How to Love Your Pregnant Wife? My Pregnant Man

A pregnant wife is a particular person that should be treated right! Read the story of Tamara – take a walk in the shoes of the pregnant woman without a right man by her side. The story is dedicated to men mostly.

“Your wife or your girlfriend, your partner and soul mate is going to become a mother. I will share my experience, which was all negative and led to a hard pregnancy, but I have carried out a lesson from this situation and can tell you everything about a woman, who is expecting. Not only for the birth of her child but for the proof that she has made the right choice, having sex with you.


Things are Different Today

The thing is that naturally, we have only one egg a month, that can be fertilized with your precious semen. And we are trying to get the better male, who could provide his beautiful genes to our next generation. Today there is almost an even number of men and women, but our basic instinct refers to the times when men were dying fast and gave their semen to many females in order to save mankind through breeding. But the time has passed, you are not getting killed by wild animals, you don’t die, as you used too many centuries ago and now you are enough to invade several planets and make your woman happy. One woman for one man. That is fair now, but we just don’t evolve so fast.

So she is pregnant and you would have a feeling like your job is done and now the primitive community will take care of your fertilized female while you have to go on with your mission and fertilize the rest of the females in the world. There’s nothing wrong with those thoughts except for there’s no primitive community anymore and NOBODY will take care of her! What happens next? Your woman becomes vulnerable, fragile, and suspicious for 9 months and there are different pregnancy stages, that she’d have to pass on her own. So please – be pregnant with her! Become her support and helping hand.

I remember my biggest offense – I went to my very first US examination of the fetus. To see if the baby has hands, legs, and head. I hadn’t been in communication with the father of the child for three months at the moment because of the huge fight. So I was there, in a queue, with all those happy couples, waiting for my turn. And there she was – my pretty classmate, she came in with her husband, holding hands. We said hello to each other and had a chat. Her husband was skipping work because it was important for his wife that they went together to see the fetus for the first time. That was his pregnancy. They had tried to get pregnant for 7 years.

Stress may Harm your Pregnant Wife

I went to the hospital the very night because of the spotting. The offense was too destructive. Luckily, the baby was fine.

We made peace eventually, but I spent in the hospital more than a month if, to sum up, all the offenses, that led to pregnancy complications. To me, I was the same person – just gaining weight after terrible toxemia. But my boyfriend would always pay attention to my growing ass. And that didn’t help my 75 kilos to have a good self-concept. When my waters broke – he came home with a bunch of his friends and was going to party hard, for he thought that after the waters break – you still have like one more week before the delivery. That was pure ignorance, but the ignorance in the question of pregnancy is inadmissible if you are a pregnant man.

Educate yourself, read books on pregnancy – your mate may panic, just like my cat did: she would deliver only when I came by her side. It may happen so, that you will be the only one, who has a sober mind in a critical situation.


Things to do for your Pregnant Wife

  • Treat her, as if she is doing a great job! Her body is transforming! The load is huge. The whole system changes.
  • Tell her compliments. Even if her shape has become bigger, and softer and she looks more like a manatee.
  • Remind her of the medicines or vitamins, that are to be taken. The brain gets less blood at a certain stage of pregnancy and the smart woman you’ve known may become a little bit slow.
  • BE PATIENT. I swear – it is all hormones. She can be yelling, cry, and become irritated by anything. This is her wild way – a pregnant woman – is the closest variant of that one from the primitive community, so her feelings are at their peak. To know more about the symptoms and disorders, connected to pregnancy, read the related articles – they are plenty on the Internet.
  • Touch your wife! Any practicing psychologist will tell you, that caressing, hugs, and sex may reflect your affection much better than words.
  • Talk to your wife, listen to her thoughts, have your own opinion – she should know, that you are participating. So share her responsibility.
  • Prevent her fears! She should not worry about money (food, comfort, stuff that pregnant need). She also should not worry about war, criminal situation, ALKAIDA, dollar rate, hungry children, and “what took you so long to get home from your work”.

I will show you the pictures of the pregnant wife of my brother.


She gained 30 kilos during her pregnancy and her boobs had become twice bigger, and so had everything.

Can’t tell she was sexy. But her eyes were sparkling because my brother would tell her and everyone else, how sexy his pregnant wife was! After delivery, in 7 months she was the same slim girl and when my brother saw her picture recently, he couldn’t believe he had sex with someone so much “not of his type”. So love your pregnant wife as she is. Love your wife like there are two of them. Love her like you are a real, evolved, trustworthy partner, that is able to take care of her and the baby. As for me – I’m happy with the other man now because the pregnancy period helped me to evaluate the partner almost like a battlefield shows who is who. Sincerely, Tamara L.”

We thank Tamara L. for sharing her story, which we post slightly edited in translation.