Breast Implants And Breastfeeding – Can You Combine?

Many women are unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts and they dream of correcting these errors of nature, but, of course, they have fear about whether it can affect their health and life in the future. Such doubts are justified.

Breastfeeding is a natural process. Every woman instinctively knows that it is very important to breastfeed a baby, so most mothers prefer not to deprive their future kids of this opportunity.

Consequently, every woman wants to know whether it is possible to breastfeed a baby with implants?

Facts about Breastfeeding with Implants

Breast Implants Are Completely Safe And Suitable For Breastfeeding


Many mothers after reading this article will breathe freely. It is possible to breastfeed a baby after breast augmentation! Moreover, you must do it in order to provide your baby with all the essential nutrients. The breast with implants is not inferior to natural breasts in terms of functionality and produces breast milk in the same way.

So, a woman after plastic surgery can safely breastfeed her child. But, nevertheless, before you begin to prepare for motherhood, consult your plastic surgeon.

In rare cases, an inadvertently made incision can damage the nerves that are responsible for sensitivity. This is not dangerous, but after the surgery, the functionality may be slightly impaired.

Silicone Can Not Get Into Breast Milk


When the implant is intact, silicone penetration into milk is absolutely impossible. The body independently encloses silicone from other tissues forming a solid capsule around. It is quite normal that after the surgery our body perceives silicone as a foreign substance. Silicone is insoluble in water and other liquids. Even if a silicone breast implant ruptures inside, it is not able to penetrate into the small vessels and thus affects breastfeeding.

Silicon has long been considered to be a safe material. So many attributes are made of it: nipples for baby bottles, teethers, and other things. It is very durable and safe for children even if it is accidentally swallowed. Some children’s medicines are made of it.


How To Be Prepared For The First Breastfeeding With Implants

Regardless of whether your breast contains silicone, it is necessary to carefully prepare it during pregnancy. It is needed in order to facilitate the breastfeeding process and eliminate unpleasant feelings. However, the breasts after plastic surgery should be prepared very carefully to feed a child.

You can find a good specialist. Ideally, it should be a consultant on breastfeeding. Typically, women ask for their help after delivery, but those women who have undergone mammoplasty can visit them in advance. Consultants help and explain how to behave at the time of breastfeeding, how to choose the position; and what measures should be taken to produce a sufficient amount of milk. Try to carefully treat your breast during breastfeeding.

A torn silicone implant and silicone do not harm the baby. However, this may cause discomfort during breastfeeding and re-operation is necessary.

Peculiarities Of Breastfeeding With Implants


What should you take into consideration when planning breastfeeding after the surgery:

How the operation was carried out and where exactly the incision was made. You can ask your doctor about it, or study the scar (if the procedure was made recently). During the operation, the nerves which are responsible for breast tenderness can be easily damaged. If they are damaged, breast milk will be produced improperly. The safest incision is that was made under the breast. An incision near the nipple is considered to be dangerous;

You should not feel any discomfort when your breast is filled with milk. The implant can be wrongly placed in the breast, and it can squeeze the breast, not allowing it to be filled;

How long ago were you operating? – Of course, you can plan maternity and breastfeeding as soon as the wound is completely healed. If the operation has not yet been carried out, it is best to have a baby first. It is advisable to wait because during pregnancy and especially during the period of breastfeeding your breast shape can be greatly changed. It may increase by itself, and you will no longer need this operation. There are cases when silicone shifted after breastfeeding, and these women had to make the correction.


In addition, the breast can sag and you will need to tighten it. In this case, it is logical to make the operation and insert implants after the end of the breastfeeding period.

It is very important to discuss all these questions with your plastic surgeon in advance. If a woman wants to have surgery, and she is planning to become a mother and to breastfeed a baby after that, the doctor must take into account these suggestions. In this case, the operation is performed in a more delicate way, and there is a higher probability of becoming a breastfeeding mother.