How Pregnant Women Can Ease Their Back Pain Naturally

Pregnancy can take its toll on a woman’s body. The third and fourth trimesters are the worst. As the baby grows, stress on the back, abdomen and lower extremities continues to climb. What is the solution without delving into dangerous territories? Well, one thing is for sure, you do not want to do anything that could pose danger for you and your baby. Finding relief from back pain will not come easy but through natural remedies, it is possible. Below, you will discover a list of tips to help combat your pain.

Moderate Exercise

No OB/GYN is going to recommend running or jogging in the last trimester of pregnancy. But, all medical physicians will recommend moderate exercise. By exercising, walking, and stretching, you can maintain your weight and control your back pain better. Try to stay as mobile as possible by doing Pilates, yoga, and walking. These exercises will help you stay active during the most difficult trimester of pregnancy.

With that said, it is not recommended to join exercise programs during pregnancy without seeking the advice of a medical professional. Fortunately, most maternity hospitals and medical clinics offer such programs to pregnant women at a low cost.


Pelvic Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a treatment technique utilized to improve and maintain physical strength, range of motion, and function. If you are unfamiliar with this type of treatment, you may want to start searching immediately. Pregnant women all over the globe are turning to pelvic physiotherapy to treat their aches and pains. The process focuses on the body’s “science of movement”. A physiotherapist will gladly work with you to target your internal muscle groups.

Pelvic physiotherapy will not only help ease your aches and pains but also help ensure an easier birth. The process will help prepare your pelvic muscles for the birth of your infant. Speak with your OB/GYN before enrolling in one of these programs. In most cases, physicians will gladly recommend pelvic physiotherapy to their pregnant patients.

Back Support

Women in the fourth trimester find it difficult to get comfortable when standing and sitting. Regardless of your situation, the aches and pains are always there. A back cushion can help provide the additional support your body needs during pregnancy. Place the cushion up against your back and find instant relief from pain. You can also utilize the cushion to support your lower extremities when lying in bed or on the sofa.

Deep Breathing Practices

Patients diagnosed with cancer and other terminal illnesses practice deep breathing to help them focus better. Deep breathing is a medical technique that not only improves breathing but also concentration. The weight of your baby will begin to press heavily on your diaphragm, resulting in shortness of breath. The further you go into pregnancy, the more difficult it will become to inhale and exhale. With deep breathing exercises, you will not only improve your breathing patterns but also your back pain.

It is recommended to inhale through your nasal passages and exhale through your mouth. You will need to repeat this process at least three times in each interval. You should not need to seek the advice of your OB/GYN before starting these exercises because they will not harm you or your unborn infant.

Chiropractic Therapy


Another medical treatment that pregnant women are turning to is chiropractic. The medical practice utilizes manipulation to make adjustments throughout the body. It is believed that chiropractic therapy is safe for both the pregnant female and the unborn fetus. If you have any questions, you should speak with your physician before enrolling in one of these programs.

The great benefit of chiropractic therapy is it does not require medications. The chiropractor does all of the work, manipulating specific points in the body structure. Chiropractic therapy is utilized for other purposes besides pain management. These purposes include correcting alignment problems and enhancing the body’s natural healing processes.

When most people think of chiropractic therapy, they instantly think of motor vehicle accidents. Yes, people who have sustained minor injuries, such as whiplash, will seek chiropractic therapy because it does not involve harmful medications and treatments. The process works great in solving nerve and body alignment issues. But, it also works great for relieving back pain in pregnant women, especially those in the third and fourth trimesters.