Pregnancy Calculator – Know your Due Date

Your Baby’s Arrival Awaits: Calculate and Celebrate Let the countdown begin with options to calculate the due date based on the baby’s age, trimesters, or last menstrual period date. Our calculator ensures that you stay informed and excited throughout your pregnancy journey. Last Period Date: Calculate Measurement Age Baby Age in Days Baby Age in … Read more

Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy: A Normal Occurrence or a Sign of Pathology?


Pregnancy is a period of great responsibility for any woman. That’s why every soon-to-be mother pays a lot of attention to the changes in her state of health, especially when she feels any pain. Discomfort in the stomach and abdominal pain during pregnancy occur quite often. Sometimes such symptoms can even be a sign of such pathological processes … Read more

How Effective is Birth Control Patch? Its Advantages & Disadvantages


When it comes to hormonal contraceptives, people usually think either about pills or implants. However, implants are hard to place and cause discomfort. Pills have a lot of side effects. Besides, women often forget to take them. The manufacturers of contraceptives took into account all the disadvantages of the usual birth control means and created a … Read more

Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding? Chances and Methods of Contraception


Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding? This question is very popular among women who are planning to give birth, as well as among those who are already breastfeeding. The majority of young mothers are sure that breastfeeding reliably protects them from unwanted pregnancies, so they don’t need additional means of protection. Is it really so? Why does … Read more

Pregnancy Complications: Which Pregnancy Problems Can You Come Across?


Most women don’t face any pregnancy complications during their term. However, you can still come across some problems if you’re expecting twins or have recently been down with an illness. That’s why it’s so important to go to the doctor on time. In this post, we’ve collected the most valuable information about widespread pregnancy complications – just … Read more

Fetal Position and its Impact on the Process of Birth

Fetal Position And Its Impact

The future mothers do not lose interest in the question of the correct fetal position. Throughout the period of pregnancy, the baby grows and forms in the woman’s abdomen. The baby is moving and changing his position. The success of the process of delivery depends on the fetal position at the end of pregnancy. Let’s find out … Read more

What Causes Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy in Each Trimester?


Any bleeding and obviously, heavy bleeding during pregnancy is a serious threat to the health and life of both the fetus and the mother. Therefore, such a condition cannot be ignored! According to statistics, bleeding in pregnant women is observed quite often. A similar problem affects up to 20% of future mothers. If you notice bleeding of any … Read more

What is a Molar Pregnancy? Complete & Partial Moles


A Molar Pregnancy is an abnormal growth of the placental tissue in the uterus as a result of an unfortunate pregnancy. It happens after the sperm has fertilized the egg and the tissue which should have developed into the placenta in order to sustain the fetus from an abnormal mass. The mass consists of cell clusters resembling a bunch of … Read more

Spotting During Pregnancy: Which Kinds Are Normal?


An expectant mother has every right to be worried even about the most trivial things: light pricking in her side, nagging pain in her legs, or light bleeding in early pregnancy. It’s understandable because every future mother cares about giving birth to a healthy baby. So, it’s very important to monitor any changes in the condition … Read more

Pregnancy Nutrition Basics: Useful Rules and Recommendations


Proper nutrition of the future mother is a necessary condition for the normal course of pregnancy, growth, and development of the fetus. And although at all times it was extremely difficult to provide pregnant women with a variety of full-fledged meals, adherence to certain basic rules is still necessary. However, the needs of a pregnant … Read more