12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, Baby Development

No wonder that doctors call 12 weeks of pregnancy the first anniversary of a baby. You can praise yourself: the third part of the way has been passed, the first disturbing trimester is over. The risk of miscarriage is reduced by numbers, which means that you can share your secret with your relatives, friends, and boss.

The woman has already registered in the antenatal clinic, now she is going to visit her doctor every 3-4 weeks. The woman feels fine, and the baby continues to grow.

Your baby is as big – As a LEMON


LENGTH – 1.7 in – WEIGHT – 0.28 oz

12 Weeks Pregnant: Signs And Symptoms

Morning sickness is gradually disappearing, someone has already forgotten about toxemia. Food finally brings pleasure! And frequent urination has stopped torturing you. The laxative effect reduces, and hence, there is a probability of constipation in pregnancy.

A woman may feel an increased heart rate: as a result of increased blood flow. The uterus has already been increased by 10 cm in width, it feels uncomfortable in the pelvis, and it rises into the abdominal cavity.

The load on the heart, lungs, and kidneys is increased so you’d better not overeat and not overwork.


People may not yet see that roundish belly of yours. But an expectant mother, standing at the mirror, notes visible changes. Often, during this period a woman starts to refuse to wear pants with zips and buttons, choosing clothes with an elastic stretchy top. You may feel “tightness” in the abdomen, even when the clothes are not tight.

The breast is increasing in size, causing an itch. Perhaps it is time to change the bra. It is worth pointing out the importance of the quality of the fabric the clothes for pregnant women are made of. The fabric should be natural, and not cause unpleasant feelings to the body.

In the 12th week of pregnancy dark spots may appear on the skin of the body and face, and they go away after labor. If you see a dark stripe on the abdomen, do not be afraid, it will also disappear after labor.

It is time to deal with a change of clothes, choose a cream for stretch marks and enjoy your family way, some new feelings are very joyful and contribute to the good mood. The most favorable stage of pregnancy – the second trimester has come.


12 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

Now it is time to do the screening analysis. Be sure to have a blood test. From this stage of pregnancy, all examinations are safe for the baby’s and mother’s health.

It is time for the first scheduled ultrasound. During this procedure, the doctor will examine the condition of the uterus, its tone, will define the location of the placenta, and will set a preliminary date of delivery. During the first ultrasound, the fetal size and the dynamics of its development are estimated.

Also, the doctor receives important information: he examines the risks of possible pathologies or chromosomal abnormalities. You can’t skip this ultrasound – it is difficult to overestimate the importance of the information it may provide.

Fetus On The Twelfth Week Of Pregnancy

The fetus resembles a little man, but the head is still bigger than the body. And though the limbs are still quite small, they have already been formed.

The internal organs of your baby have been formed, and thus, infections are not so dangerous for the baby, as well as the impact of drugs. The baby already has lids that close his eyes, earlobes have appeared. And there are nails on his little fingers!

The child has learned to pucker lips, compress cams, building faces, open and close his mouth. The baby may now urinate, and he can swallow the surrounding liquid. The baby’s brain has divided into two hemispheres.

Your Mood Is So Unstable

You are still not stable emotionally: sudden panic attacks or an unexpected rise of mood are normal conditions during this period. Hormones continue to monitor this area, so emotional swings can occur several times a day.

If your doctor permits, you can do gymnastics for pregnant women: it will be useful both for your body and for the mind. You may also do autosuggestion: every morning, standing in front of the mirror, stroke your tummy and say how much you love the expected baby, and, of course, yourself.

12 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the twelfth week of pregnancy.

Nutrition: No Fast Food And No Soda

During this period your nutrition should be quite diverse: the emphasis is on fruits and vegetables. The body needs fiber more than ever.

Drink up to 2 liters of water a day, do not buy sweet drinks and juices. Fast food should also be eliminated.

Do not skip meals, do not load up in the evening (otherwise your sleep would interfere with heaviness in the abdomen and frequent trips to the bathroom).