Baby Room Ideas: How to Make the Perfect Nursery

The appearance of the baby in the family is a happy event. At this time, parents are attentively taking care of arranging a room for their baby. The room for the newborn should be practical and aesthetically beautiful. When furnishing it, it is also important to pay attention to the needs of the mother so that childcare becomes a joyful and enjoyable moment. That’s why parents are always looking for baby room ideas to make everything perfect for the baby and for the parents themselves.

The interior of a newborn’s room should not necessarily be expensive and have a complex design from the picture of a magazine. The main thing is that everything in it is comfortable and safe for the baby. And yet, this is the first room of the child, moreover – for a while, this is a room for the mother and a place for memorable photos. Thus, we decided to create not only a step-by-step guide on the preparation of a children’s bedroom but also a selection of baby room ideas for your design inspiration.

Step 1 Choose A Room And Plan A Repair

If you have the opportunity to choose a room, then preference should be given to the one that is located closer to the parents’ bedroom, well ventilated and illuminated.

All repair and finishing work must be completed long before the appearance of the baby so that you have enough time for possible modifications and alterations.

As for the choice of finishing materials, then, of course, it is better to choose natural ones. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • The best flooring: cork, natural linoleum, floor or parquet varnished board. Less suitable: laminate (because it is cold, slippery and collects dust), PVC linoleum (although its harm is not proven) and carpet flooring (It collects dust. But it depends on the type of carpet).
  • Water-based paints labeled “for children’s rooms” or “Kid”, as well as paper and non-woven wallpapers, are best suited for wall decoration. The worst choice will be vinyl wallpaper.
  • It is better to simply whitewash the ceiling and further treat with an antiseptic primer. It is better to refuse tension and plasterboard constructions.

Step 2 Develop The Color Scheme Of The Interior

The use of pastel shades for walls, curtains, and furniture is welcomed in the interior of the children’s room for the newborn. This is necessary so that the child can fall asleep easily, without being distracted by anything. Bright colors in the children’s bedroom are also necessary, but they should be present only at a point, for example, in the form of rattles.

What pastel shades should you choose?

  • If you still do not know the gender of the child or you want to make the room gender-neutral, the following tones will do: white, creamy, pale yellow, beige, light green.
  • The interior of the room of a newborn girl (except for the above listed) can be decorated with pink, lilac, cream, coral shades. The interior of the boy’s room may be blue, light gray, and light green.

In addition to personal preferences, be sure to consider the orientation of the room in the cardinal directions:

  • For dark “northern” baby room it is better to choose warm colors.
  • For a room facing the south, you can pick up any color, but cold shades will be especially successful.

Step 3 Determine the Style of The Interior

Think about what direction of design is closer to you. There is no need to strictly adhere to the chosen style, but still, this decision will facilitate your choice of furniture, bed linen, and other attributes of the nursery.

All styles can be divided into two groups: classical (Empire style, Shabby Chic, Provence, etc.) and modern (Scandinavian, minimalism, eco, art deco, loft, hi-tech).

There is also a third way – you can decorate the interior thematically. For example, the girl’s room can be decorated in the theme of a princess, ballerina, butterflies, etc., and the boy’s room can be decorated in a marine or circus-style, in cars and airplanes, etc.

Do not forget that style decisions should not interfere with the most important thing – the comfort and safety of the child.


Step 4 Choose And Arrange Furniture

It is not recommended to put a lot of furniture in the baby’s room so that there are no unnecessary sharp corners and places for collecting dust. The mandatory shopping list for a newborn’s room includes:

  • A crib;
  • Changing table (or ordinary table with a changing mat);
  • Armchair or rocking chair for feeding the baby;
  • Dresser or cloth locker (if the changing table does not have drawers for storage).

Additionally, you can buy:

  • Ottoman for mom’s feet;
  • A shelf that can be hung over the changing table for convenience;
  • A couch to lull, rest and sleep next to the baby if necessary;
  • Bedside table, which can be placed near the feeding chair or couch;
  • Small closet for storage.

And Where To Put The Bed And Changing Table?

By the way, the layout of the room must be thought out starting from the arrangement of these strategic items.

  • The bed should stand in the light part of the room, but not opposite the window, not next to the heating radiator and not too far from the entrance.
  • Changing table should be near the crib.

Step 5 Buy Everything Else

Let’s continue the shopping list of what is needed for the arrangement of the nursery:

  • Curtains. It is better to choose the ones from dense natural or mixed fabric which not only decorates an interior, but also is easily washed, removed and hung up.
  • Lightning – except for the ceiling chandelier, you need to put a floor lamp or hang a wall lamp with a soft muted light, for example, near the changing table and / or chair.
  • Pillow – the need for its presence for babies up to 5 months is very doubtful and causes controversy. Pediatricians recommend the use of flat pillows or pillowcases, folded in four.
  • Blanket. There should be at least 2 of them (except of the one for outside walks). A light blanket, for example, a fleece one – for the summer, the second woolen or flannelette – for the winter. Bed linen – cotton or knitted. You will need to prepare at least 2-3 sets.
  • Video and baby monitor – if desired.
  • A rubbish bin for pampers, used napkins, etc.

Finishing Touches

In the bedroom of a newborn, there should be a minimum of “dust collectors” – extra items, accessories, books, toys (especially soft ones), and carpets. Before bringing the child home, make sure to thoroughly clean the nursery.

You will also need to hang a thermometer to monitor the temperature – it should be 20-22 degrees.

It is better to close electrical sockets with special plugs.

Baby Room

For the first period of life, the room for the baby should represent an atmosphere of calmness and peace. It is also important to make the room comfortable for parents. If mom and dad are balanced and happy, this mood will be passed on to the baby. To create a relaxing environment, it is better to choose a soft pastel color scheme. The furniture should be eco-friendly and nice looking. There should be several sources of lighting and cute decor in the baby’s room.

How To Decorate a Room for a Newborn?

To give the room a playful atmosphere that will be interesting for the baby, decorative notes should be added to the design. Baby room ideas for newborns are teeming with cute decor. A musical mobile or an applique in the form of a tree is hung over the crib, additionally decorated with soft lighting, and vivid pictures are appropriate on the walls. In the gaming area images of colorful little animals are relevant, which as the child grows up can be exchanged for the alphabet, posters from cartoon films, etc. Bright elements are necessary for the harmonious development of the child.


Baby Room Ideas for the Newborn and Parents

It happens that there is no possibility to allocate a separate room for the baby. Then a part of the room for the baby is equipped in the bedroom of the mother and father. The room of the newborn child and parents is usually made out in pastel soft tones – light gray, beige, cream, white. The space is not loaded with carpets, unnecessary paintings, and candlesticks, so that free space remains.

A crib is placed near the parents’ bed, in a bright place. If there is not enough storage space, you can purchase a model with drawers. Instead of a changing table, use a bedboard. The arrangement of a children’s corner suggests that it should be spacious, lighted, and well ventilated.

A beautiful room for a newborn will give him/her positive feelings – coziness, warmth, and comfort from the first days of life due to the well-chosen color palette and accessories. Comfortable furniture, crib, furnishings, organically equipped functional areas will provide parents with the convenience of caring for their treasure, will help raise the baby in love and care.