How to Tighten Your Vagina (HINT: Kegels!)

The personal benefits of tightening your vagina through Kegels delight men and women. Those who practice Kegels seriously know how to use kegel weights for the benefits of eccentric and concentric weight training that gives them power and control.

Learning how to tighten your vagina involves knowledge of what tightness means, what it isn’t, and how to achieve it through Kegels and weight training. Read this post to find out how you can tighten your vagina through a simple exercise.

What Vaginal “Tightness” Means

Health experts understand that the vagina is amazing in its ability to expand, contract, and sustain itself through intercourse and childbirth. The shape of the vagina lasts in its resilience, but pelvic floor muscles do weaken over time and after these events.

An expert would recommend tightening your pelvic floor muscles to regain strength and control after an event like childbirth. While the shape of your vagina will remain, your enjoyment of sex can greatly improve from exercising your pelvic floor muscles.


What Vaginal Tightness is Not

Even after childbirth, the shape of the vagina is not worn or stretched. Its shape doesn’t change. Millions of years of evolution have perfected the vagina to bounce back from these events. Any other theory is really just gossip according to experts.

In practice, vaginal tightness is not about changing the shape of your vagina (which can only be achieved through surgery). It is about strengthening the muscles that control your vagina. Like any other muscle, they can be fortified by exercise.

How to Tighten your Vagina

If you want more enjoyment and more control over your vagina through “tightness,” you can start without any equipment and in any setting.

At first, unlike other forms of exercise, you will not need to find time in your schedule to take your vagina to the Kegel gym. You can exercise your pelvic floor muscles at work and home (even while you’re watching reruns).

There are three essential steps that anyone experienced with Kegels would recommend. After mastering them, you can move on to more advanced techniques like eccentric and concentric weight training offered by products like Gynie.

Targeting your Muscles

The first step in your vagina-tightening routine is to target the muscle group you want to work out. If you are struggling to find the Kegel muscles, you can stop midstream next time you are urinating. These will be the pelvic floor muscles in question.


Continue to identify and contract them throughout the course of the day in different positions and settings. Try them in the car, at work, and while you are home watching television. If you can control them any time, continue to the next step.

Practicing your Technique

Once you can control your pelvic floor in many positions, try tightening your vaginal muscles for a count of 5 or more. Relax for the same amount of time, and repeat. (If you use a menstrual cup, you may want to work around its use.)

Over time, you may find yourself able to do five repetitions of this exercise with a count of 10 seconds or more. If you do, you should aim for even more vaginal control and “tightness” through weight training.

Repeating Frequently

You may have noticed that, at first, Kegels require concentration and focus, but you can find time to exercise your pelvic floor muscles with commitment. Eventually, you will see that “tightening” your vagina can be done any time of day or night.

At that point, making pelvic floor exercises a part of a weekly or even a daily routine will seem easy enough. But, as you go forth to achieve personal strength and control, don’t forget to concentrate your muscles, perfect your technique, and repeat often.


Pelvic floor exercises—commonly called Kegels—are the key to tightening your vagina. That’s because vaginal tightness is not about shape, it’s about strength and control. Professionals would recommend them after a muscle-weakening experience like childbirth.

With focus, commitment, and repetition, women, and men are delighted by the experience of more controlled, powerful sex. They are done by merely tightening and releasing your pelvic floor muscles. If you want a tighter vagina, try them and rejoice!