Baby Acne: How to Treat?

Acne (ancient Greek ἀκμή «spearhead, the height, flourishing.”) – An inflammatory disease of the skin, caused by changes in the pilosebaceous structures (composed of the hair follicle and sebaceous gland), provoked by the various reasons.

Baby Acne: Facts

Acne is the most widespread skin disease of adolescence. Types of acne also occur in infants and in early childhood. Acne of newborns (acne neonatorum, baby acne) is recorded in 20% of children. The disease is present either at birth or develops during the first weeks of life. In most cases the course of the disease is mild and the disease resolves spontaneously.


Baby acne is an extremely unpleasant disease for any parent. And if a young mother notices acne on her infant’s skin, it will lead to quite a decent reason for worrying as all parents want their children to grow healthy.

Before setting up any baby acne treatment of inflammation appearing on baby’s skin, first and foremost it is necessary to determine what you deal with. It can be anything, but newborn acne: allergy or some kind of rush. 

In such a situation, it is better to consult a pediatrician because only a doctor is able to tell skin rashes types one from another though the symptoms can be approximately the same. Dr. Komarovsky appeals on his website to consult the doctor as soon as possible if any kind of rash emergence.

You have to know how to get rid of the acne to avoid erroneous actions:

Acne Treatment Has Several Prohibitions

Attention: you mustn’t squeeze pimples – recovery won’t go faster but the opposite can happen: an open wound can be infected and the inflammation can increase. In addition, in the places of squeezed pimples, scars and spots may appear.

Generally, acne passes by itself when all mother’s hormones are completely removed from the organism of an infant, and according to it, the hormone system of an infant starts working as it has to. The process of recovery lasts from one month to a few months. And there will be no trace of the spots if you don’t squeeze them.

Newborns can suffer from any kind of allergy if a mother who breastfeeds eats unacceptable products. This period is very important in a baby’s life and it is necessary to follow a specific diet and avoid food, which can become a reason for allergy attacks. A mother, for instance, can consider her ordinary or even favorite food as a safe one for the baby, but for the infant, it can become a reason for allergy. Putting a list of permitted and healthy products on a fridge and trying to follow it is a good thing to do. A mother should avoid smoked food, sweets, a big amount of food, which contains too much fat, etc. You should give new products to the baby carefully and only small portions should be used in the beginning.

Also, it is very important to give full attention to the soap which is used for bathing an infant and the means used for washing baby’s clothes. Perhaps some ingredients include undesirable baby components which lead to an allergy.

Symptoms of allergy are scabious rash, which appears on a face or on the part of skin-contacting with the substance which causes the rash. If it happens and a doctor diagnoses an allergy then he or she has to prescribe treatment and parents have to follow it strictly. Newborn’s acne passes with time. The symptom of acne is spots in the face area and head and it is similar to acne, which appears during adolescence.

Sometimes spots can appear on other parts of the body, for example on the neck, ears, or back. Often when parents notice acne on the skin of their child they usually suppose that the reason for acne is the bad care for their baby and breaking the rules of hygiene. But in fact, all these troubles appear in consequence of the work of sebaceous glands. And the frequent reason for acne is that an organism reconstructs and the hormone system starts working in a different way.


The Treatment Of Newborns’ Acne

Normally acne doesn’t require specific treatment as generally, it passes by itself in two to four weeks. However, some parents listen to relatives or friends and rely on their opinion. As a result, parents start treating baby acne with thousands of medicines on acne including brilliant green, chlorophylliptum, fucorcinum, permanganic acid, etc.

The only thing which has to be done in such a situation is the lubrication of the affected skin every three-four days by dexpanthenol or zinc ointment. These medicines won’t cure the rash but dry it a little. To prevent any future skin problems, take care of the skin of your baby keeping it dry and clean all the time.