25 Weeks Pregnant Feelings, Fetus Development, Ultrasound

It is believed that after 25 weeks of pregnancy the threat of miscarriage is significantly reduced. So this period is psychologically important for expectant mothers. And in the case of premature birth, the kid has a good chance to survive.

The woman is gaining weight fast, she had already gained 6-7 kg, and she’s are “allowed” to gain 5-6 kg more before childbirth. At this period, kids have already taken the correct position in the womb (head down). But even if it did not happen yet, they still have time to turn it over.

Your baby is as big – As a SPAGHETTI – SQUASH


LENGTH- 12.02 in – WEIGHT- 1.39 lb


There are no particular changes in your appearance except the excess weight. Brown spots on the face can appear earlier.

Your pregnancy proceeds quietly, there is no discomfort; your mood is usually good. There is no risk of premature birth during this period. Therefore, do not be nervous and rest more!

Notice how luxurious your hair looks now. The hormones of pregnancy gave them beauty and strength. But it is not recommended to dye them. And even if a dye contains no ammonia, there is no guarantee that the result will be perfect. Due to hormonal changes the final color can be unpredictable.

What s Happening Inside of You?

You are still in the prime of your pregnancy: and even if some malaise is felt, you can put on shoes by yourself, and do not get tired so quickly.

Every week you gain up to 350 grams, be careful not to exceed this line, control your weight. Women who overuse salt can learn all the “charms” of edema. This is not just unpleasant and beauty-damaging, but also very dangerous. It may be the beginning of late-onset preeclampsia.

Your belly has become bigger. Now, your doctor measures the circumference of the belly, listens to the heartbeat of the fetus, and can determine its position in the uterus.


25 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

As usual, before visiting your doctor you should pass a urinalysis and blood test. If it is necessary the doctor will appoint additional tests. Perhaps the doctor will refer you for an ultrasound: the purpose is – to assess the amount of the amniotic fluid, the development of the baby’s spine, to determine the sex. If you have multiple pregnancies, this ultrasound will show how the twins are developed at this stage. Be sure to tell the doctor about all the questions you may have, do not hide anything.

In fact, many women are not interested in the results of their analyses. And it is a mistake, if you get used to monitoring your condition and understanding some terms, you’ll be a good, educated, and attentive mother.

Fetus on the Twenty-Fifth Week of Pregnancy

Now your kid will gain weight faster, but not because of the height growth. You may feel when your baby has hiccups. He often swallows the amniotic fluid, it fills the stomach and the diaphragm is irritated. A hiccup is not a reason to worry, but you should still inform your doctor.

The development of a fetus at the 25th week of pregnancy suggests that the lungs of your baby have already been formed, and now pulmonary surfactant is being farmed intensively. This substance is responsible for the fact, that after birth baby’s lungs are straightened.

You feel your baby’s movements during the day and night, your sleep and rest schedules may be different. But it is easy for you to see: that when you are driving a car on a good road, or sailing a boat – your baby gets calm. It’s easy: she is lulled.

Lots of Rest, Sleep and Positive Emotions

Do not load yourself with affairs. Many women during this period are trying to be everywhere at the same time. It is a huge mistake. But even if you feel fine, do not take upon yourself more than it is needed. You need more rest, a good sleep, positive emotions. Gratefully accept any help from your relatives and do not hesitate to ask for it.

Do not start long-term projects now – maternity leave is coming, and you will want to be only with your family, doing pleasant household chores.

25 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy.

Weight Gain: More Water, Less Salt

There are no new rules: your diet should be healthy and balanced. If you eat large portions, heartburn will torment you. Do not limit your drinking regime (but sodas and juice boxes should have been excluded by now, remember it). Salt consumption should be significantly reduced, otherwise, edema will occur.

By the way, a man needs a week or two to get used to a new taste of food. Get a healthful habit – eat less salt or no salt at all.