Is it Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy? The “Pros” and “Cons”

It’s become a well-known fact that intimacy is one of the most important elements of a marriage. Nowadays doctors, psychologists, and sexologists are constantly discussing different aspects of a sexual relationship. Expecting a baby is one of the most significant times in life when the harmony of flesh and soul becomes of vital importance. So, is there an unambiguous medical opinion: is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Arguments “For”

In order to understand the crux of the matter, let’s analyze sexual intercourse not only from a physiological but also from a psychological point of view. Sexual intercourse is not just an exchange of fluids: it’s a very important event for human mental health, which is accompanied by great psychological tension. The various rumors and speculations around this event are not a simple coincidence.

However, let’s return to the main issue. It can be divided into two major aspects. First of all, is there any medical benefit from sex at all and sex during pregnancy in particular? Why should we pose the question like that? Because there is an opinion that male sperm has a whole number of essences, hormones, and is beneficial for a female body immune ingredients. All these things are absorbed and have an influence on a female body. But there still haven’t been any medical confirmations of a positive or negative effect of sperm on a woman’s organism.

The second aspect is the psychological influence of sex during pregnancy. A pregnant woman needs support from a person she loves, she wants to be closer to her partner. And when we look for an answer to the question “Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?” the second aspect should be more important than the first one. Why?

Pregnancy causes changes in a female mental state: it seems an expectant mother has lost a lot and sacrificed a lot for her future baby – her career, health, beauty. She becomes self-conscious and often feels unattractive, and she is suffering from such deprecating thoughts at the time when, on the contrary, she needs to be calm and confident. What should you tell an expectant mother if this is the case?


A lot of artists and writers found pregnancy a beautiful and intriguing condition. A man should understand that a pregnant woman needs to be sure of him: and sex during pregnancy means to her that her husband loves her as deeply as before, that his feelings haven’t changed even a little bit. As a continuation of the matter, we should also mention that having a husband’s support during childbirth is always welcome: it is one of the hardest periods in the life of a woman and she needs her husband to help her go through it.

What can happen if a couple completely stops having sex during pregnancy, especially if it’s the husband’s decision (no matter how honorable his intentions are)? Pregnancy doesn’t take a too long period of time, but it’s still considerable. And if a woman doesn’t have sex and feels like she’s deprived of a very important part of her life such an experience can be traumatic. She feels denied, deprived of positive emotions, and, as a result, depressed. This kind of stress can easily overcome a female immune system. And it’s been proved long ago that stressful situations cause tumorous processes in the organism.

Psychologists believe that a woman should lead a healthy sexual life. What does it mean? A pregnant woman is a normal, healthy person and should be treated as such. An intimate relationship is an integral part of her life. Both a future mother and her sexual partner have to know that.

Thus, answering the question “Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?”, we have to point out that having sex while expecting a baby is a good practice because it makes a woman feel loved. A husband and a wife become emotionally closer to each other.

Arguments “Against”

The continuation of sexual relationships during pregnancy has some negative aspects as well. And the first of them is the possibility of infections. A husband should remember that he is responsible for the state of health of his wife and his unborn child.

Carelessness can lead to horrible consequences. The immune system of a pregnant woman is fragile and any infection can cause complications in fetal development. For example, an acute inflammatory process, such as cytomegalovirus (CMV), hepatitis B, or C, can be very dangerous for a future baby’s health. And medical experts are in doubt about what’s more important – normal sexual relationships or protection against infections.

Of course, you are able to avoid such horrible consequences. If you suspect an infection you should pass a medical examination even before trying to conceive and use a condom when you have sex during pregnancy because the sperm often contains infecting agents.

Another dangerous aspect of sex during pregnancy lies in the fact that the sperm contains substances that can cause the uterus to contract. Female orgasm causes contractions as well. It’s not safe to have sex during pregnancy if there is a risk of a miscarriage.


The Right Positions to Have Safe Sex During Pregnancy

So, healthy sexual life is highly advisable even during pregnancy. You only should remember to take reasonable precautions and keep all the medical recommendations in mind.

In the early terms of pregnancy when the belly isn’t large a woman can have sex in any position she and her partner are comfortable with. But as the fetus is developing and her belly is growing, some of the positions become uncomfortable and, therefore, unacceptable. Since this time (it’s usually the 4th month of pregnancy, sometimes a bit earlier) you’d better choose one of the following positions:

• Woman on top
• Spooning
• Him from behind

When the last month of pregnancy comes and doctors advise you to abstain from sex altogether you can still show your love for each other with petting and tender touches. That will make it up for sex during this period of time.

When is it Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy? Medical Terms

Though there is an opinion (without any proof!) that sexual intercourse before childbirth leads to quick and easy delivery, health professionals recommend abstaining from sex during the 9th month. An expectant mother needs a lot of rest in the third trimester because there may be swelling or high blood pressure.

You should also abstain from sex during the first 6-8 weeks after childbirth: the wound in the uterus hasn’t completely healed and the odds of infection are too high.