Baby Girl Clothes. Outfit Ideas for Your Little Princess

Since you have a baby and it’s yours, you can start imposing your taste preferences. Mothers love to dress their small babies like little adults, or, vis-verse, like fairy-tale creatures or porcelain dolls. Some of the parents are persuaded, that no particular attention should be paid to the way the baby is dressed – they consider fashion as something close to fascism.

A friend of mine, who is not poor at all, is dressing his baby girl in badly worn and old clothes and says that he’d rather spend the money on her education than buy her a hello kitty dress. Who am I to disagree, but the psychologists insist that the taste of the baby is formed at the very moment the baby’s sight develops completely. Which means that the way the baby is represented to the world. The reactions and sights of the passers-by the baby is attracting and receiving is forming the future attitude to oneself. We live in a society. If you are not aiming to reduce its influence on your life, then you are supposed to play by the rules. The rules are simple: people have to please each other by their looks. As a smelly fellow in a torn old jacket is taking a place by you on a bus, what would you do? You’d probably give up sitting by that kind of guy. You are making superficial judgments. We all do. So do the babies. And if your baby will be poorly dressed – the process of socialization will become a challenge.


Don’t worry about the budget. The great thing about modern life is that there are plenty of second-hand stores and the babies don’t manage to rub the clothes off – they just grow up too fast for that. So you can give your daughter self-confidence on a low budget. You don’t need much. Just pick matching colors and combine items to your taste, if you have them. For the basic set of the items, you’d better pick neutral colors, those, matching the majority of the pallet and unisex. Babies start identifying their sex at approximately 2,5 years old. Same rule for the shoes later.

Remember, the clothes should be comfortable! For the baby to wear and for you to put on the baby. Otherwise, the dressing procedure will become a pain. You will need a set of these.

Side-clip, snap front closure will also do.

The important thing is that you can put your baby on it and manage the dressing quite quickly without disturbing your baby too much.

I recommend that you use footies and separate sets because sometimes taking off the whole footie to change a diaper is a bit of a challenge and a waste of time. Forgoing out, you’d better use a pair of pants and a bodysuit. Like these: 

Don’t forget about the socks and the hat – babies love warmth. The baby doesn’t care for the socks yet, so this is the part, where your can express yourself without harming the dignity of the child.

So far we’ve done with the home clothes. Now going out. If you don’t mind people saying your girl looks like a boy, you may keep to the same principles as at choosing the home clothes. But if it is somewhat important for you that unknown people recognize the gender of your baby – pick up the dress! Sure, you have to consider the weather conditions as your dress your child up and that is a different topic, but the dress is what makes a girl from the very first day of her life.

The designers of the baby fashion industry have done the job for you, you just have to pick the matching set from those available!

And don’t forget the coat! I loved the dark fuchsia color – it matches all the derivatives of the pink and highlights the fresh green. So I picked it for the major elements of the outfit.

Add the warm booties and the green hat the outdoor set is complete.

Sending your baby to sleep, make it not just cute-looking, but cozy and functional. After bathing, your baby should be warm and wear something with fewer seams possible.

There’s not much to tell you about. The main intention you should be guided by in choosing the outfit of your daughter is to please your baby with the commodity and esthetics of her clothes. Also, ask yourself a question: would you be pleased to wear, what she is wearing? And use some of these outfit ideas for girls

Outfit Ideas For Girls