26 Weeks Pregnant Feelings, Fetus Development, Ultrasound

The 26th week of pregnancy is the end of the second trimester. The belly of a future mom is 6 cm above the navel, you totally feel like a pregnant woman. Think of that: your uterus is as big as a watermelon!

It’s time to start preparing for childbirth, you should enroll in specific courses. Your pregnancy is already noticeable to everyone, and most people don’t refrain from asking questions. They will try to tell you by the belly whether it is a boy or a girl you are waiting for. But in reality, the shape of the belly is defined by the pelvis of a woman, if it is narrow – 26 weeks belly will be sharp.

Your baby is as big – As a Cantaloupe


LENGTH- 12.93 in – WEIGHT-1.49 lb


A mother hardly gets in her old clothes. And you even have to buy shoes one size bigger. But this does not mean that you are not beautiful and feminine. Your current shapes can be emphasized: with not spacious loose overalls or uncomfortable narrow trousers, but with special clothes for pregnant women. Knee-length empire waist dresses especially fit pregnant women during this period.

What is Happening Inside of You?

The growing belly restricts your breathing, shortness of breath occurs, you always want to take a deep breath. It becomes more difficult to put on your shoes by yourself, your gait is changing. Long distances and stairs become a real problem.

By this time, you probably have gained 9kg. More, this is a normal figure. You may have a backache and heaviness in the legs. Rest more and avoid long walks, tedious queues, and so on. D. Now you visit your doctor once every two weeks, but if you were diagnosed with a risk of anemia or pyelonephritis, you will go there more often.

Wear a special bandage, use creams against stretch marks. If you have already felt the so-called training contractions and excessive fetal movements – do not worry. But you should tell your doctor about it, especially if the contractions are coupled with frequent uterine hyperstimulation.

26 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

At this stage an ultrasound is rarely performed, there should be a reason for a procedure.


Fetus on the Twenty-Sixth Week of Pregnancy

Your baby is very active, and you feel it. Sometimes, his pushes are quite painful (especially if the baby hits the liver or bladder).

Your baby accumulates fat, his skin has become a little lighter. His main sensations – are flavors and sounds. He certainly likes nice quiet music, the gentle voice of his mother, and the beautiful sounds of nature. But noise may frighten him.

The baby can hear the beating of his mother’s heart in the womb, the blood flow through the vessels, these sounds are pleasant and cozy for him. Remember this, because when your newborn will crying, you can easily soothe him by putting him on your chest. He will hear how the mother’s heartbeats, which is usual, and familiar to him.

Protect Yourself From Stress

Possible changes in your state can upset you. But these difficulties do not last forever, soon you will plunge into the world with different cares and thoughts. Do not focus on your ailments; shift your attention to other things.

And, of course, ask your relatives to support you. Do not overwork. Try to protect yourself from all kinds of stress, you don’t need it now.

26 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy.


Nausea and heartburn – are frequent companions during this stage. There is nothing surprising in this: the uterus presses other organs, shifts them, the digestive system is also forced to “move up.” Grazing will help you with this. It is better to eat more often but in small portions. Just the size of a fist.

Home food is preferable now, but there should be no spicy, salty, smoked, fried foods. You can eat only a small amount of confectionery products. Do not use too much seasoning, because your baby in the womb swallows the amniotic fluid, and they have the taste of the food you eat.

At the Doctor: Weight and Volume

Your doctor will ask you to weigh in, he will measure your blood pressure and the dimensions of the belly. You have probably had a complete blood count and urinalysis beforehand. The doctor will evaluate the results if they are not OK, he can appoint additional examinations.