Animals for Kids: The First and the Best Friends of the Children

Animals for kids are not only about learning what does the dog says, what does the cow eat, and what does the lama look like. There are particular animals, those animals, that live in a bond with humans.

Those animals are not only for the kids, they may help you to prepare for parenting and share the duties. More or less you would know, who of you two takes more action and what kind of actions you both perform at taking care of the pet. If you had a pet in your family before having a baby – it’s great.

Animals for Kids Live

If you don’t have a pet, but already have a baby – adopt a pet for your baby! The animal in interaction with the child is evidently the best way to teach your baby how to treat living beings and much more.

But if you hesitate, which animal for your kid is better – consider the conditions you live in and the level of the emotional bond you are ready to set between the animal and the baby. If you want your child to learn, how to take care of someone – don’t get the fishes, snails, and turtles – they don’t make any sounds and don’t show interest to people. Cat lovers would definitely state that cats are suitable for any type of home. If you’d treat your cat like a member of the family – the cat will act the same.


Cats are very sensitive to babies crying, though the animal itself is considered to be egocentric, deprived of the emotional part, and cannot relate to people other than considering them as the main food source. That’s what the dog lovers say. It’s not always true. We all have examples, where the cats are loyal to their masters. My grandfather had a cat, who would meet him on the bridge after work every day for many years. Almost like Hachico. There was only one day, said my grandfather, when the Blacky wouldn’t show up – the cat died that day on his way to the bridge. It’s the case when the connection between two living beings was established right.

As for the dogs – it’s no question! The dog is a sample of friendship, loyalty, kindness. Growing with a puppy would teach your baby to be a friend. The dog is an example of mercy, sympathy, forgiveness, and participation your child can learn like a life lesson.


Still, at choosing animals for your kids, consider their interests! If you are wealthy enough you may even buy a horse! As a budget variant, adopting a pet from the shelter may teach your child compassion. Let the kid choose his first friend.

What Will the Baby Learn

Grown-up with pets, I have to state: if you want your baby to be tolerant, patient, kind, and happy – get your baby a pet. If the space of your place allows – I’d suggest that you get both – a cat and a dog.

First, your baby will learn how to communicate with someone, who looks different and to establish connections without using words. Then your baby will learn how to be tender and manage their own force. Later your baby will learn how to share and empathize. After that, the baby will learn how to roar and show the claws. Then the bay will learn how to play and experience the joy of living.

The baby will discover, how to be happy, how to miss a friend, and how to forgive – as the dogs do. The baby will learn the grace and mystery of the cat. The baby will learn how to be friends with any living being through kindness, fearless and emotional approach.

After a while, the child will learn how to take care of someone, how to treat the animal, and experience responsibility. But the biggest lesson any person may learn is how to be a part of the ecosystem and a member of society, where dogs and cats are considered friends.

Each time I see children, who want to pet a street dog or street cat but the parents won’t allow them to – I feel like the wrong thing is happening. I know, street animals may have infections and may harm a child. But initially, the dog is supposed to be together with people and children feel an irresistible desire to communicate with the animal. Pure and courageous curiosity shouldn’t meet the strict rejection of the adult. The wrong attitude may be formed and later the animals will be perceived more like enemies, not like friends.


Animals for Kids, Kids for Parents

Still, as an adult, you’d have to keep an eye on the communication of the baby and the pet. I hear people feel sorry for the pets because children don’t limit their love expression by just caressing the pet. But don’t worry, if the dog or the cat may leave any moment. The reason they don’t always leave is that actually love playing with children. But you’d have to explain, how to treat an animal right. Always mind your own attitude to the pet – you are the biggest example of behavior at treating the animal right.

First of all the pets reflect the traits of character of the person whom they recognize as a master. Therefore, if you see shortcomings in your pet, try to understand — from whom he adopted these shortcomings? Perhaps, you awarded him with nasty behavioral habits. Your cat or dog — that is your reflection by the help of which it is possible to see yourself from the outside. The same is with children — no matter what will you tell them or how will you bring them up, first of all, they will copy your behavior. That means, it is necessary to get rid of the negative traits of character in order not to pass them to your child.

Animal Training is Similar to Children Education

Besides, animals and children are very sensitive to the atmosphere in a family, their character is built up due to relations of the adults to each other. In a psychologically healthy atmosphere, they grow up quiet, smart, friendly, and balanced. If the adult pet climbs tables, can’t go to a toilet where he should, often mews or barks without a cause, spoils things, if it is timid or uncontrollable and his behavior seems nervous — it is the first sign that there are problems in your family. Parents risk facing the same troubles after the birth of the kid, but thanks to a pet they have time to correct the situation before the baby will appear.


Health Issues that may Disturb

It’s a proven fact that cat allergies may be cured by tolerating – increasing the number of hours you spend with the animal. Though, as your pet is a part of the family, you’d have to take care of the state of health of your animal in order to prevent your child from getting helminth or ringworm. Observe the animal, ask for information, show the animal to the vet: healthy dog – healthy child. As for the bacteria – the childs’ immune system becomes resistant this particular way. You cannot form a strong immune system keeping the baby in total sterility. So no worries about the dog licking the face of the baby.

When the Pet has to Leave

Unfortunately, pets live less than people do. And if the puppy has grown together with your baby – be ready for the tragic event in your family. The dogs at the proper care may live to 13 years depending on the race. Some of the cats die at the age of 20! Your baby will have to learn the most bitter lesson of life – nothing lasts forever. But it’s the price of life, the price of having a friend, the price of having someone you love – the losses are inevitable, and let it be the dog first.