35 Weeks Pregnant: Mind Your Meals and Posture

Your baby “matures” in the womb, all the organs function well. Very soon the baby will go down to the pelvic region, it will be easier to breathe.

35 weeks pregnant – it’s time when you must be on guard. Always carry the prenatal record with you, make sure that your phone is charged and your credit is fine. It is still early, but since now the baby’s increased dimensions and peculiarities of the body may provoke the birth – anything is possible.

Your baby is as big – As a jackfruit


LENGTH – 18.12 in – WEIGHT- 4.82 lb

35 Weeks Pregnant: Signs And Symptoms

Being 35 weeks pregnant, it is typical to have some discomfort: you may suffer from pain in the legs or pulling pain in the abdomen. Of course, the baby is big, he feels tight, and your belly is constantly in a tense state. Some women may experience the following symptoms: the hard belly, swollen legs, fatigue – all these symptoms may knock you down.

But these symptoms can be alleviated or completely avoided. Sometimes you just need to take some simple steps. So, it is advisable to avoid a sedentary lifestyle: you need to walk almost every 10-20 minutes. Also, do not drink a lot of fluids in order to avoid swelling of the limbs. It would be nice to do easy exercises for pregnant women in the morning and during the day; also, you need to keep up the right nutrition.


Your abdomen is so big and takes so much trouble! The uterus has become huge and presses the stomach, it has literally flattened your lungs. You need to have a little patience: at the end of this week the baby starts to “drop” (descend) – and you will be able to breathe.

In case it really gets hard to breathe, make this weird exercise: stand on all fours and take a few deep breaths.

The bottom of the uterus rises by 15 cm away from the navel and 35 cm from the pubic symphysis. The navel has a rather protruding look. But being 35 weeks pregnant- is quite a common phenomenon. During this period, the baby is actively consuming the calcium from your body. Add the whole milk and dairy products to your menu.

Baby’s Weight

The baby feels too tight in his “house”, and he has no former freedom of movement. His current summersaults resemble rolling. You can enjoy yourself by watching how he sticks out one or another part of the body.

Your baby has fingernails, and they are so long that the child may accidentally scratch himself, even being inside of you.

During this period, the nap disappears; fat tissue continues to build up. Now it is actively building up around the shoulders, making them perfect.


35 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

At 35 weeks of pregnancy, ultrasound is rarely assigned and only in case of indications. You should check the schedule of the ultrasounds with your doctor.

Baby’s Position

35 weeks pregnant- it is that time when your baby finally chooses the most comfortable position, which will remain until his birthday.

Often, when you are 35 – 36 weeks pregnant, most children take the right position: they lay their head down, facing the mother’s back. This position is called a cephalic presentation. The bones of the skull have not closed yet, and they may be slightly deformed, passing through the birth canal, it somewhat eases the birth process. A head-down position is comfortable and convenient for your baby, curling up is natural now.

If your baby did not want to turn over, do not worry, it doesn’t violate the childbirth process. Experienced midwives should make every effort to do it right.

35 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the thirty-fifth week of pregnancy.


The baby has matured, he is quite a normal baby who wants to see the light. In spite of the fact that birth at 35 weeks of pregnancy is not considered to be the norm, do not panic. Now the main thing – is do not to miss the moment! If you experience a sudden pain from time to time, some discharge has appeared, or you feel that your belly got hard, it is desirable to immediately notify your doctor about it. And then, even in the case of delivery, everything will go well – and, your baby will finally be born!

A Confident Pregnancy

Being 35 weeks pregnant is a period when you should be positive and confident. If you have some fear of the upcoming birth, chase it away. Watch a good movie before going to bed, do not forget that music calms down, and do not neglect your own vocals. Kids always like their mother’s songs.

Be sure, everything will be fine. Your pregnancy will come to an end very soon. Enjoy this time. If confidence does not come to you, visit some childbirth classes or turn for help to a doula.

We are braver when we are not alone. In addition to communication with other pregnant women, such classes will give you an opportunity to become knowledgeable about all the details of this process and to know how to behave during labor.