7 Months Pregnant – Belly, Diet & Health Care

The seventh month of pregnancy is from week 26 up to 30 weeks. It’s a time of serenity. All the main tests and examinations necessary for the future mother are taken. You already got used to your condition, learned how to manage your belly and the new dimensions of the body. Now let’s prepare for the birth. Despite the fact you’re 7 months pregnant, there’s not so much time left before you meet your dearest person.

Maternity Leave

If you’re still working, write an application for maternity leave. Let the management know 3 weeks beforehand about your leave. And if your current job requires your standing every day for a few hours you should change your occupation right now. Anyway in the seventh month of pregnancy sit with your legs flat, putting them on a chair or an ottoman during your lunch hour. Get more rest and go to bed as early as possible at home.

Expectant Mother’s Health

By the seventh month of pregnancy, there can be fat deposits on your stomach, hips, and buttocks. The approximate weight gain by the 28th week is 20 pounds. The veins on your breasts become clearer.


The third trimester of pregnancy is characterized by the following indispositions:

  • Frequent heartburn, upset stomach, spasms in the stomach.
  • Breathing difficulties. Because of rapid metabolism, you’ll feel hot not only during warm weather but also when it’s cold. Your perspiration increases.
  • In the seventh month of pregnancy, you may develop anemia.
  • It’s not inconceivable that oblong red spots appear on your abdomen.
  • As a rule, the weak uterine contractions (or false contractions) start. They are usually painless.
  • You may have really vivid dreams about your baby or the childbirth. These dreams are usually caused by uncomfortable position during sleep or your baby’s movements.


If the danger of premature birth arises you should abstain from sexual intercourse till the end of pregnancy. If there are no medical contraindications against sexual life you should use a condom to diminish the risk of intrauterine infection.

What to Expect, When You’re 7 Months Pregnant?


Another problem you may encounter in the seventh month of pregnancy is insomnia. Sometimes it happens that you have difficulties falling asleep, though you slept literally whenever possible before. Insomnia during pregnancy is exhausting for you, but it can be dealt with. The main thing is to calm down.


To prevent swellings try to slake your thirst with small amounts of liquid. Drink not more than one glass of water at a time. As a preventive measure, it is also beneficial to walk barefoot on grass or sand – it is stimulating important areas on your feet and strengthens the vessel walls.

Increased Perspiration

With the increased perspiration it is necessary for you to outright refuse wearing outfits made of synthetic fabrics, and wear only cotton clothes. You’d better not use antiperspirants, but simple deodorants based on natural substances will do you good.


According to the data derived from research, the lack of zinc in the organism can negatively influence the course of pregnancy. So see to it that in the seventh month of pregnancy there are products containing this element: raspberries, blackcurrant, dates, saltwater fish, lean beef and beef liver, chicken, milk, eggs, beet, celery, leek, tomatoes, potatoes, cereals, garlic, nuts, haricot beans, lens, green tea, yeast. And take into account that the richest source of zinc is wheat bran.


At the Doctor’s

If everything is alright and there are no complications, since the seventh month of pregnancy you should visit the maternity welfare center twice per month. Conscientiously follow your doctor’s orders and pass all the tests in time.

Don’t refuse hospitalization if the doctor offers you to go into the hospital for the sake of continuation of the pregnancy. The continuation of the pregnancy may become necessary if there is the functional insufficiency of cervical pressure (the condition when cervical dilatation is premature) or there is so-called “uterine sensitivity” which is characterized by premature contractions.

In the seventh month of pregnancy, the expectant mother needs to pass the ultrasound examination to exclude placental presentation (when the afterbirth is situated too low, above the internal orifice of the cervix of the uterus). Sometimes future mothers don’t suspect anything about placental presentation until the bleeding in the third trimester comes. With placental presentation, strict bed rest helps to prevent premature birth. And in some cases, the ultrasound examination enables to reveal of flaws in the development of the fetus in time and correct them before the birth.

Consult the doctor if:

  • You feel pain and pressure in your lower back or the nature of the pain in that area has changed;
  • You feel pain or compression in your pelvis which spread on your lower back and thighs;
  • The discharge (especially pink and reddish, or brown) appear.

The Fetus’s Development

The baby becomes active and you clearly feel its movements. The key stage of the brain’s development is coming. The 7-month-old baby can now feel pain almost as well as a full-term carried child. If the birth begins now the baby will live. Though the lungs are still underdeveloped. The skin is red and wrinkled yet, but there is adipose tissue gradually forming under it. Now there are even more taste buds on the baby’s tongue than after birth, which allows the baby to distinguish even the most subtle shades of taste. It begins training its gastrointestinal tract and that’s why it swallows amniotic fluids.

The length of the fetus is about 15.7 inches. The weight of the fetus is approximately 2.9 pounds.

7 Months Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like in the seventh month of pregnancy.


7 Months Pregnant Ultrasound

24-26 weeks of pregnancy – optimal time for the ultrasound (all organs are visible, the 3D scan is possible).