3 Months Pregnant – Symptoms, Belly & Ultrasound

It is believed, that 3 months pregnant women start to glow. The hormonal changes are in a full swing and now the woman produces the female hormones in double – it’s hard to hide the sparkling eyes, shiny skin, and the growing bump. But there are still things to discuss.

An Expectant Mother

The level of hormones in your blood has reached its maximum, that’s why morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, and tiredness won’t become stronger and, on the contrary, have already started to subside. But the changeable mood can remain even at this stage. Your breasts and belly can swell a bit, so you can boldly go to the store for future mothers and get more comfortable clothes. The uterus is growing week by week and by the end of the month it fills the whole pelvic area. The expectant mother’s body is changing, so it is completely natural that your weight will increase compared to the usual.

One of the reasons for fat accumulation in your body is the preparation for breastfeeding. So you shouldn’t be scared of it. All the internal organs of the mother are intensely working; the volume of blood circulating in the organism is increasing (for about 45-60%). Urges to urination have become less frequent than at the very beginning of pregnancy. But during this period, there is a high possibility of constipation, because intestines work slower after joining the pudding club. Keep an eye on your daily meals, so that there are always only fresh and healthy dishes.

Tips for a Future Mother

  • Avoid food that may cause stomach swelling, such as cabbage, onion, fried food, sugar.
  • If you suffer from frequent headaches, try to keep from taking painkillers. Discuss this problem with a doctor.
  • Don’t overstrain yourself.
  • Eat on a schedule, because hunger may provoke spasms of the blood vessels of the brain.
  • Air the room where you’re being for a long time.
  • Apply hot and cold packs to your forehead.
  • If you’re suffering from a migraine, don’t eat chocolate, cheese and don’t drink coffee.
  • Visit maternity welfare center on schedule and conscientiously take any tests you’re assigned to.
  • Make an appointment with a dentist and get your teeth treated. Take this duty seriously because the infection hiding in the sore teeth can threaten both normal course of your pregnancy and your baby’s health.
  • Consult a doctor about how to prepare your breasts for feeding a baby. The common measures are massage, air- and water baths.

Discomforts of the 3 Months Pregnant

  • Breasts and belly are swelling, the clothes you used to wear become rather tight.
  • The skin on your breasts may itch: this happens because of stretching (try specifically made creams to prevent striae (stretch marks).
  • In the middle of your abdomen, the skin can become considerably darker; the deep-brown stripe may appear on it.
  • Brown spots can also appear on your face (after giving birth they usually vanish, so this shouldn’t bother you). These spots are the sign of the normal course of pregnancy. Avoid direct sun, wear broad-rimmed hats.

Doctor’s check

In the 10th or the 12th week, an expectant mother is sent for her first ultrasound screening. This examination allows finding out serious malformations of fetuses.


What to Expect at Visiting Your Doctor?

  • Weight and blood pressure checkups;
  • Examination of your abdomen to estimate the size and the fundal height of the uterus;
  • A blood test: hemoglobin and packed cell volume to check for anemia;
  • A urine test to check for infections, estimate sugar and protein level;
  • Examination for presence of swellings on arms and legs and possible fluid retention;
  • Discussion of future examinations: ultrasound and pre-natal screening for detection of possible genetic abnormalities;
  • An opportunity to ask the doctor all your questions.

Fetus Development

The third month is one of the most important moments during pregnancy. During this time new organs and systems of organs of the fetus are formed; considerable changes are happening in the already established systems and organs. By the 12th, the week the fetus already looks like a human being, though the head is still disproportionally big in comparison with the rest of the body, and the already formed limbs are too small. The future baby has well-functioning circulatory and urinary systems.

The liver is producing bile; the genitals are already developed, but it’s still impossible to find out the sex of the baby. The muscles are developing, that’s why it’s started to move more. The baby can clench her fists. The face muscles are working, that’s why it’s wincing and opening her mouth.

By the end of the third month the length of the fetus comes to 2.5 inches, the weight is 18 g.

3 Months Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like in the third month of pregnancy.


3 Months Pregnant Ultrasound

9-10 weeks of pregnancy – ultrasound is possible with doctor’s referring. This time, the embryo’s movements are visible.

10-14 weeks of pregnancy – recommended period for 1st-trimester ultrasound (obligatory for all pregnant women aiming to define disorders of fetal development). The place of placenta attachment and amniotic fluid parameters are measured. Most pregnant women have an ultrasound to confirm the number of babies.