27 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Fetal development, Ultrasound

27 weeks pregnant

This is the third trimester of your pregnancy, and the seventh month of a new life inside of you. It becomes more difficult to soar and flip: you have a serious load during this period. It is hard to breathe, sit, sleep, and move. But if you’re doing special fitness for pregnant women, it will be easier to control.

When you are 27 – 28 weeks pregnant, the baby is very active: looking at the belly, you can see his movements and some kind of “greetings” with elbows and heels. Pay attention to what you eat during this week, all kinds of allergens should be excluded.

Your baby is as big



LENGTH- 13.98 in
WEIGHT-  1.60 lb

Fetal position

27 week fetusYou have already gained about 9 kg. This is a normal weight gain, you can gain another 3-5 kg by the end of pregnancy. To say more precisely – you have every right to this increase, but try to not exceed this number – the extra weight may create unnecessary problems for you and your baby.

Your uterus has risen almost to the level of the ribs, and it compresses the lungs and intestines. It provokes constipation and nausea but has no effect on your really good appetite. Unfortunately, this situation will hardly change up to birth. There is only one way out – to eat the healthy food in small portions.

This period is considered to be important, and this applies to the positioning of the baby. Do not be nervous when your doctor says that your baby is head down at this stage of pregnancy: fetal position can be changed more than once. If the baby in the womb has taken the wrong position, you still have time to “influence” the situation. Perhaps, by the reference to your doctor, you will have to do special exercises.

Fetal development

Your baby sleeps for 20 hours a day, he wakes up every hour.

It is known that if a baby is born at this period, he is able to survive. But it is impossible in the natural environment, he needs different conditions, resembling his natal “house”. But all organs and systems are already working.

Now your little baby is able to overcome some viral diseases: the development of a fetus assumes that the immune system of a baby is entering into an active phase of its work. In a sense, the baby itself can be protected from infections now. The immunity of your baby is already able to respond to some harmful substances – allergens. Therefore, a mother should not eat allergic products.


Your kid has grown up a little more, and, accordingly, he has learned new movements of his hands, feet, head. Many moms, who are 27 weeks pregnant, can see how the baby pushes and kicks even without the help of an ultrasound: the movements are very clearly and sometimes even abrupt now. Your baby already responds to light and a contrast sounds, he is learning to kick and roll from one side to the other.

27 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy.

Begin you maternity leave earlier

The long-awaited maternity leave is coming and, therefore, you will have more time for yourself. If there is an opportunity to go on maternity leave earlier, do this. You will feel better, you will discharge the daily problems. This is particularly true for mothers who go work in public transport.

Despite the possible ailments, mothers should look into the future with optimism, getting ready for this favorable final period of pregnancy.

Useful products will prevent nausea and heartburn

Grazing and only useful products are important at this stage. Bite the bullet and try to follow this advice. Then, heartburn and a nagging feeling of nausea are not terrible for you.

You have long been instructed to forget about salty food, but if you still have not done it, then start to implement this urgent recommendation today. Take with you an apple, cookies and drinking water in a small bottle. This will save you from the temptation to pay a visit to the nearest fast food.

27 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

If you are sent for an ultrasound, it is unplanned. It means that there are some questions, and they must be resolved with an ultrasound.

If there are no questions you should have a traditional urinalysis, and in the case of the previously noted low hemoglobin levels, you must take a complete blood count.

Be desirable and beautiful!

Of course, gained kilograms have been already reflected in your appearance. And may be such changes become you. Do not try to get into your old clothes: it may be uncomfortable for you and your baby, clothes should be loose, so you do not feel any constraint.

Light make-up, beautifully coiffed hair – your pregnancy is also a great reason to be beautiful and desirable.

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    pictures of unrealistic skinny pregnant mums… really make other woman feel crap. thanks. i was a size 12 before my pregnacy now im hitting a size 18 at 27 weeks, my eating habits are healthy and havent changed…. be nice to see a variety of different sized pregnant woman.

    • 4

      Of course, you shouldn’t feel like crap! Our pictures are not about “only skinny women are beautiful”, we’ve just chosen the pictures where it’s easier to estimate the size of a pregnant belly at 27 weeks.

    • 5

      Not unrealistic, all of these moms are real and just happen to be as many weeks along as you are. Doesn’t help for anyone to quickly attack them and the author of this post for showing these pictures. We are all moms, we are all beautiful and we should all support each other.

  4. 6

    I’m skinny and I get fed up of larger ladies complaining about showing ‘skinny’ ladies. I was a size 6 before I got pregnant. I’m wearing size 8 maternity wear. I eat really healthily and also eat a little chocolate etc. I’m just slim! I have a very obvious bump but people still think it’s ok to tell me my bump is tiny. Actually the midwife said my bump is a normal size. Can’t we all just be happy for each other and hope we all have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Why should the media only show larger ladies. We are all important.

  5. 7

    I am Plus size and also fed up hearing other plus sizes say things about slimmer women. Every woman is beautiful.
    Like one Person said lets just all be Happy for each other.
    Genes as Well as habits play a role on How we look. Genes; u can’t influence but If it is habitual then influence it and look the way u “wish”. I dont believe in body shaming to end with.

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