What Will My Baby Look Like? Why Do We Care

Will my baby be beautiful?

If you and your soulmate are far from the Hollywood standards of beauty and you’ve decided to have a baby – there’s good news for you! You definitely can make your baby prettier than it is expected from your genes. And there’s an explanation to the phenomena of beautiful children, born by not so pretty parents. So, what will your baby look like? We have the answer!


According to the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin, the species are constantly improving to adapt to the environment. The strongest genes are passed from one species to the other and this is the way they recreate their best features that let the new being survive in the environment. If according to some chemistry (and it’s always chemistry, even if it is booze) you’ve decided to have sex and bring a new child into the world – it’s the nature itself has taken care of capturing your best and combining it in a new life! What will your baby look like? Don’t bother – the baby will naturally look better than both of you. But take into consideration the story of the Chinese couple, where the husband has sued his wife for having children, who looked nothing like any of the parents. So if you have currently survived a couple of pump surgeries – that doesn’t mean your earned beauty will transfer to your baby. Genes… Remember? For the most curious there’s a small table, which will help you to determine the external signs, your baby most probably will inherit according to genetics. Most probably, but does not guarantee anything. What will my baby look like? Find out from the table of the dominant genes.

Stronger genes (dominant) Weaker genes (recessive)
dark, hard, curly hair bright, straight, soft hair
dark eyes light eyes
a large hooked nose narrow nose and small nostrils
wide chin narrow chin
full lips thin lips
dark skin bright skin
short stature normal stature

There are also particular traits, that have bigger chances to be inherited as dominant: dimples, freckles, cleft chin, diastema, cowlick, widow’s peak, aquiline nose, early grey hair, rolling tongue

Social aspect: what will your baby look like for the others

The beauty standards have survived incredible changes: from the fat to skinny in just 50 years by now. Not even speaking about the beauty standards of the earlier period. Now we’re engaged into the era of constant improvement of the looks, where people are obsessed with their image to present to the society. But there’s a tendency, observed during the last years in big cities – the preferences of men and women are likely missing the natural looks of the human being – unideal noses and a bit of belly fat in women. The phenomena of the “dad bod” is a fine proof of the observation. What I’m trying to say – is willing to have a pretty baby, who could be successful because of the appearance, you are not considering the changing standards of beauty and the speed at which those standards are changing nowadays.

Self-programming during pregnancy

Pregnant-womenTruly superstitious path to having a pretty baby, but the influence of the positive charge is a proven fact! You cannot underestimate the power of thought! If your baby is inside – don’t ever think “please, let her not inherit that huge nose of her dad!” But think “Please, let her have my tiny nose. But even with the nose of my beloved husband – let her be as pretty as he is, because I love him that way”. They say it is possible to switch on the best genes by only thinking about the appearance of your future child. Well, many people are convinced that there’s nothing impossible for the human mind, and those are the people, who actually live that way – programming everything in their life by just thinking. Asking yourself “what will my baby look like” – think, what would you want your baby to look like.

Time factor: What will my baby look like later?

I met one of my classmates in the street. She has never been what’s I’d call “cute” as a child. But what have 15 years of adolescence made to her! Slim, long neck, fragile silhouette, a stack of shiny brown hair, huge eyes and an appealing mystery in the sight! We both were the ugly Ducklings and were never bathed in the attention of the male classmates. But the time has determined, who is a swan – some loose their appeal by 30, some grow tooth and nail prettier. So you may never tell, what would your child look like as an adult. You may not tell that even during the first three years of life – the features, as growing, are changing so fast, that first the baby is “the mom, looks like the father has given nothing” and then suddenly “oh, he turned out totally like his father in the eyes”.

Self-confidence – the self-perception element

What will my baby look like to himself? – This should be the more important question. Self-confidence is the basis of the appearance. The appearance has little to do with the face matching to the golden section mask. Of course, some basic proportions should be observed in order that your appearance doesn’t seem repulsive. That is easy – we all are average attractive. Otherwise the question of the baby’s appearance wouldn’t bother us, but that of finding someone to have sex with. What makes a person particularly beautiful consists of many well-known compounds: sparkling eyes, pleasant smile and the joy of life captured on the face of the living one. If you are able to estimate the abilities and features of your child and treat your child as a miracle – the beauty will trickle from his gestures, behavior, and sight.baby face

Your baby definitely has a better chance to be beautiful, if you already love the baby without thinking about the opinions of the strangers about the looks of your child. And if you want your baby to look good – look at your baby with the eyes of the creator and adore your baby with all your heart. Your task is to make your baby feel comfortable and happy with who he or she is.

The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, they say. You are the first and the main beholder, who can make your baby either beautiful or faded by the low self-esteem. So what you’ll see looking at you baby is what your baby will look like to himself.

You may discover more about the emotional care: How to love your child?

Services and Applications

make a baby boothIn order to cool down your curiosity, you may use one of the following services or applications and even see, what will the baby of Brangelina, or Britney Spears and Barack Obama look like. It’s easy – you just pick a couple of “ID” pictures of you and your loved one and upload it to the service, that will generate the picture of the baby and how he will look like, relying on the most recognizable features of your appearance. You may also download an app and check right on the first date, what will your offspring look.

Have fun!

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