Different Breastfeeding Positions for Better Latch On

Breastfeeding is an essential process. It is very important to do it correctly in order to make this process pleasant for you and your baby. One of the crucial points of proper breastfeeding is to choose the correct position. The ability to feed your baby in different positions helps you not get tired during this long process and prevent mammary congestion.

Most moms are intuitively trying to feed in different positions. So you do not need to waste your time and get acquainted with feeding positions.

mother feeding a baby in standing position

Pose 1. “In A Cradle”

This position is the most famous and universal as it is suitable for children of all ages. The baby lies like in a cradle: his head is on the elbow of your one hand, and the other hand holds his back. The kid is turned to the mother “belly to belly” and his mouth is in front of the nipple. In this position, the mother can use two breasts for feeding, shifting the baby’s head with one hand to another.


You can also use this position to feed while standing. Usually, babies fall asleep in this position. The mom can wiggle her body or slowly move around the room.

Pose 2. “Cross-Cradle”

The “Cross-cradle” position is a variation of the previous pose. The main difference is that the mother provides additional support for the baby. The head is supported with two hands.

This position is very convenient when the mother needs to establish a good latch. The mom can move the head of her baby closer and then the kid can grab the nipple with the areola better. This position is perfect if a baby is premature or weak.


Pose 3. Reclining Breastfeeding Position

This position is great for women who can not sit for some reason. The mother is in a reclining position, resting on the thigh and forearm. The toddler is laid on the pillow so that his body is perpendicular to the mother’s, and located between the mother’s body and a supportive arm. The mother supports the head of her baby with the palm.

You also can do it while sitting, you just need to be propped up with pillows and take a comfortable position.

This position prevents the stagnation of milk in the lower and side segments of the breast, so you should breastfeed your baby like this at least once a day.

Pose 4. Side-Lying Breastfeeding Position

This pose gives you an opportunity to relax your back and take a break from the vertical position. The mother and her baby are lying on their sides facing each other. The baby should lie on the pillow, so he will be higher and it will be easier for him to reach the chest. Older children do not require a pillow. The mom hugs her baby with the “lower” hand so that his head is on her arm. This position is suitable for co-sleeping.


You can also use another variant of this pose. Baby is lying side by side, face to face with his mother. The lower arm supports your head. In the first case the mother supports the baby with her hand, in this case, the kid must be propped with a pad, so he is able to lie on his side.

Pose 5. Football Position

Breastfeeding in this position may be useful for moms and babies. The mother has the ability to empty the central and lower parts of the breast. This position is good when it is difficult for a baby to eat. It is good for weak children or for those who after a bottle refuse to take the breast because it is more complicated to feed up from the breast.

You can breastfeed on the bed or on the table. In the first case, the mother gets up on all fours over the kid and gives him the chest. In the second case, the mother can put the baby on a changing table and lean over him. The child’s head should be slightly turned to one side.

Pose 6. “Riding Position”


Older kids do not like lying. Once the baby can sit – you can feed him placing him “belly to belly astride yourself “. It is convenient if you want to change the breast: you do not need to turn and shift the child.

Pose.7 “Side-Lying Position” (The Upper Chest)

This position is useful if the mother decides to change the breast, but she doesn’t want to shift the baby or roll over to the other side. The mother and her baby are lying on their sides face to face. Your lower arm serves as support, thanks to which the mother slightly raises the body and gives the breast to the baby. The toddler can be put on a pillow.

Any breastfeeding position can be accompanied by a pillow. You do not need a special pillow for feeding. You can use conventional pillows because they can be also used as support.