How to Use a Pregnancy Test: Get Correct Results!

The most common reason for a woman getting wrong pregnancy test results is a disregard of the instructions. Thus, in order to minimize the possibility of a faulty result, you should know how to use a pregnancy test of any kind and closely follow its instructions.

Remember that if you’re going to use the test a few days before a missed period you’ll have to collect the concentrated morning urine – only this way you may be able to see a faint second line.

Since the first day of the missed period, you can use any fresh urine to take a pregnancy test.

Take into consideration that you shouldn’t drink a lot of fluids or take diuretics before using a test.

How To Use a Pregnancy Test: The Main Methods


Method 1: Inserting A Stick Into The Sample

  • Open the test pack carefully and extract the stick;
  • Collect the urine into a small clean cup (it should also be provided);
  • Hold the stick by its colored end and dip it into the cup with fresh urine to the “MAX” mark (not deeper!) Keep it there for the given period of time (read the instructions on the wrapper, but it’s usually 10 seconds);
  • When time’s up, remove the stick and put it on a dry level surface;
  • After 3-5 minutes (but not more than 10 minutes) check the results. The timer line that shows the test is working must have appeared during this time. And if you’re pregnant the second (test) line appears as well.

Even a faint second line that appeared on a test strip in the first 3-5 minutes is a sign of early pregnancy.

Don’t pay any attention to the change of the results after 10 minutes, even if the second line appears or, to the contrary, fades.

Method 2: Dropping The Urine Onto The Test Stick

  • Remove the test stick and the dropper from their wrap;
  • Collect the urine into a cup usually included into the test kit;
  • Use the dropper to collect a small amount of urine from the cup;
  • Drop it into the well indicated on a test strip (4 drops of urine is enough);
  • Place the strip on a level surface;
  • See the results showed in the second well (the larger one) on a test stick after 3-5 minutes.

The result of this pregnancy test is accurate for only the first 10 minutes after you’ve used it.

Method 3: Urinating Directly On The Stick

  • Remove the test stick from its pack;
  • Remove the protection cap from the absorbent end of the test stick;
  • Hold the absorbent end of the stick under the urine stream. The display should be facing upwards. (If you’re uncomfortable about urinating directly on a stick you can use such a kind of pregnancy test according to method 1: collect fresh urine into a small cup and insert the absorbing end of the stick into the urine for 15-20 seconds).
  • Put on the protection cap;
  • Place the stick on a dry flat surface;
  • Check for results after 3-5 minutes (don’t wait for longer than 10 minutes). The result window will show you either line (one or two), or a plus or minus sign. Which one, depends on a manufacturer.

If the window didn’t provide any result it means the test had been used incorrectly or the stick hadn’t absorbed enough urine. Do another test and follow all the instructions more closely.

Be careful! Don’t turn the absorbent end of the stick up during or after doing the test.

How To Use A Digital Pregnancy Test

The digital pregnancy test also requires you to urinate directly on the absorbent end.

  • Remove the digital pregnancy test from its box;
  • Remove the protection cap;
  • Put the absorbent end of the stick into the urine stream. Try not to get any other part of the test wet;
  • In a moment you should be able to see an hourglass symbol on the digital display. That means the test has been used correctly and is processing the results right now;
  • After three minutes a plus or minus sign should appear (some kinds of tests show the words “pregnant” or “not pregnant”). And if the test confirms pregnancy an estimated term will appear on the display under a plus sign (1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks, or 3+ weeks).

The display stops showing the results after 24 hours. Some manufacturers produce reusable digital pregnancy tests with replaceable cartridges.

How To Use a Reservoir Pregnancy Test Kit

  • Open the box and remove the test kit;
  • Collect the urine into the reservoir;
  • Check the built-in on the side test strip for results after 3-5 minutes.

The test strip embedded in the reservoir will absorb only the required amount of urine even if there is more of it than necessary.

If your test results have confirmed pregnancy, please, make an appointment with a gynecologist as soon as possible.

If the results are negative but you still have a missed period, consult a gynecologist in order to find out possible reasons for such a condition rather than pregnancy.