Baby Stroller: Is It For the Baby, or For the Mother?

A baby stroller is a three to four wheels device for the transportation of babies. In the past times, it literally was a carriage, designed in 1733 by William Kenth, that looked like a carriage and was driven by a pony. However, it is the greatest invention after the wheel! It may help you to transport your baby and liberate your hands!

Of course, there are many ways to transport your baby: slings, backpacks for the babies (kangaroo packs), buggies, strollers (carriages), and so on. And we’ll talk about the mentioned items in the related articles. But be sure – the stroller will be more of a use. Sure, the sling allows your connection to become tighter, but it affects your back. The kangaroo backpack is ergonomically-sewn, but it’s still from 5 to 15 kilos of weight and even if you are well-prepared to carry that weight on you – it’s not recommended that you use it for more than three hours daily. The stroller in this case is your best friend.

3 In 1 Baby Stroller


If you have some spare place to get your 3 in 1 stroller, I’d suggest that you purchase one. I’ll tell you, why. We’ve had a fashion for the “Jeep” strollers – our winters suppose that you have a heavy carrier with huge wheels, massive construction. But the cradle is not removable. Therefore, I prefer 3 in 1 to that massive construction despite the winter:

You can remove the inner cradle with the baby inside, without waking the baby, if it has fallen asleep, and take it to the house, letting your baby sleep.

The construction itself is much lighter (and you have to consider that because you will have to lift it up sometimes. It’s significant if you’ve had your baby through C-section. As for the auto-cradle – you can use it in a car instead of a car seat, which you’ll have to buy anyway. I used my car cradle on a stroller before my baby turned 6 months. Maybe I did wrong, but it was great to put a baby in a car like that and fold the construction of the stroller inside the car trunk.

Picking up a Baby Stroller: Criteria

Make sure the two front wheels of your stroller can twist independently and may be blocked in a straight position (this is an anti-sleet option). I made no effort to push my stroller in front of me – it was a pure joy to do that. So my advice is to pick up a baby stroller according to the following features:

  1. 3 in 1 set (depends on your preferences)
  2. Adjustable handle, variable positions for public transport and small elevators.
  3. 4 wheels, standard width, rotating front wheels for better maneuvering.
  4. Variable position of the cradle: eye contact with mother position and world observing position
  5. Easy manipulation on the road. Your efforts at transporting a baby have to be minimal, as the baby will become heavier day by day.
  6. Bright (but not white) color: babies like colors. But be rational: I picked up a fresh-green color, and all the spring insects were my guests. So, maybe – not too green. If you want to be visible on the road – yellow and orange from the point of view of security.
  7. Cotton lining for the cradle. It’s for the baby! No static electricity, hypoallergenic material.
  8. Fancy design. Needless to say, that the commodity of the stroller for the baby is the main criteria, but the stroller is also for you. Pick the one with the design that would complement your mood and overall style. The stroller will be a part of your daily life, so choose consciously)

As Your Baby Starts to Walk

Between the age of 11 and 15 months, your baby will gain new skills and all the stroller manipulations will become torture for you both.


As the baby becomes heavier and learns how to walk you might need a light walk stroller, or jogging stroller, to keep yourself fit, but, honestly, I could jog even with my standard baby carriage and look the same fun as those moms with their special jogging strollers. As for the light promenade stroller – I got a small bicycle a baby could sit in. Sure, sometimes I seemed a lot like a bad mom when my baby used to fall asleep, folded twice, and hang over the crossbar. Maybe, it’s considered cruel treatment, but here we have an old-women council in every courtyard of every block of flats or condominium. And they would definitely tell you, what is so wrong with your actions.

Baby in a Stroller

Make sure your baby is warm and cozy in that stroller. As you come to pick up one – feel free to walk with it a bit to feel, if it’s comfortable for you to manage. Trust me – if you are not a home-sitting lazy depressed mom – that stroller is going to become your number 1 tool to get your life back.

And remember – the baby in a stroller – is a person with disabilities by its legal status due to its natural capacities, which are still to develop. So please, don’t be shy to ask for help or enter antique boutiques with your huge ungraceful stroller. It’s your right.

Important Tips on Baby Stroller

Get your husband to take care of the stroller! And it will serve you well. Check all the bolts, nuts, and screws. Keep the stroller clean – dried dirt can affect the mobility of the wheels. The wheels should be pumped up, aces should be oiled. Thus, your stroller may serve well to some other baby later.