Benefits of Breastfeeding. Top 10 Reasons to Breastfeed

Everybody tells you, how great it is to breastfeed your baby, the baby gets the best, you are a mother and that is your duty… You should… You know, it is a genetic code – you become milky once you deliver. But what are the benefits of breastfeeding for you?

Considering, that by modern formula it is possible to sustain breastfeeding without significant damage to your child – it may become an archaism. What may encourage women to breastfeed, if it is not the baby itself?

  • You will get an awesome pair of breasts for a year for free! Like a test-drive of the coolest implants ever! No operation. You would never see your breast line in better condition. You are lucky, if you have a small size! Just mentioning – with bigger breast size you are going to need a better care. You should try to avoid the most widespread mistakes of nursing in order not to ruin your breast. Basically, keep in mind two main tips: skin care and right nursing. And you wll be fine.
  • Your baby is going to have the best nutrition. And you surely want your offspring to take the best of you two, to carry and spread your genes as far as they can go!
  • Your man, friends of your man, friends of friends of your man, your female friends’ men will finally listen (they, actually, will not, but they will pretend for a chance to stare). And you will have more sex!
  • It is the only way you can eat like you are starving and gain no weight! For real! You will burn like 1000 calories or so per daily nutrition of your child!
  • Breastfeeding is the best way to calm down your baby! No matter what – tsunami, war, loud voice of your husband, while self-expressing… If your child is crying – give it your breast. You will see how the magic works.
  • You will become very sensitive due to prolactin hormone! With this trump card in your hand you can easily trick men that you are a fragile, needing help princess. You can shed a tear at any moment. You do not even need to watch Hachiko till the end – you start crying at the beginning. Who will not want to take care of you? Nobody.
  • You do not need to make milk mixes for your baby. No disinfection, no boiling, no heating, no bottles, no crying babies, waiting for their food. Everything on time!
  • No doctors. No assignments, no queues, no accusing sights of the doctor, no extra medicine prescribed. The immune system is great!
  • Healthy way of life! For sure you willd have to eat something less spicy and fat, quit smoking and drinking (though you surely did it almost when you had known about your pregnancy). And, as a result, you will look great. Healthy food – healthy look. So simple.
  • There will be no place like in your arms by your breast, where your child will feel happy. Even when you become an old crazy granny – your child will take care of you. Full of grace. Subconsciously people remember the way they were linked to their mothers and feel indebted to return the care.

If you are afraid that your breast will deflate – do not worry. Just take proper care. The only thing changing after breastfeeding – is the size of the nipple. Not significantly. Modern medicine can do literary everything!

The only disadvantage is that it will not look as good as while breastfeeding. But look at your baby! That is your main source of beauty and happiness!