30 Weeks Pregnant: Nesting and Getting Ready

If you are 30 Weeks Pregnant – it means a lot. First, a child in the womb – is a human with certain skills and reactions. Secondly, delivery is coming.

What is she now, your baby? An ultrasound can show not only a clear outline of a human baby but also the way she breathes, the way she is preparing herself to perform the first movements and breaths out of her mother’s tummy.

Your baby is as big – As a WINTER MELON


LENGTH-15.51 in – WEIGHT- 2.57 lb


Being 30 weeks pregnant, women may feel some discomfort due to a grown-up baby in the womb. Your internal organs are pressed, you become slower, and you walk waddling.

It is important to remember about the correct posture through your center of gravity continues to shift. Metabolism is increased and even a pretty cool day may seem hot to you. Sweating is increased.

Often, during the last trimester, women suffer from anemia; red oblong spots may appear in the abdominal area. The uterus rises very high (its location: 7,5-10,2 cm above the navel and 29-30 cm above the pubic symphysis). This movement causes the diaphragm to put pressure on the heart so that it changes its position and “lies” on the side. As a consequence, you may have shortness of breath and dyspnea.

Fetal Development

A period of an “adult” pregnancy has come. Your baby already knows how to clench her fists while sleeping, shake shoulders, pucker, and wrinkle her face. She understands you, she may even show if she is happy or not by the way she moves. For example, she positively reacts when you stroke her tummy, and negatively, when you are in a second-hand smoke area or you took the wrong position.

If the process of growth is normal: your child’s eyes are wide open and can move in the cavities of the eye socket. The baby reacts to light that penetrates through the skin and the abdominal muscles (the brighter light is, the more she can see), her hair is growing, the sleep and wake regime is being developed, and her lungs get ready for the independent work. The mass of the brain, the number, and the depth of the sulci and gyri increase. Functions of the cerebral cortex will be developed after birth.

30 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

At 30 weeks of pregnancy, Ultrasound is rarely assigned and only in case of indications. You should check the schedule of the ultrasounds with your doctor.


Baby’s Weight

Now your baby weighs 2,90 – 3,30 lb., and her height is 14,60-14,90 inches. Your baby is already big, but she still continues to change her position in the womb. She still has 2 weeks to move. After that, the kid will have to take a certain position – head down (cephalic presentation) or up head (breech presentation).

Baby’s Movements

Being 30 – 31 weeks pregnant, you should pay special attention to your feelings, movements inside the abdomen push, and fist beating. To determine how active your baby is, how he is developing, and whether something endangers the further course of pregnancy, you need to note intervals between movements and do some measurements.

  • The 1-hour measurement: at least 6 perturbations during the active period of the child’s movements.
  • The six-hour measurement: at least 10 perturbations.
  • The twelve-hour measurement: at least 24 perturbations.

30 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the thirtieth week of pregnancy.


Be careful at this period. This is the main thing for moms now. Do tests, an ultrasound in time and follow all the recommendations of your gynecologist. This is important to avoid potential problems.

At this time, it is possible to diagnose oligohydramnios. Such a diagnosis is made, as a rule, with a deficiency of 500 ml of the amniotic fluid. This may be due to the malabsorption or bad formation of the fluid. Also, it may indicate some problems in a woman’s body. A doctor can confirm the diagnosis only after a full examination. A pregnant woman should have specialized treatment.