Newborn Weight Gain Month by Month: What’s the Norm?


Every parent experiences a great pleasure watching how their baby grows day by day, and, of course, tries to provide the child with everything necessary for healthy growth and harmonious development. As a mother, you know that nutrition plays a key role in the process of newborn weight gain. But how to understand if your baby … Read more

Baby Pacifiers: What’s the Use & Danger? How to Choose the Right One?


Baby pacifiers have always been considered a mandatory attribute for the baby. Some people believe that they are harmful, others stand on the opposite side. Medical specialists do not have an unequivocal opinion concerning this issue, therefore, only parents decide whether to give a pacifier to their child. What’s the Sense of Baby Pacifiers? Even before … Read more

Making Your Home a Safe Haven For Kids


Your home should be a safe haven and sanctuary: a place where you can ensure that your family will be protected from harm. Because young children spend most of their time indoors, you want to create a healthy environment and take the necessary steps to childproof your home. Here, we show you hidden hazards for … Read more

What Will My Baby Look Like? Why Do We Care


Will my Baby be Beautiful?: If you and your soulmate are far from the Hollywood standards of beauty and you’ve decided to have a baby – there’s good news for you! You definitely can make your baby prettier than it is expected from your genes. And there’s an explanation to the phenomena of beautiful children, born … Read more

Baby Room Ideas: How to Make the Perfect Nursery


The appearance of the baby in the family is a happy event. At this time, parents are attentively taking care of arranging a room for their baby. The room for the newborn should be practical and aesthetically beautiful. When furnishing it, it is also important to pay attention to the needs of the mother so … Read more

The Face of Corporal Punishment: Bloggers Speak Out


Corporal punishment (or physical punishment) in a family is an act deliberately performed by a parent, relative, or other guardian causing pain or discomfort to an underage for some kind of unwanted behavior. Corporal punishment can be defined as slapping or spanking the child with a hand or striking with another subject such as a belt, … Read more

Baby Birthmarks: Types, Causes, Risks & Ways to Remove


The birthmark is a congenital or acquired pigmented formation on the skin that may be of different colors and shapes. Birthmarks can be brown, black, red, or purple. They are also called limited pigmented spots – nodules composed of clusters of melanocytes with various degrees of differentiation. The name “birthmark” is not entirely accurate since most … Read more

5 Advantages for Using Newborn Formula


Choosing between breastfeeding and formula is something that all new mums need to decide between while keeping in mind what is best for them and what is best for the baby. We hear a lot about the benefits of breastfeeding our babies, but what about the formula? There are decided advantages that newborn formula has over breastfed … Read more

Parents, Children, and Discipline: Rewards or Punishments?


One of the aspects of education in the family is discipline. Parents teach the baby what is good, and what is bad. The process of education and assistance that adults can provide to the child in his development has been repeatedly investigated in developmental psychology. Many psychologists and scientists work directly with families where there are … Read more