29 Weeks Pregnant Feelings, Fetal Development, Ultrasound

You are already 29 weeks pregnant. Some lucky women are already on maternity leave, and they can fully concentrate on the final stage of pregnancy. Now you will look forward to each new mark and prepare for a meeting with the baby.

You will have to visit your doctor more often, and nursing school is not far off. Adapt to your new state: look for comfortable positions, get yourself a pregnancy pillow, make a schedule that is best for you, and accept help from your relatives.

Your baby is as big – As a CABBAGE


LENGTH- 14.99 in – WEIGHT- 2.29 lb


If you are 29 – 30 weeks pregnant, the most important point during this period – is weight gain. Listen to your doctor, be a disciplined mother-to-be. You and your child do not need excess weight. Nature itself knows how much you and your baby must weigh. Your child’s weight corresponds to the capabilities of your pelvis. Do not interfere with plans of nature: do not overeat, take breaks from taking vitamins. Your doctor will inform you about the right way to take them.

Heartburnnausea, back pain, insomnia – all these symptoms can torment women who are 29 weeks pregnant. But you are able not to provoke the development of these symptoms. Eat small portions, and heartburn will not be so severe. Do not take uncomfortable postures, wear comfortable shoes – and back pain will not be so painful. If possible, fall asleep at the same time and in a well-ventilated room.

Fetal Development

If a child is born at 29 weeks, he has a high chance to survive. He will need special equipment, which the baby will be like in a mother’s womb.

When you are 29 weeks pregnant – your baby actively accumulates white fat, he gains weight. By the way, now your baby has chubby cheeks. Fat deposits and dissolves there in the first place. Nature intended to do so to support the most important ability in his first year of life – the ability to suck mother’s breast.

Her baby looks almost like a newborn. His main task for the last weeks of pregnancy – is to gain weight and to prepare his lungs for independent work.

The child’s hearing, sight, taste have been formed. He distinguishes between light and darkness, but it is still difficult for him to focus his sight. He will be able to do this by the time of birth.


29 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

At 29 weeks of pregnancy, Ultrasound is rarely assigned and only in case of indications. You should check the schedule of the ultrasounds with your doctor.

Baby’s Weight

This is the time when you can hear the heartbeat of your baby. Your little baby is already big enough and it gives us the possibility to thoroughly examine and listen to the work of his internal organs. If you are 29 weeks pregnant- your child should weigh no less than 2,57 lbs. His body length may exceed 14 inches.

29 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the twenty-ninth week of pregnancy.

Baby’s Movements

You feel the baby’s movements quite often and it is not a surprise at this stage: movements now – are an essential attribute. Your baby can hiccup, blink, shiver with fear or play with his own hand or leg. Each move of this little creature will be clearly felt by his mother. Of course, it will not cause unpleasant sensations, but you may feel some discomfort.

It’s Time to Prevent Postpartum Depression

It’s time to start reading good books about parenting. This knowledge will be very useful, and you won’t have enough time for such literature during the first few months after childbirth.

Do not watch sad movies and programs associated with the birth of children. There should be only positive emotions, only happy stories. A person is able to psychologically adjust himself to anything, so your main task – is to get ready for healthy, safe delivery and adequate perception of future events. The prevention of postpartum depression starts now.

No Spices and Allergens

Everything remains the same: no fried, spicy, smoked, salted food. A minimum amount of flour and confectionery products. Eat fruits, vegetables, cheese, cereals, lean meat, and fish. Correct your drinking regime, if there is edema.

Be careful with allergenic foods.


Normally, at this stage, there are no other analyzes except urinalyses and a complete blood count. Sometimes, a cervical smear test can be taken. An ultrasound examination is assigned only when it is indicated.

Very soon you will visit your doctor more often. And it is good for you: you will always be under the supervision of a specialist, who will not let you fall victim to your own worries.

Be Pregnant – Be Beautiful!

If you control your weight, eat right, and do gymnastics, you certainly hear a lot of compliments.

Many women affirm: they would never grow hair as fast as during the period of pregnancy. And it is true, hormonal changes often have beneficial effects on the state of your curls.

Do not refuse to visit the hairdresser and manicurist. Being beautiful now is a great opportunity to remember this magical state as one of the happiest periods in your life.