31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Feelings, Baby Development

Childbirth is coming. Your child grows, gains weight gets new habits. You feel some discomfort, it is difficult to walk, and it gets hard to breathe. Your baby takes more and more space and gives signals that she will be born very soon!

Your baby is as big – As a Pomelo


LENGTH – 15.89 in – WEIGHT- 2.94 lb

31 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

You may suffer from shortness of breath and pain in the back. Preparing for the birth process, your back, figuratively speaking, has decided to take a vacation. All the back muscles and ligaments are relaxed now to fully participate in labor.

There is an increased likelihood of swollen veins in the legs. Do not forget about the existence of compression underwear.

This week is also characterized by the body’s active development of relaxin – a substance that causes weakening of the pelvic bone joints. The pelvic ring becomes more flexible and extensible.

You walk like a duck, but after childbirth, it will be back to normal.


You have gained about 8.6 kilograms more. This weight consists of the total weight of a fetus, the placenta, the amniotic fluid, and increased uterus, and the total number of blood. Your belly continues to grow. The uterus has risen, and now it is 11 cm above the navel and 31 cm above the pubic symphysis.

Your baby continues to grow, and now he requires more space in the uterine cavity, so do not complain of discomfort in the chest and pelvis. Your growing uterus displaces all the organs from “their familiar” spots and creates some difficulties in their functioning.

Pressure. Weight. Swelling

An allowable rate of weight gain during this period – is no more than 300 g per week. An average blood pressure – is 120/70 mm Hg. The protective forces of a pregnant woman are considerably weakened, and vaginal yeast can appear.

The kidneys may not cope with fluid processing and excretion of salts, as a result, your limbs begin to swell.

To prevent the swelling at every opportunity put your feet on a small hill when sitting; shoes and clothes should not be tight; limit the salt consumption; Drink at least one and a half liters of water daily; Take a urine test regularly; wear compression tights or stockings.

31 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

At 31 weeks of pregnancy, Ultrasound is rarely assigned and only in case of indications. You should check the schedule of the ultrasounds with your doctor.


Fetus on the Thirty-First Week of Pregnancy

The number of cells in the pancreas is increasing. The pancreas is almost ready to produce enzymes to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. But it will happen after birth.

And now the pancreas provides the body with insulin, to maintain the level of blood sugar.

The liver continues to be improved: lobes, which are responsible for cleansing the blood from toxins, end up being formed. During this period, the kidneys work well and continue to output urine to the amniotic fluid.

Baby’s Weight

Your baby is getting stronger by the hour: he is actively accumulating the muscle mass, he has learned to suck his finger.

The brain continues to actively develop, protective shells appear around nerve fibers, so a child is able to transmit impulses much faster now. And one more important change – your baby is already capable of learning. He starts to respond to light and darkness, white adipose tissue is deposited under the skin, and your baby turns pink, now she looks like a newborn.

Now your child can feel pain. This means – her brain is linked to her nerves, which may now send impulses. And if you accidentally push the stomach harder than usual, she reacts instantly – she starts to move and thus to protest. Your baby shudders from sharp sounds, i.e. that she becomes more susceptible to the signals of the external world. She hears his mother’s voice and lullabies, which you sing to her.

Baby’s Movements

At this period, your kid does chaotic motions with arms and legs from time to time. But now she pushes much harder. You may notice how “things are humming” inside of you.

Typical movements of a baby when you are 31 weeks pregnant: movements, which are necessary for the development of muscles, winces caused by sharp sounds or bright light, periodic twitching with hiccups.

If she is Born Now

Think of that: only seven days have passed since week 30. But they have changed your baby, and now he is not the same as she was a week ago.

Her lung tissue “matures” every day, alveolar sacs have epithelial cells – it is a layer, releasing a special substance which is called surfactant. This material will allow your baby to make the first independent breath.

Do you see the difference? There were none of these changes a week ago. And if a baby is born at 31 weeks, her chances to survive will be significantly higher.

31 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the thirty-first week of pregnancy

Do Not Overeat!

When you are 31 – 32 weeks pregnant you constantly need to eat something yummy. Moreover, many women may even be tempted to consume incompatible foods. You may want to eat a hamburger, with a sweet cake, to eat a pickle with an espresso, sugary juice with a salted sandwich, and so on. A pregnant woman has very strange cravings for food!

Of course, eating a variety of foods – is useful for your baby. But do not forget about the excess weight! Right now, they are deposited in the most unwanted spots. The body is already experiencing an incredible burden due to your pregnancy, and overeating will bring more difficulties. Therefore, doctors recommended eating correctly and in small portions. You should eat about 6 times a day. Otherwise, the extra weight can be the cause of some complications.