usual and unusual settings, such as the cases reported here (unusual) and the normal sexual maturational period starting from 12 years upwards for both boys and girls.

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    this is the most disturbing thing ever. how do they have sex/go through the process of having a baby at like four years old. isn’t that a bit fake??
    lina is insaneeeeeeee

  23. 47

    God love his creation so much that He gives men and women freedom to enjoy life but with instructions and rules so they can really enjoy and be happy. But some people choose not to follow the instructions and then have to deal with the consequences. Is He to blame? These kids needed more protection to avoid rape, or needed more principles to avoid abuse others and we as adults can do both but that is not God responsibility, we just need to assume as mature adult parents that is OUR responsibility to protect and educate our childrens at home correctly and not give the school this privilege. We educate at home, school teaches math and Church (if you have the blessing of attending one) is for evangelism. Do your responsibilities and stop blaming God, the government, the school, the neighbors because our children are OURS, not theirs. Thank you for the opportunity and be blessed.

  24. 49

    I just can’t believe it. It’s sad what happened to the world now days so many things have changed. I feel so bad for young people like like that have to go through tough trials like that. Some people might not agree that God puts us through trial on purpose but i lost my dad in a airplane crash on November 5 2016 I was only 9 at the time I am now eleven but I was young and it was tough so I know some of the pain these other young people feel but I believe that my dad is in heaven right now helping and serving other people.

  25. 50

    Im thirteen and I honestly think that it would be disgusting having sex with my boyfriend at such a young age nor would I let him get that close to me.

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