18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, Fetus Development

The fifth month goes on, and you’re 18 weeks pregnant. Many moms already clearly feel the toddler’s movements, and it gives them great joy. The belly is growing, and it is hard not to notice it.

The main complaint at this stage is the pressure on the navel from the inside. The reason for it is a rapidly growing uterus. At this stage, it has a size of a small melon.

Your baby is as big – As a MANGO


LENGTH -5.25 in – WEIGHT – 5.04 oz


Your baby has just given the noticeable bouts, and you already cannot live without these pleasant pushes. This influences your mood. Being 18 weeks pregnant a woman has already been accustomed to her pregnancy, any unnecessary fears were pushed aside; a maternal instinct has been involved in the work.

Surround yourself with beautiful things; watch your favorite, romantic movies. There should be no shrill, aggressive music in your player, only calm, beautiful melodies. It is very useful to visit exhibitions, museums, and it’s high time to make your first pregnancy pictures. Having captured the beauty of your belly, you will increasingly feel the charm of your current state.

18 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

During the period from 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy, a woman has to have an ultrasound. It will identify whether the baby is developing correctly, it will assess the state of the placenta and the umbilical cord. Take your husband with you: first, you will exactly know the sex of your future baby. Second, seeing this grown-up baby on the ultrasound monitor will trigger the dads’ parental feelings.

He will see a real child and will look forward to your little one as you do.

No worries and fears before the US – your baby feels everything, let her stay comfortable in the womb of the mother.


What is Happening Inside of You?

Your baby starts moving exactly at the 18-22th week of pregnancy. Slender moms can feel them earlier, and those who are pregnant with the second baby are able to feel the baby’s movements even from the 16 weeks.

Once you understand that your baby pushes, try to follow the frequency of his movements. 4-8 pushes per hour are considered to be the norm. Any pain in the abdomen should not be a secret from the doctor. No severe pains should be there at this stage.

Fetus on the Eighteenth Week of Pregnancy

If a fetus develops well, at this stage your baby’s legs and hands, as a rule, are already fully formed, and fingers have phalanges. Moreover, your baby has his own unique fingerprints.

The brain is being developed. The eyes are still closed, but at this stage, a fetus is responsive to light. Your little baby can distinguish sounds, so he is ready to listen to your gentle, pleasant lullaby. And it is time for the father to start reading fairy tales to his heir or heiress: your baby needs your calm, gentle voice very much. Baby is getting familiar with the emotional part of life.

He feels free in the womb, there is enough space, so the baby is happy to do somersaults, flips, and waves his arms and legs.

18 Weeks Belly Pictures


Weight Gain: Do Not Forget About Soups

Continue to keep to a healthy diet. Your breakfast should be nutrient, you can even eat a small muffin or two bars of chocolate. Be sure to include soups, vegetables, light salads, diet meat into your menu. The dinner should be light: it can be cottage cheese with fruits or a piece of boiled delicious fish.

Do not forget about all the benefits of cereals, vegetables, and nuts. And if you want pasta or potatoes, combine it with a larger portion of vegetable garnish.

Do not overuse mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles. Drink plenty of pure water, berry fruit drinks, fresh juices.

Be Bright!

By this time your weight may increase by 4.5-6 kg. The tummy is still small, but it noticeably transforms the body of a woman. Emphasize this beauty wearing empire waist dresses, colorful blouses, elegant trousers with an elastic rubber band on the stomach.

You are incredibly beautiful, and make the whole world admire you!