How to Conceive: Important Conditions & Useful Tips

Many women start to panic if pregnancy does not occur within two or three months after they abandoned contraception.

However, for healthy couples with a regular sexual life, a typical pattern looks like this:

• 60 out of every 100 couples can conceive a child within six months,
• 80 out of every 100 couples can conceive a child within one year,
• 90 out of every 100 couples can conceive a child within two years.

Despite the fact that each of these three situations is normal, we can accelerate conceiving, following certain rules.

In order to light a little human, a boy or a girl, two cells must meet male sperm and female egg. During the first 12 hours after fertilization, the male and female nuclei approach each other. There is an association of the genetic material to form a zygote – a single-celled embryo.

During fertilization, the embryo begins to move along the fallopian tube to the uterus. In the time of moving along the fallopian tube, the division of its cells happens. Then the embryo falls into the cavity of the uterus where on the 11 – 12th day after conception is its implantation – introduction into the uterine lining.

Pregnancy-Friendly Conditions

Even though pregnancy is one of the most natural processes, a couple should observe some vital conditions to ensure the success of the whole business.

The readiness of the whole body to ensure normal development of the fetus, which is provided by the general level of health.

Even if you think you are absolutely healthy, it is useful to see your doctor again having passed the examination by a physician, a gynecologist, or a dentist

The maturation in the ovary that is able to fertilize an egg, ovulation, getting the egg in the fallopian tube. 

You need the right functioning of the hormonal system of the body of women to make this complex mechanism work. This system works the best in women whose body weight is close to normal health.


To secure yourself and the future baby, start taking multivitamin preparations for 2-3 months before conception. The use of oral contraceptives should be stopped for 2-3 months before the planned conception. Sometimes, after long-term use of oral contraceptives, there is a complication – the absence of menstruation and the possibility of conception within 6 months after the termination of use.

There are other causes of ovulation disorders in women. Constant stress in a businesswoman can lead to the complete absence of ovulation in time of menstruation

A sufficient number of motile sperm in the sperm and their ability to fertilize an egg.

Too frequent sex does not increase the ability to conceive. The probability of conceiving in repeated sexual acts is reduced due to the fact that the second portion of the sperm contains less good sperm and the excess of sperm leads to its leaking from the vagina.  it’s also bad when ejaculation happens at long intervals. The mobility of spermatozoids reduces more than their amount – they don’t rush to the goal so quickly. The optimum for the full maturation of sperm is a rhythm of sexual activity as 3 times a week during the probable ovulation with desirable abstinence for 4-5 days before.

Of course, the chance of pregnancy depends on the quality of sperm. And the main risk factor is a man’s lifestyle. For example, low physical activity, sedentary work and overweight, and smoking can lead to stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs of men and inflammation. Spermatogenesis (sperm maturation) as the female menstrual cycle is regulated by the hormonal system of the body. Therefore, if a man takes anabolic steroids, then the natural balance of hormones in the body breaks down and leads to male infertility.

One more factor that belongs to men only and can influence reproduction is overheating. The number of spermatozoids increases only when the temperature in testicles is less than the temperature of the body. It is known that those who visit the sauna twice a week have a higher risk of male infertility compared with those who soared once a week.

Another common and quite dangerous risk factor of infertility in men is chronic stress. From a biological point of view, the offspring must be born in the most favorable environmental conditions

The normal environment of the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes provides active movement of sperm


Do not use vaginal lubricants (lubricants) if you want to get pregnant. Sometimes they contain substances that alter the acid-alkaline vaginal environment and destroy sperm. If you can not do it without them, try using egg protein for those few days a month when conceiving is possible (if you do not have an allergy to chicken eggs). Egg protein has the least impact on the motility and survival of spermatozoids. However, this method is not encouraged by the doctors – the egg white may cause an infection and you may need the antibiotics to cure it, which is not pregnancy-friendly. 

The egg and the sperm “meeting” and the optimal conditions for the merger of gametes

For sexual intercourse for the purpose of fertilization is the most favorable time when ovulation is about to start, because the mucous lining of the cervix becomes extremely sensitive, and sperm has enough time to get into the fallopian tubes, where they wait for the moment of ovulation. With regular sex life and specifically the right menstrual, there is no need for a cycle to calculate this point.

The smooth passage of the embryo on the uterine tube and getting it into the uterus, endometrium willingness to “accept” the embryo

The use of before conceiving could have adversely affected. After removal of the intrauterine devices, it is recommended to refrain from conception for 2-3 cycles for restoration of the uterus and the fallopian tubes and reduce the risk of spontaneous abortion, and ectopic pregnancy.

As for the time of day, it is believed that the best chance of pregnancy in couples making love is around 5 pm. At this time of the day, the number of active spermatozoids is at the top.

As for the season, the majority of doctors agree that the optimum time for conception is the beginning of autumn. That is why an egg does not mature in a woman having a normal menstrual cycle and health. Very often such cycles happen in severe winters with short daylight hours and in the unusually hot summer months.