Second Trimester of Pregnancy: The Blossom of Pregnant Body

The fourth month of pregnancy is much less exposed to the risks of the sudden termination of pregnancy. According to observational data, only 25% of miscarriages occur during this stage. They are called late abortions. Also during the second trimester, an ectopic pregnancy can develop further. But more often, it is detected and terminated in the first three months of pregnancy.

Second Trimester Symptoms

Your body in the waist area begins to significantly grow. You will notice it by clothes which you may hardly fasten now. During this period, it is almost impossible to hide your pregnancy or to say that you suddenly have grown fat. The entire system of your body’s circulation rebuilds. Also, stretch marks may appear on the abdomen.

All women pass through this period in their own way. Therefore, each woman can have different symptoms. Sometimes, for example, there is anemia (iron deficiency).

During the second trimester, the fetus begins to move inside of you. If this is your first pregnancy, you will notice the fetal activity in the 20th week, if it is the second or third pregnancy, etc. then the movements can be felt in the 16th week. Also, your breast gets ready for future breastfeeding of a baby. In the 19 – 20th week, the nipples may begin to secrete colostrum – the breast milk precursor.

The longer the stage of pregnancy is the greater problems with stool a future mother may have. A growing baby in her tummy presses the mother’s stomach and hinders its movements. To avoid this, or simply alleviate the situation you have to eat a large amount of fiber.

Also, heartburn often appears in pregnant women. It is more obvious in the last stages of pregnancy, but it can happen at any time, even during the second trimester, and continue until delivery.

In addition, a faint milky-white discharge with a slight odor can appear. It is completely painless, but later they will become more abundant. This happens due to hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Yeast infections may also appear and last for the entire course of pregnancy.

Pregnant women may have problems with veins, but it occurs in different ways. Some women may suffer from so-called superficial varicose veins – when thin reddish lines are shown through the surface of the hip or ankle. Sometimes these lines appear on the breast.


Possible Complications

Slight smearing bleeding may appear in the second trimester. This often happens because of an increased sensitivity of the cervix. It can be irritated during sexual intercourse or a pelvic examination. If this happens – inform your doctor immediately.

Also, between the twelfth and twentieth weeks, a so-called late miscarriage may occur, which is also called spontaneous abortion. Symptoms are similar to the symptoms of abortion in the first three months.

Furthermore, premature birth may come. The most dangerous period is 20 – 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Anyway, you should not think about the bad. It is important to be ready for it, but do not distress yourself. Pregnancy, especially the second trimester – is the best time for a pregnant woman. You feel much better because usually, toxemia retreats by this period. Childbirth is still far away, so there are no unnecessary emotions about it. Life in your tummy is not just emerging and evolving – it already makes itself felt by perturbation and pushes – and this is the best family feeling and the most sacred memory.