Bra Calculator


Find Your Ideal Fit with Our Bra Calculator! Welcome to our Bra Calculator, where comfort and confidence converge! We understand that finding the perfect bra size can make a world of difference in how you feel and look. Our state-of-the-art Bra Calculator is here to help you unlock your ideal fit, revolutionizing the way you … Read more

Postpartum Bleeding – The Healing Wound


Postpartum bleeding is an entirely natural process that every new mother is confronted with. Experts say that after childbirth excreta containing some blood are regular and typical for all new mothers regardless of the type of delivery and the course of pregnancy. Though the excreta after giving birth are not dangerous for the mother’s health in … Read more

Vasectomy – Radical Men Contraception


Nowadays science has moved forward and modern medicine is able to save even the weakest posteriority of the human. There’s no need for constant breeding in order to save at least a couple of your offspring. Thus, the other significant question arises: how to control the quantity of the offspring? There are plenty of contraception … Read more

Male & Female Fertility: How to Test and Improve?


Fertility is a term that refers to the ability to conceive a child (or impregnate a female in men). The number of infertile marriages is increasing annually. It is caused by the malfunctions of the reproductive system. This matter should concern both sexes. Female Fertility This concept includes the ability to conceive and carry a child. Anxiety … Read more

Is Low Birth Weight Dangerous? 7 Factors Affecting the Weight of the Child


Immediately after birth, the child is weighed and their height is measured. During the next months of life, a small being will repeatedly undergo this procedure because weight and height are the main indicators by which pediatricians assess physical development. Babies are born with different body weights. There are really big babies and there are … Read more

How to Tighten Your Vagina (HINT: Kegels!)


The personal benefits of tightening your vagina through Kegels delight men and women. Those who practice Kegels seriously know how to use kegel weights for the benefits of eccentric and concentric weight training that gives them power and control. Learning how to tighten your vagina involves knowledge of what tightness means, what it isn’t, and how to achieve it … Read more