How Soon after Delivering Baby Can You Get a Mummy Makeover?

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful and life-altering experiences for any woman. You are completely in love with your little one, and spend your waking moments staring into that sweet face. But, even with those good feelings, you may not be in love with your postpartum body. There is no denying that pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a huge toll on the body. Even the healthiest of women can see and feel changes after pregnancy. As your postpartum hormones shift back to pre-pregnancy levels you may find that you have concerns about areas of your body that no longer reflect your healthy lifestyle.

A mummy makeover can help. Just what is a mummy makeover? This makeover is a combination of several body contouring procedures. When done one at one time, the procedures can address the physical changes that the new mother has undergone after pregnancy. There may be areas of excess fat that prove to be diet and exercise-resistant. Loose skin may be present on the belly and the breasts may be deflated and sagging.

The mommy makeover can help to restore confidence while allowing mothers to look and feel they’re very best.

Perhaps you’re ready to get it now. But how soon after delivering your little one is too soon? When is the perfect time to undergo this surgery?

Allow Your Body To Heal


The truth is that even women who are up and walking around shortly after birth need to allow their bodies to fully heal. Your pregnancy and your delivery may have been a breeze, but your body does need time to rest and recover. This is particularly true if you have had a C-section. This is a major surgery that requires a minimum of 8 weeks to fully recover from. Your body should be allowed sufficient time to heal before you make the decision to put it through another major medical event.

Have You Finished Building Your Family?

If you’ve had your last baby, now could be the right time to discuss the makeover. You definitely wouldn’t want to put in all of the work of a mummy makeover to restore your pre-baby body, only to have to do it again after you have another little one. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible to undergo cosmetic procedures between babies. But, it may require a different conversation with your plastic surgeon.

Are You Healthy, At A Stable Weight?

To be a good candidate for a surgical cosmetic procedure, you will need to be in good general health. You should eat well and have a good workout routine. This will help to keep your body healthy and in shape. Are you currently still carrying a bit of extra weight from your last pregnancy? You should take steps to lose that weight prior to surgery. The majority of plastic surgeons recommend that you are as close to goal weight as is possible prior to surgery.

Why is it so important to be at a healthy and stable weight? The healthier that you are, the better you’ll respond to surgery and recovery. In addition, the laxity of skin can change if you lose additional weight after getting the makeover surgery. That can have an impact on your results.

It’s natural for weight to fluctuate, of course. But if you ensure that you are keeping your weight within a healthy range, you won’t risk your results changing.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations From The Surgery?

Your mummy makeover will leave you with amazing results. However, if you are in your forties with four kids, there is no way that you will be able to look like you did in your pre-kid twenties. It is important that you and your surgeon discuss what realistic expectations might look like for you and your surgery. Don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon for before and after photos of other women who are of a similar age.

It will prove to be life-changing and even transformational in the best of ways. If you are able to manage your expectations and have realistic expectations, you will be able to better fully enjoy the results of the procedure. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to enhance your natural curves and beauty. You shouldn’t come out of surgery looking completely different.

Will You Have Help With Your Children?

It’s important to also be realistic about the recovery phase of your surgery. You will be unable to lift your little ones for several weeks and will be on restricted movement for at least the first few postoperative days. If you won’t have plenty of help with your children, then now may not be the ideal timing for your mummy makeover.

At the very least, you’ll need help for the first postoperative week with your own care. If your partner or a sibling can stay home with you, help to wrangle the kids, and ensure you’re not overdoing it, then you’ll be in a better position to recover smoothly from the surgery.

The results of your mummy makeover may be immediately apparent, particularly if you had a breast lift or reduction. Other results may take a bit of time in order to be noticeable. The majority of patients report that their results continue to improve as their body heals over the first postoperative year.

If it feels like the right time to schedule your surgery, start with the consultation. During your consultation, you’ll be able to discuss your goals and your medical and surgical history. The mommy makeover procedure can address your abdomen, breasts, thighs, buttocks, and other areas that may be concerning to you.