20 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Feelings, Fetus Development

Congratulations! You are 20 Weeks Pregnant now, which is the fifth month of pregnancy. You have reached the halfway point of your pregnancy! It will be easier to pass through the second half because you already love your little baby contacting you through the movements you clearly feel.

It is time for the second mandatory ultrasound, and for several tests. The belly is growing, your friends ask you about your future family member, and you have nothing to hide. This is the easiest and the most prosperous second trimester.

Your baby is as big – As a little COCONUT


LENGTH – 6.17 in – WEIGHT – 6.03 oz

20 Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

Being 20 weeks pregnant a woman has a great appetite, good health, and feels no pain. Even heartburn bothers only those mothers who had gastrointestinal problems before pregnancy.

So future mothers have a good mood and enjoy the halfway point of their pregnancy. Now, you begin to count how many weeks are left before long-awaited maternity leave. If you feel fine, it is not necessary to give up going to cafes, museums, public events. Positive emotions are a necessity.


Take care of your breasts: after giving birth many women have problems with the looks of their breasts, which is not related to breastfeeding. The reason for the breast sagging or changing shape is the wrong bra and no breast care during pregnancy. Go to a good store and choose a comfortable bra. Use a moisturizing cream for your breast and cream against the stretch marks, that may appear not only on your belly but on the breast as well – the size of the breast may double at pregnancy.

If you already have edema – go to a doctor immediately. It is not typical for this period. Tell the doctor about any strange feelings and pains.

Wear the right size of your clothes; the clothes shouldn’t be tight. Shoes should be comfortable, the heels should not be higher than 5 cm.

What is Happening Inside of You?

The uterus lifts and becomes bigger. The belly bugles forward, the navel protrudes. Some women may see a translucent yellowish liquid discharge from the nipples – it is colostrum. You shouldn’t squeeze it out, you simply wipe it with a soft cloth. It is a precursor of your future breast milk; it can be produced in small quantities up to birth.

If your child is too active inside, it may be a sign of a lack of oxygen. You should spend more time in the open air and do fitness for pregnant.

The abdominal skin is stretched because the uterus grows. It may cause an easy itch, however, special creams and lotions can help to minimize the discomfort.

20 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound

You will be assigned for a screening ultrasound. Also, you will have to take blood and urine tests. Do not be afraid of the second ultrasound: you will see how the baby’s heart is beating and his funny movements. Most likely, you’ll know the gender of your baby.


At this stage, you should also visit your gynecologist. The doctor will check the condition of the cervix, don’t worry it’s painless.

Fetus on the Twentieth Week of Pregnancy

Just some weeks ago you got a positive pregnancy test result and now the weight of the fetus is already 8, 58 oz and has a length of 6,17 in. Theoretically, after a couple of weeks, a fetus becomes viable (it will manage to survive outside the womb with proper care. Almost all organs and systems are formed, but they still have to be improved and get ready to function outside the mom’s womb.

The baby can hear and tell the dark from the light, she knows how to suck her own finger and turn the head. She sleeps most of the time, but also doesn’t forget to “play”. The skin of the baby has become denser and the fat is accumulated under it. However, the face may still look like that of an old man, because there is still no fat on the face.

At the 20th week, your baby opens her eyes for the first time: she already has eyelids and lashes. Your little baby is active and you feel her movements.

The location of the fetus at the 20th week: many 20 weeks babies chose a head-down position. But if it is different, do not worry. The fetus will change position many more times.

20 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

Check out what the bellies look like at the twentieth week of pregnancy.

Weight Gain: Curd – No, Fruit – Yes!

When your pregnancy crosses its equator, the weight gain kicks in. Particularly, it refers to mothers, who do not adhere to a proper diet or have experienced toxemia. Make your refrigerator beautiful inside: let a sweet curd snack give way to fruits and vegetables, and juice boxes – to berry juice.

Be sure to eat buckwheat and oats during this period (they are rich in iron). Cottage cheese with berries or dried fruit for an early supper will be the best option. A couple of hours later (but not just before bedtime) eat some boiled fish or beef.