How You Can Take Online Classes While Caring for a Newborn

When you are caring for a newborn, it is difficult to find time for a shower or even a quick meal. From changing diapers to late-night feedings, babies can absorb all of your energy. However, if you set a goal to get an education and improve your career prospects, then you can figure out how to balance motherhood and school. Fortunately, there are online classes that can help you achieve your education dreams with a flexible schedule.

Fight Mom Brain Fog

The combination of not getting enough sleep, constantly worrying, and taking care of a newborn can cause some moms to experience brain fog and other issues called “mom’s brain.” Researchers from Spain have confirmed that women’s brains change after giving birth, and their memory may be affected. Some women experience insomnia, mood swings, forgetfulness, and mental focus problems.


Although doctors do not have an official cure for “mom’s brain,” there are things you can do. From trying to get as much sleep as possible with a baby to eating healthier food, small changes can add up. Moreover, keeping your brain active by taking online classes is another method you can try. By forcing yourself to learn new things, you will make new connections in the brain and relieve some of the fog.

Focus on Education

Getting an education can help you boost your income and find a better long-term job. It can also help entrepreneurs and small business owners improve their potential earnings. Maryville University explains that people with a business and financial education can earn $66,530 per year. Considering that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates it costs $233,610 to raise a child for 18 years, boosting your income may be essential.

Start with a Realistic Course Load

Although it may be tempting to squeeze in as many classes as possible, so you can finish faster, you need realistic expectations. Balancing being a mother and a student is not easy. By taking online classes, you can determine your own schedule and work at your own pace. You may want to start with one or two classes at the beginning. Then, add more courses if you feel comfortable.

Stick to a Schedule

You will probably have to study around your baby’s naps and playtime. Nevertheless, you can still stick to a schedule as long as you make it flexible enough to accommodate your lifestyle. Consider using a versatile scheduling app that lets you plan both your education and family responsibilities in one place. You want a tool that can combine class due dates, mommy play dates, and other tasks in one screen.


Get a Babysitter

Many moms who go back to school will not share this secret with you: They have a babysitter come to their homes and spend time with their baby while they take tests or catch up on homework. Even if you are staying home with your baby, investing in a babysitter on occasion can be helpful.

You can hire a babysitter for a couple of hours a week or a couple of days. The amount of time you need will vary based on your situation. Use an online babysitting app to find trusted sitters with good reviews and book the best person.

When the babysitter is taking care of your child, use the time to study. You can stay at home and use another room if possible, but some people prefer to leave the house. They go to libraries, coffee shops, and other areas to work.

Stay Organized

Whether you lose a homework assignment or cannot remember where you left a textbook, not being organized can cost you. Consider creating a special study area in your home for your online classes. You do not need a separate room to accomplish this. You can use the dining room table, corner of the living room, or another part of the home. The key is to set aside at least one surface that is exclusively for your education.

Consider getting a binder or folder for each online class. Then, keep all of your assignments in it, but transfer important due dates to a calendar you use for all the courses. You can use either an online or a paper calendar to accomplish this. Some people prefer to use sticky notes, but they can get messy and overwhelming. Try to find an organization system that works best for you.

When busy moms go back to school, the entire process can be difficult. From finding the right online classes to fitting in studying between work and baby duties, getting an education can be time-consuming. Fortunately, online classes eliminate the need for a long commute and provide a more flexible learning schedule. You can take courses while caring for a newborn.