14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, Fetus Development

The 14th week of pregnancy – is one of the most favorable stages of this long journey. You feel good, many people are still not aware of your secret, and the baby already needs your communication. He hears the mother’s voice, feels her mood – it’s time to start talking to the baby.

Perhaps, appetite has been increased, your body will need more protein. Do not allow yourself to overeat, and do not starve.

Your baby is as big – As an APPLE


LENGTH – 3.0 in – WEIGHT – 0.9 oz

14 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Birthmarks and papillomas may appear on the body of a woman. It is not dangerous, but it’s better to tell your doctor about these changes.

The belly is growing, which means that the skin is exposed to stretch marks: you should continue to use a special cream or oil your tummy. For that, you may use olive, peach, and grapes oil.

Your gait starts to change now, so it’s time to put your heels away. Pregnancy – is not a reason to give up the desire to be beautiful, on the contrary, your inner glow gives you a special charm. So beautiful hairstyle, light make-up, comfortable stylish clothes allow you to be the most charming pregnant woman.


The belly rises higher and becomes roundish. It is still possible to hide the belly underneath a certain type of clothes, but if you put on something tight – everyone will notice it. Lying on the couch at home, you can find the uterus through the abdominal wall. For those who are pregnant with a second child, it is possible to feel the first movements of the baby. But if this did not happen, you will definitely start feeling how your baby pushes by the 18-20 weeks. There will be a feeling of small “kicks” in the stomach. Thus, the baby announces his own presence, she communicates with the parents.

The woman starts to gain weight, and the reason for that is an increased blood volume. Now an expectant mother is happy with this extra weight, but it is still better to keep to a healthy diet. Otherwise, the extra weight may do a  bad job.

14 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

Usually, the first ultrasound is carried out in the period between the 11th and the 13th week of pregnancy. But, there are some moms who are “lagging” a bit, postponing this for a later period. Now it is crucial for such women to take an ultrasound. For other mothers with normal pregnancies, no special tests are required. Most likely, you have already passed all the necessary tests and ultrasound screenings.

At the request of a doctor, you can pass a urinalysis and blood test. If you have any complaints the doctor will prescribe additional tests.


Fetus on the Fourteenth Week of Pregnancy

At this time, a fetus is growing and gaining weight very rapidly. If you could look at your baby, you would see that she looks like a newborn already. However, she is still very thin, as there is still no need to accumulate adipose tissue: now, the development and improvement of the organs and systems are in the first place.

Your fetus has eyebrows and lashes, and its’ face is quite well developed. The baby is already sucking a finger as the main activity. When the mother eats something sweet, the taste of the amniotic fluid changes: the child likes it, and he swallows it more often. The baby’s feelings become more diverse. The sensitivity of the skin is being increased, as well as the taste buds are being developed.

It is still impossible to determine the sex of a baby, but the sexual organs are already at the final stage of development.

14 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the fourteenth week of pregnancy.

Emotions: Emotional Confusion has Gone

The psycho-emotional state of a woman comes back to normal. At this time, a woman has almost completely understood her particular situation she can see how her life benchmarks have changed. She is preparing for her new mission, so she feels everything that is connected with the baby sharper.

Nervous breakdowns, mood swings have gone away: the mom has become calmer, now her state is peaceful, and a little removed from the outside bustle.

The Body Requires Beans or Beef

Due to the fact that the muscular system of the fetus is being actively developed, she moves more, and your body requires more protein. Boiled beef or beans – these foods should be on your table. And do not forget about the fibers, eat more fruits and vegetables.

It is better to limit sweets and pastry, eat these foods before lunch in small quantities. But do not “eat for two”: you do not need overweight at this stage.

Perhaps your doctor will prescribe vitamin supplements. Today, it is compulsory: food can not provide the body with all the necessary vitamins in the city environment.