10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Feelings, Fetus Development

One of the most complicated and critical periods of pregnancy ends by week 10. Any negatively influencing factors such as stress, diseases (including SARS), the medical drugs while you’re 10 weeks pregnant are most dangerous during the first 8-10 weeks. All this may have a detrimental impact on the process of formation of the internal organs of a baby.

Now the first nine weeks of pregnancy are over, and all the vital organs continue the further development and improvement. The placenta has already been fully formed and started its functioning. Now it is responsible for all metabolic processes and prevents the ingress of harmful substances which can affect a fetus. This means that the critical period of the development has already passed. But do not relax, there are about thirty weeks, which may be full of surprises.

Your baby is as big – As strawberry


LENGTH – 0.80 in – WEIGHT – 0.07 oz

10 Weeks Pregnant: Signs And Symptoms

At this stage, the uterus is gradually increasing. Now it is located slightly above the pubic bone. You may notice that your favorite pants have become too small in the hips. If you had a thin waist, now, looking at yourself in the mirror, you can see a small tummy. However, other people still can not notice the changes.

The woman may also notice skin pigmentation. Hair growth has also increased, you may see “fuzz” on the abdomen, and possibly on the breasts and face. However, do not be afraid of this fact. All this – is no more than a side effect of hormonal changes. After birth, these defects will disappear within the first four months (depending on the individual characteristics of a mother).


At the tenth week of your pregnancy, you can continue to be tormented by early toxemia. This unpleasant phenomenon may slightly increase, so an expectant mother must be patient and try to follow the doctor’s recommendations to alleviate the symptoms.

Besides nausea and vomiting, you may have heartburn. This happens because the muscle separating the esophagus from the stomach are reduced, thereby allowing its contents to reach the esophagus. At the same time, gastric acid begins to irritate sensitive mucosa of the esophagus, and the woman feels a burning sensation in the chest, and in some cases, pain. That is why pregnant women sometimes have heartburn being 10 weeks pregnant. Also, the cramps may occur just above the navel, in the area of the stomach. All these unpleasant symptoms can torment a pregnant woman for the whole period of pregnancy.


10 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

An ultrasound is not performed at this stage if there are no specific reasons.

Fetus on The Tenth Week of Pregnancy

The 10th obstetric week of pregnancy – is the eighth fetal week. The fetus continues its active development. Your gynecologist can tell you that the skeleton structure of the baby, which previously consisted of fragile and soft cartilage, now begins its transformation into solid bone tissue. This means that the body of a future mother needs a huge amount of calcium.

10 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the tenth week of pregnancy.

Baby’s Development

The muscle tissue of the oral cavity begins to be formed. The tongue is being covered with taste buds. Chewing muscles are being gradually developed. The neck and pharynx muscle systems are being formed.

The stomach of a fetus moves down the abdomen and takes its proper place. Now it will be actively growing and transforming, getting ready to start functioning. The process of the formation of nerve endings has started.

The heart of a fetus beats at an incredible rate and reaches 160-170 beats per minute. Your baby continues to grow. The head takes more than half of its entire little body.

Baby’s Face

The face and the lower jaw of a fetus have already been formed, but the facial muscles are just beginning to develop. At this stage, there is an active process of the formation of the upper lip. The nose of a fetus is densely covered with a mucous layer, it is not fully formed yet, but olfactory receptors have already appeared.


It is important to be extremely cautious, to avoid stress and nervous exhaustion. During this period, it is necessary to have rest and gain strengths, as you have passed only a small part of the way.