11 Benefits of Unplanned Pregnancy. Is it Good to Be Pregnant?

11 Benefits of Unplanned Pregnancy. Is it Good to Be Pregnant?
11 Benefits of Unplanned Pregnancy. Is it Good to Be Pregnant?

Unplanned (unintended) pregnancy – is a pregnancy, occurred without a specific plan, occasionally. But the unplanned pregnancy doesn’t mean “unwanted”. Though planning a family is a conscious choice of the modern person, many people get pregnant that natural way – without planning.

Unplanned pregnancy case

Best pregnancy announcement is an unexpected one. The unplanned pregnancy cases may vary on the background, so if you have a family, parents, income that may provide the baby – think of the unplanned pregnancy as of the benefit!

An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t mean bad… Not at all. Many good things happen out of our plans and change our life for the better. Still, there are two ways out: abortion (which is bad, the Bible says, only God may kill children) and keeping the baby option. I personally think I would never have courage for an abortion unless I were raped, heroine addicted, have an incurable transportable disease or all of that together. And in the case of danger for the life of both. Despite I think that the world is overcrowded and you have to think twice before getting pregnant and having sex at all, I still think that the unplanned pregnancy is not a disaster. While you are waiting for the “better time for a family” – people just multiply, despite anything. Even if they are starving, taking drugs and never get sober. While you are thinking – the others are breeding a society, that the future generations will live in. I’m not spreading any fascistic ideas, just saying that there’s typical behavior of the definite layers of the society. And while those nerdy scientists, who could really improve our world with their genes, for I believe in science, are reading books, those, who don’t read books at all are passing the time making babies. I don’t mind, that’s how the world spins. And that’s how I come closer to the topic of the article:

It’s good to be pregnant in modern society, sure if you’re not from the country, where the Pharaoh’s circumcision is practiced. I mean – being pregnant in Europe, USA, Russia, Japan and many other Developed countries and country unions, where the unplanned pregnancy doesn’t sound like a sentenсe.

We have medicine! We owe medicine for low mortality rate at giving birth or carrying. And finally, pregnancy is recognized as a “particular state” and women are treated with respect to their state.

Sure, you get a lot of new cares, connected to the unplanned pregnancy, but think of the unplanned pregnancy benefits:

Unplanned pregnancy: from nature with loveheader 1 Giving birth is stipulated by nature.

Naturally we are programmed for 12-20 pregnancies during the fertility life. And all the PMS issues, bad mood, menstrual uterus and ovaries injury and bleeding – are the drawbacks of the era, where women don’t get pregnant and violate the natural processes of their bodies. Maybe, we will evolve and live it through, and menstruate less, and become men eventually – nothing of that happens fast. So any pregnancy is from nature with love.

header 2 Your skin becomes glowing like you are 16

If you are a pregnant 16 – that would be the top of your shining skin!

header 3 Your acne (if you had some) disappears.

Your hormones will now be directed to the development fo the fetus, but not to the overproduction of the sebaceous glands.

header 4 Your man will have to be patient.

Remind him all the time – it is the joke of hormones. Even if you’re a bloodsucking monster in all times – this time you have an excuse.

Or give him some articles to read: How to Love Your Pregnant Wife?

header 5 People give up their spots in public transport in order to keep you safe.

That works only if your pregnancy is noticeable. If you’re fat like… Fat people – that would not work.

header 6 Your hair will grow better (still, hormones).

Nature wants that your wrap your child into your hair, or something… I don’t know, but everyone says you’re going to have your hair growing faster. Same for your nails.

header 7 You can skip work, and go home, and watch “Breaking bad” instead.

Just say “I’m dizzy… and sleepy!” Which is true. These are the normal symptoms.

Read about the early signs: 10 First Signs of Pregnancy

header 8 You can look like a mess!

What? You’re pregnant! You are doing your job – incubating a life! Sure, you should observe hygiene rules, but you can look messy, wear stretchy clothes on your huge ass and he wouldn’t dare to say you’re bad looking! No awful truth! No, really – you don’t have to be obsessed with your looks. Not that much. A little bit wild. Like mother nature.

Unplanned pregnancy: pregnant women with husbandheader 9 You’ll always have a helping hand!

Unless you’re asking for a light to smoke a joint. People don’t like bad mothers. One of my friends was throwing nearly killing glances at smoking pregnant, while drinking a glass of Chardonnay at dinner, being pregnant herself.

And that’s not a fraud – you actually have certain limitations and corrections at your daily routine. The unplanned pregnancy entails a lot of unplanned activity. Don’t let your pride take over and ask for help, if you feel like it’s better that you don’t do something by yourself.

header 10 You always have things to do and you are not bored.

You have to go to the doctors, give your blood for analysis, check your fetus in Ultrasound. Finish your unfinished shit, talk to your relatives and friends on the phone about your pregnancy, read literature. Really, read it! I found a lot of useful information I have never applied later, but I definitely will. Later.

header 11 You can eat whatever you want!

It’s for the baby! Just repeat it every time someone is trying to catch your arm with a piece of Nutella-stuffed calzone-nachos pizza… “It’s for the baby!” Yes!

My favorite was to burp in public and blame the baby… I’m well-educated, I must say. I behave in public. I’ve gained weight, and as I burped quietly often on the last trimester – I referred it to the symptoms. So it was no lie! It was the baby! I did it so often, that it has become a habit.

So being pregnant is not that bad at all! Even though you pregnancy was unplanned. You start to understand your body better, you start to recognize your needs, your organism transforms. Isn’t that a miracle inside of you? Have you done anything more significant, unless you are a doctor and saving lives. I haven’t. and even if we are too many on the planet, too greedy, too obsessed, too sinful – there’s a chance that you are Sarah Connor – the mother of the great Neo, who’d save us all from ignorance. There’s a chance.


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